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Socio-economic Causes and Consequences of Future Environmental Changes Workshop

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EPA's National Centers for Environmental Economics and Environmental Research held a one-day workshop on Socio-Economic Causes and Consequences of Future Environmental Changes. This workshop, held on November 16, 2005 at EPA’s Region 9 Office in San Francisco, CA, highlighted research results from EPA's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grants. Topics included environmental impacts of land use changes, environmental consequences of growth on the U.S. aquaculture industry , and the role of demographic changes in future greenhouse gas emissions. Additional research on the consequences of global change, including climate and climate variability, land use, economic development, and technology on air quality was also be presented.

For more information, please contact Bobbye Smith (smith.bobbye@epa.gov), Cynthia Morgan (morgan.cynthia@epa.gov), Dinah Koehler (koehler.dinah@epa.gov), or Jessica Sloan (sloan.jessica@epa.gov).

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