EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Final Reports by Fiscal Year

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Review of the EPA’s Draft Fourth Contaminant Candidate List (CCL 4) . (PDF, 33 pp., 253,571 bytes)EPA-SAB-16-002
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consideration of EPA Planned Actions in the Spring 2015 Unified (Regulatory) Agenda and their Supporting Science. (PDF, 8 pp., 49,409 bytes)EPA-SAB-16-001Agency Response (PDF, 3 pp., 3,374,541 bytes)
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Additional SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY2013 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 16 pp., 145,666 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-006
Early Advice on an Ensemble Modeling Approach for Developing Lake Erie Phosphorus Objectives. (PDF, 13 pp., 81,010 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-010Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 177,941 bytes)
Review of the EPA draft Report on the Environment 2014. (PDF, 55 pp., 819,421 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-007Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 494,610 bytes)
Review of the IRIS Draft Toxicological Review of Trimethylbenzenes. (PDF, 73 pp., 877,062 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-013Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 3,149,534 bytes)
SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY 2014 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 35 pp., 239,168 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-005
SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY 2015 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 44 pp., 304,808 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-014
SAB review of EPA's draft IRIS Ammonia Assessment. (PDF, 59 pp., 405,226 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-011Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 599,615 bytes)
SAB Review of the Draft EPA Report "Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence". (PDF, 103 pp., 739,529 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-001
SAB Review of the EPA’s Draft Technical Guidance for Assessing Environmental Justice in Regulatory Analysis. (PDF, 65 pp., 504,483 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-008Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 352,501 bytes)
Science Advisory Board Review of the EPA’s Evaluation of the Inhalation Carcinogenicity of Ethylene Oxide (Revised External Review Draft - August 2014). (PDF, 52 pp., 375,807 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-012Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 96,128 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consideration of EPA Planned Actions in the Fall 2013 Unified (Regulatory) Agenda and their Supporting Science. (PDF, 6 pp., 43,058 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-003Agency Response (PDF, 16 pp., 2,032,808 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consideration of EPA Planned Actions in the Fall 2014 Unified (Regulatory) Agenda and their Supporting Science. (PDF, 7 pp., 45,385 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-009Agency Response (PDF, 16 pp., 2,032,808 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consideration of EPA Planned Actions in the Spring 2014 Unified (Regulatory) Agenda and their Supporting Science. (PDF, 6 pp., 42,780 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-002Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 224,963 bytes)
Strategic Research Planning for 2016-2019: A Joint Report of the Science Advisory Board and Board of Scientific Counselors. (PDF, 64 pp., 454,421 bytes)EPA-SAB-15-004Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 521,987 bytes)
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Concern about the Future of the Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship Program. (PDF, 6 pp., 45,199 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-004Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 324,350 bytes)
Initial Follow-up to Science Advisory Board (SAB) Discussions on December 4 2013. (PDF, 5 pp., 40,337 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-001
SAB Advice on Advancing the Application of CompTox Research for EPA Chemical Assessments. (PDF, 34 pp., 261,306 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-006Agency Response (PDF, 10 pp., 331,992 bytes)
SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY2013 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 34 pp., 238,363 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-002
Science Advice and EPA Priority Topics. (PDF, 8 pp., 55,335 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-005Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 252,526 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consideration of EPA Planned Actions in the Spring 2013 Unified (Regulatory) Agenda and their Supporting Science. (PDF, 7 pp., 47,245 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-003Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 179,141 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consideration of the Adequacy of the Scientific and Technical Basis of the EPA’s Proposed Rule titled “Definition of Waters of the United States under the Clean Water Act”. (PDF, 9 pp., 61,177 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-007
