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[Economic Analysis] [2009] Economic Analysis of Final Effluent Limitation Guidelines and Standards for the Construction and Development Industry

EPA Number: N/A
Date of Publication:November, 2009
Pages:xv; 1-7, 2-13, 3-52, 4-45, 5-3, 6-33, 7-8, 8-26, 9-12, 10-3, 11-27, 12-3, 13-6, 14-7; A-14, B-9, C-5, D-9, E-2, F-4, G-6; H-vii; [Total web pages: 333]
Audienceindustry, Regulated Community

Available from:
"EPA is establishing effluent limitations guidelines (ELGs) and new source performance standards (NSPS) for stormwater discharges from the Construction and Development (C&D) industry. More...

Water Quality Protection

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