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Update Request Instructions:

Following the simple steps below will enable you to update your watershed group information utilizing the existing watershed group information in the Adopt Your Watershed catalog as the starting point.
    1. Find your watershed group entry via one of the group listings links below (i.e. adopt groups by state, by zip code, by group name).
    2. View your group entry by clicking on the line for your group in the listing.
    3. After verifying you have selected the proper group entry, click on the update request button at the top of your group's entry.
    4. The update request button creates a copy of your group information. Update any information which has changed.
    5. When you've completed the updates click on the submit button. Your updates request will be reviewed and posted to the catalog within one to two weeks of submission.
    6. Please note, if you are unable to process your own update please send an email to adopt@epa.gov with the changes needed to your record and we will process the update for you.

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