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Consultation on the EPA’s Progress Report: Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources – December 2012. (PDF, 2 pp., 25,131 bytes)EPA-SAB-13-005Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 273,546 bytes)
Review of EPA's Draft Assessment entitled Toxicological Review of Libby Amphibole Asbestos (August 2011). (PDF, 65 pp., 379,424 bytes)EPA-SAB-13-001Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 923,046 bytes)
SAB Advice on Approaches to Derive a Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for Perchlorate. (PDF, 71 pp., 516,911 bytes)EPA-SAB-13-004Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 268,530 bytes)
SAB Review of Emissions-Estimating Methodologies for Broiler Animal Feeding Operations and for Lagoons and Basins at Swine and Dairy Animal Feeding Operations. (PDF, 60 pp., 363,458 bytes)EPA-SAB-13-003Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 194,697 bytes)
SAB Review of EPA’s Retrospective Cost Study of the Costs of EPA Regulations: An Interim Report of Five Case Studies (March 2012). (PDF, 37 pp., 226,242 bytes)EPA-SAB-13-002Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 585,344 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Discussions about EPA Planned Actions in the Fall 2012 Unified (Regulatory) Agenda and their Supporting Science. (PDF, 7 pp., 54,877 bytes)EPA-SAB-13-006
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Advisory on EPA's Draft Technical Report entitled Considerations Related to Post-Closure Monitoring of Uranium In-Situ Leach/In-Situ Recovery (ISL/ISR) Sites. (PDF, 63 pp., 389,840 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-005Agency Response (PDF, 9 pp., 784,433 bytes)
Consultation on EPA report on the Value of Water to the U.S. Economy. (PDF, 2 pp., 26,495 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-004Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 195,067 bytes)
Consultation on Proposed Updates and Changes to MARSSIM. (PDF, 1 pp., 24,143 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-007
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan Review. (PDF, 63 pp., 346,844 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-002Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 593,940 bytes)
Implementation of ORD Strategic Research Plans: A Joint Report of the Science Advisory Board and ORD Board of Scientific Counselors. (PDF, 60 pp., 342,602 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-012Agency Response (PDF, 28 pp., 564,067 bytes)
Office of Research and Development (ORD) New Strategic Research Directions: A Joint Report of the Science Advisory Board (SAB) and ORD Board of Scientific Councilors (BOSC). (PDF, 49 pp., 311,493 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-001Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 608,681 bytes)
SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY2011 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 36 pp., 216,622 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-003
SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY2012 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 33 pp., 199,184 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-009
SAB Review of EPA’s Accounting Framework for Biogenic CO2 Emissions from Stationary Sources (September 2011). (PDF, 81 pp., 815,452 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-011Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 325,485 bytes)
SAB Review of the EPA’s Ecological Assessment Action Plan. (PDF, 61 pp., 473,813 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-010
Science Advisory Board Comments on the President's Requested FY 2013 Research Budget. (PDF, 44 pp., 281,442 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-006Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 817,920 bytes)
Science Integration for Decision Making at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (PDF, 38 pp., 1,063,889 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-008Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 465,736 bytes)
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Efficacy of Ballast Water Treatment Systems: a Report by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 154 pp., 1,319,941 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-009Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 187,562 bytes)
Reactive Nitrogen in the United States: An Analysis of Inputs, Flows, Consequences, and Management Options - A Report of the Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 172 pp., 4,580,351 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-013Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 330,653 bytes)more...
