Environmental Economics

A Multi-Objective Surrogte Worth Trade-Off Approach to Environmental and Agricultural Policy Analysis

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    This research uses a systems approach through a multi-objective analysis to evaluate the economic, environmental and social impacts of transferring methods of production, from conventional agricultural production systems, to low-input agricultural production systems in one poultry production area and one cropping area in Virginia. The objectives of the research are: to use a systems approach to determine quantitatively consistent and inconsistent relationships between economic and non-point source pollution impacts of low -input agriculture in these two areas, and develop trade-off frontiers for inconsistent relationships; evaluate groups' choices of quantitative trade-offs between economic returns and non-point source pollution impacts to assess their acceptability; design alternate policies to maximize positive income effects and minimize the adverse non-point source pollution impacts of agricultural production; predict and compare non-point source pollution and crop yield response of cropping systems alternatives, including conventional and low-input agriculture practices.
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    Taylor, Daniel B.
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    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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