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Development Document for Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Coil Coating Point Source Category [Draft]

EPA Number: 440179071a
Date of Publication:August, 1979
Audienceindustry, Regulated Community

Available from:
NTIS# PB95-143004Ordering Information
The document presents the findings of a study of the coil coating industry for the purpose of developing effluent limitations guidelines and standards of performance. More...

Metal Coiling; Coating Processes; Water Pollution Control; Chemical Effluents; Pollution Regulations; Industrial Waste Treatment; Industrial Water; Waste Water Treatment; Industrial Plants; Water Pollution Sampling; Pretreatment; Water Pollution Standards; Requirements; Environmental Impacts; Water Pollution Economics; Economic Impact; Coil Coating; Cold Rolled Steel; Galvanized Steel; Aluminized Steel; Treatment Technology; New Source Performance Standards; Best Available Technology (BAT)
Point Source Pollution

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