Review of EPA's draft Approaches for Deriving Numeric Nutrient Criteria for Florida's Estuaries, Coastal Waters, and Southern Inland Flowing Waters. (PDF, 67 pp., 4,586,560 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-010Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 664,525 bytes)
Review of EPA's Draft Assessment entitled "Toxicological Review of Trichloroethylene. (PDF, 68 pp., 407,129 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-002Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 812,170 bytes)
Review of EPA’s Draft National-Scale Mercury Risk Assessment. (PDF, 63 pp., 431,724 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-017Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 354,961 bytes)
Review of EPA’s Draft Oil Spill Research Strategy. (PDF, 46 pp., 236,950 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-016Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 601,792 bytes)
Review of EPA’s Draft Report on Aquatic Ecosystem Effects of Mountaintop Mining and Valley Fills. (PDF, 89 pp., 848,060 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-005Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 1,271,386 bytes)
Review of EPA’s Responsiveness to SAB 2007 Recommendations for the Revision of Cancer Assessment of Inorganic Arsenic - A report of the SAB Inorganic Arsenic Cancer Review Work Group. (PDF, 29 pp., 227,316 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-003Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 356,075 bytes)
Review of Field-Based Aquatic Life Benchmark for Conductivity in Central Appalachian Streams. (PDF, 48 pp., 465,710 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-006Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 713,782 bytes)
Review of “Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions for Environmental Policy: A White Paper” (December 10, 2010). (PDF, 47 pp., 305,967 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-011Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 548,856 bytes)
SAB Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Partial Lead Service Line Replacements. (PDF, 62 pp., 461,557 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-015Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 319,129 bytes)
SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY2010 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA). (PDF, 40 pp., 235,812 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-001
SAB Review of EPA’s Approach for Developing Lead Dust Hazard Standards for Residences (November 2010 Draft) and Approach for Developing Lead Dust Hazard Standards for Public and Commercial Buildings (November 2010 Draft). (PDF, 45 pp., 240,195 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-008
SAB Review of EPA’s Draft Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan. (PDF, 89 pp., 1,431,521 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-012Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 2,132,523 bytes)
SAB Review of EPA's Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments (May 2010). (PDF, 84 pp., 1,771,929 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-014Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 221,504 bytes)
SAB Review of EPA's "Development of a Relative Potency Factor (RPF) Approach for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Mixtures (February 2010 Draft)". (PDF, 47 pp., 696,671 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-004Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 598,354 bytes)
Science Advisory Board Comments on the President's Requested FY 2012 Research Budget. (PDF, 41 pp., 2,747,929 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-007Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 155,309 bytes)
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Advisory on EPA’s Research Scoping Document Related to Hydraulic Fracturing. (PDF, 26 pp., 113,657 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-009Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 121,984 bytes)
Consultation on EPA’s Proposed Approach for Developing Lead Dust Hazard Standards for Residential Buildings and Commercial and Public Buildings. (PDF, 131 pp., 1,592,362 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-011
Office of Research and Development Strategic Research Directions and Integrated Transdisciplinary Research. (PDF, 12 pp., 57,637 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-010Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 2,042,358 bytes)
Review of EPA’s Draft Expert Elicitation Task Force White Paper. (PDF, 25 pp., 97,445 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-003Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 641,955 bytes)
Review of EPA's Microbial Risk Assessment Protocol. (PDF, 42 pp., 286,969 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-008Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 257,755 bytes)
Review of EPA’s Supporting Analysis for Revisions of the Total Coliform Rule. (PDF, 37 pp., 231,494 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-004Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 491,031 bytes)
SAB Recommendations for EPA’s FY2009 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA). (PDF, 32 pp., 193,384 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-002Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 77,582 bytes)
SAB Review of Empirical Approaches for Nutrient Criteria Derivation. (PDF, 67 pp., 332,044 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-006Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 400,080 bytes)
