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Diving Demand for Large Ship Artificial Reefs

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Paper Number: 2007-09

Document Date: 12/13/2007

Authors: Ash Morgan Matt Massey William Huth

Subject Areas: Marine/Coastal Zone Resources; Recreation/Travel Demand

Keywords: Artificial reefs; Diving; Bundled public good; Recreation demand; Non-market valuation

Abstract: Using data drawn from a web-based travel cost survey, we jointly model revealed and stated preference trip count data in an attempt to estimate the recreational use value from diving the intentionally sunk ex-USS Oriskany. Respondents were asked to report (1) their actual trips from the previous year, (2) their anticipated trip in the next year, and (3) their anticipated trip next year assuming a second dive-able destroyer were sunk in the same vicinity. Results from a single-site Poisson and negative binomial travel cost model indicate an annual use value of $1,215 per diver associated with current Oriskany-specific dive trips. Expected annual use value estimates then increase to $2,596 with the "bundling" of a second vessel alongside the Oriskany to create a multiple-ship artificial reef area.

Attachment: 2007-09.pdf (428K, About PDF)

Journal Publication:Marine Resource Economics 24 (2009): 43-59.

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