SAB Review of EPA’s draft entitled, “Risk and Technology Review (RTR) Risk Assessment Methodologies: For Review by the EPA’s Science Advisory Board with Case Studies – MACT I Petroleum Refining Sources and Portland Cement Manufacturing”.. (PDF, 69 pp., 384,577 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-007Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 345,497 bytes)
SAB Review of "EPA Radiogenic Cancer Risk Models and Projections for the U.S. Population". (PDF, 50 pp., 325,076 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-001Agency Response (PDF, 14 pp., 5,122,148 bytes)
Science Advisory Board Comments on the President's Requested FY 2011 Research Budget. (PDF, 9 pp., 51,751 bytes)EPA-SAB-10-005Agency Response (PDF, 3 pp., 1,573,878 bytes)
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2008 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Final Report. (PDF, 42 pp., 269,610 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-008Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 860,949 bytes)
Consultation on a Revision of the Environmental Response Technical Assistance Document For Bacillus anthracis Intentional Releases. (PDF, 67 pp., 1,772,125 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-014
Consultation on Development of EPA's Report on the Environment (2012). (PDF, 50 pp., 396,532 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-017
Consultation on EPA's Implementation of the Ecosystem Services Research Program. (PDF, 89 pp., 420,875 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-019
Consultation on EPA’s Proposed Aircraft Drinking Water Rule (ADWR). (PDF, 20 pp., 112,712 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-001Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 62,954 bytes)
Consultation on Pollution Prevention Measures. (PDF, 17 pp., 163,705 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-005
Consultation on the Aging Water Infrastructure Research Plan and Program. (PDF, 72 pp., 381,227 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-016Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 988,697 bytes)
EPA's Strategic Research Directions 2008: An Advisory by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 59 pp., 347,539 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-006Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 291,469 bytes)
HSAC's Concern on the Agency's Development of the Bacillus anthracis Technical Assistance Document. (PDF, 3 pp., 31,593 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-003
Particulate Matter Research Centers Program Advisory Report: An SAB Advisory Report. (PDF, 36 pp., 570,402 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-010Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 140,336 bytes)
Perchlorate Letter to Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. (PDF, 2 pp., 24,124 bytes)Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 1,852,124 bytes)
Proposed Approach for Estimation of Bin Specific Cancer Potency Factors for Inhalation Exposure to Asbestos. (PDF, 130 pp., 2,396,986 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-004Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 63,109 bytes)
SAB Advisory on Aquatic Life Water Quality Criteria for Contaminants of Emerging Concern. (PDF, 63 pp., 367,984 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-007Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 1,026,189 bytes)
SAB Advisory on EPA's Draft Third Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List (CCL 3). (PDF, 33 pp., 149,074 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-011Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 78,443 bytes)
SAB Advisory Report "Preparing for Environmental Disasters". (PDF, 31 pp., 130,514 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-002
SAB Review of EPA's Draft IRIS Assessment Entitled "Toxicologic Review of Acrylamide". (PDF, 80 pp., 559,641 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-009Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 68,310 bytes)
Science Advisory Board Comments on EPA's Immediate Science Needs. (PDF, 4 pp., 39,672 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-013
Science Advisory Board Comments on the FY 2010 Research Budget. (PDF, 7 pp., 44,763 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-015Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 589,360 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Advisory on EPA’s draft Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses (2008). (PDF, 64 pp., 250,494 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-018Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 410,539 bytes)
Valuing the Protection of Ecological Systems and Services. (PDF, 138 pp., 1,754,454 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-012more...
Hide details for 20082008
Advice to EPA on Advancing the Science and Application of Ecological Risk Assessment in Environmental Decision Making: A Report of the U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 163 pp., 1,040,971 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-002Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 43,745 bytes)
Advisory on Agency Draft White Paper entitled "Modifying EPA Radiation Risk Models Based on BEIR VII". (PDF, 51 pp., 409,949 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-006Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 28,678 bytes)
Comments on EPA's Research Budget for Fiscal Year 2009: A Report of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Science Advisory Board (SAB). (PDF, 22 pp., 417,044 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-008Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 70,227 bytes)
EPA's Drinking Water Program Health Outcome Based Performance Measures for Chemical Contaminants and Microbial Contaminants (Measures Document): A SAB Consultation. (PDF, 11 pp., 124,257 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-009Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 38,745 bytes)
Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: An Update by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 333 pp., 5,012,855 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-003Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 28,435 bytes)
Review of Agency Draft "Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Assessment of Materials and Equipment (MARSAME) Manual". (PDF, 51 pp., 610,416 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-010Agency Response (PDF, 28 pp., 2,129,336 bytes)
Review of Office of Research and Development (ORD) Draft Assessment entitled, "Evaluation of the Carcinogenicity of Ethylene Oxide". (PDF, 90 pp., 672,043 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-004Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 57,823 bytes)
SAB Advisory on EPA’s Draft Report on the Environment 2007: Science Report. (PDF, 109 pp., 665,905 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-007Agency Response (PDF, 12 pp., 206,601 bytes)
SAB Advisory on EPA's Issues in Valuing Mortality Risk Reduction. (PDF, 23 pp., 197,673 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-001
SAB Advisory on the EPA Ecological Research Program Multi-Year Plan. (PDF, 73 pp., 345,595 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-011Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 79,004 bytes)
SAB Report of FY2007 Recommended Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA). (PDF, 38 pp., 363,056 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-005Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 61,100 bytes)
Hide details for 20072007
Advisory on EPA’s Assessments of Carcinogenic Effects of Organic and Inorganic Arsenic: A Report of the US EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 88 pp., 674,360 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-008Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 57,245 bytes)
Comments on EPA’s Strategic Research Directions and Research Budget for FY 2008 - An Advisory Report of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 38 pp., 209,234 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-004Agency Response (PDF, 10 pp., 160,311 bytes)
Consultation on Enhancing Risk Assessment Practices and Updating EPA's Exposure Guidelines. (PDF, 5 pp., 55,886 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-003Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 47,960 bytes)
Consultation on EPA's Risk and Technology Review (RTR) Assessment Plan. (PDF, 32 pp., 348,852 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-009Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 27,347 bytes)
Review of 2005 Agency Draft entitled "Expansion and Upgrade of the RadNet Air Monitoring Network Vol 1 & 2 Concept and Plan". (PDF, 55 pp., 376,508 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-010Agency Response (PDF, 32 pp., 417,023 bytes)
SAB's Homeland Security Advisory Committee Consultation on the EPA's Emergency Consequence Assessment Tool and Incident-based Microbial Risk Assessment Framework. (PDF, 5 pp., 38,944 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-012Agency Response (PDF, 3 pp., 66,834 bytes)
SAB Ad Hoc All-Ages Lead Model Review Panel’s Peer Review of the "All-Ages Lead Model (AALM) Version 1.05 (External Review Draft)". (PDF, 47 pp., 372,746 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-002
SAB Advisory on EPA's Second Generation Model. (PDF, 46 pp., 412,712 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-006Agency Response (PDF, 7 pp., 505,605 bytes)
SAB Advisory on the Office of Research and Development’s (ORD) Sustainability Research Strategy and the Science and Technology for Sustainability Multi-year Plan. (PDF, 39 pp., 197,322 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-007Agency Response (PDF, 10 pp., 779,418 bytes)
SAB Report of FY2006 Recommended Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA). (PDF, 37 pp., 397,341 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-005Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 80,298 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Review of the Estimation Programs Interface Suite (EPI SuiteTM). (PDF, 60 pp., 484,315 bytes)EPA-SAB-07-011
Hide details for 20062006
Advisory on EPA’s Superfund Benefits Analysis. (PDF, 46 pp., 214,699 bytes)EPA-SAB-ADV-06-002Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 126,194 bytes)
Advisory on ORD's Regional Vulnerability Assessment Program. (PDF, 41 pp., 256,899 bytes)EPA-SAB-ADV-06-001Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 53,213 bytes)
Commentary on Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Data. (PDF, 6 pp., 57,559 bytes)EPA-SAB-COM-06-001
Consultation on a Proposed Framework for Revising the Guidelines for Deriving Water Quality Criteria for Protection of Aquatic Life. (PDF, 151 pp., 1,181,299 bytes)EPA-SAB-CON-06-004
Consultation on the WaterSentinel Program and Standard Analytical Methods. (PDF, 5 pp., 44,791 bytes)EPA-SAB-CON-06-005Agency Response (PDF, 8 pp., 206,103 bytes)
EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) Consultation on the Polychlorinated Biphenyl-Artificial Reef Risk Assessment. (PDF, 2 pp., 23,734 bytes)EPA-SAB-CON-06-001Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 388,666 bytes)
FY2005 Recommended Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA). (PDF, 35 pp., 336,629 bytes)EPA-SAB-06-004Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 63,403 bytes)
Review of Agency Draft Guidance on the Development Evaluation and Application of Regulatory Environmental Models and Models Knowledge Base by the Regulatory Environmental Modeling Guidance Review Panel of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 76 pp., 719,550 bytes)EPA-SAB-06-009Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 124,758 bytes)
Review of EPA’s Draft Framework for Inorganic Metals Risk Assessment . (PDF, 95 pp., 613,764 bytes)EPA-SAB-06-002Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 546,187 bytes)
Review of the EPA Region 6 Geographic Information System Screening Tool. (PDF, 44 pp., 249,813 bytes)EPA-SAB-06-011Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 29,685 bytes)
SAB Review of EPA's Draft Risk Assessment of Potential Human Health Effects Associated with PFOA and Its Salts. (PDF, 39 pp., 307,284 bytes)EPA-SAB-06-006Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 102,696 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Rapid Consultative Advice Related to Hurricane Katrina. (PDF, 2 pp., 24,659 bytes)EPA-SAB-LTR-06-001
Science and Research Budgets for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Fiscal Year 2007; An Advisory Report by the Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 50 pp., 265,179 bytes)EPA-SAB-ADV-06-003Agency Response (PDF, 8 pp., 841,235 bytes)
Hide details for 20052005
Advisory on the Office of Research and Development’s Contaminated Sites and RCRA Multi-Year Plans. (PDF, 25 pp., 171,483 bytes)EPA-SAB-05-009Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 188,393 bytes)
Advisory Review of EPA's Draft Ecological Benefit Assessment Strategic Plan - An Advisory by the SAB Committee on Valuing the Protection of Ecological Systems and Services. (PDF, 40 pp., 208,612 bytes)EPA-SAB-ADV-05-004Agency Response (PDF, 67 pp., 2,081,476 bytes)
Air Toxics Research Strategy and Air Toxics Multi-year Plan: A Review by the Air Toxics Research Strategy and Multi-year Plan Panel of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 25 pp., 196,268 bytes)EPA-SAB-05-002
An Advisory of the Illegal Competitive Advantage (ICA) Economic Benefit (EB) Advisory Panel of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 55 pp., 336,408 bytes)EPA-SAB-ADV-05-003Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 434,433 bytes)
Commentary on EPA's Initiatives to Improve Human Health Risk Assessment . (PDF, 5 pp., 35,674 bytes)EPA-SAB-COM-05-001
EPA’s Draft 2003 Drinking Water Research Multi-Year Plan - A Review by the Drinking Water Committee of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 32 pp., 203,879 bytes)EPA-SAB-05-008
EPA’s Draft Report on the Environment (ROE) 2003: An Advisory by the ROE Advisory Panel of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 69 pp., 564,509 bytes)EPA-SAB-05-004Agency Response (PDF, 10 pp., 1,147,716 bytes)
EPA's Multimedia Multipathway and Multireceptor Risk Assessment (3MRA) Modeling System; A Review by the 3MRA Review Panel of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 127 pp., 3,146,654 bytes)EPA-SAB-05-003
Letter to The Honorable Stephen L. Johnson - EPA Administrator from Dr. M. Granger Morgan - SAB Chair With Individual Expert Comments on EPA's Emergency Response Quality Assurance Sampling Plan for Hurricane Katrina Response Support. (PDF, 45 pp., 467,135 bytes)Agency Response (PDF, 13 pp., 76,790 bytes)
Nanotechnology - Biotechnology and Information Technology: Implications for Future Science at EPA (with Appendices A-K). (PDF, 143 pp., 63,113,422 bytes)EPA-SAB-WKS-05-001
Recommendations on the FY2004 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Nominations - A Report by the STAA Panel of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 39 pp., 498,580 bytes)EPA-SAB-05-005Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 105,676 bytes)
Review of the EPA Region 5 Critical Ecosystem Assessment Model. (PDF, 47 pp., 338,843 bytes) EPA-SAB-05-011Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 166,893 bytes)
Science and Research Budgets for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Fiscal Year 2006 - An Advisory Report by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 42 pp., 260,039 bytes)EPA-SAB-ADV-05-002
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Advisory Report on the Science and Research Budgets for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Fiscal Year 2005; A Report by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 32 pp., 298,741 bytes)EPA-SAB-ADV-04-003
EPA's Strategy on Suspended and Bedded Sediments: An EPA Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 6 pp., 140,553 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-04-002
Recommendations on the FY2003 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Nominations - A Report by the Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards Panel of the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 34 pp., 402,148 bytes)EPA-SAB-04-006
Review of EPA's Draft Supplemental Guidance for Assessing Cancer Susceptibility from Early-Life Exposure to Carcinogens - A Report by the Supplemental Guidance for Assessing Cancer Susceptibility Review Panel of the EPA SAB. (PDF, 40 pp., 354,814 bytes)EPA-SAB-04-003Agency Response (PDF, 7 pp., 40,062 bytes)
Review of the Environmental Economics Research Strategy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (PDF, 30 pp., 170,233 bytes)EPA-SAB-04-007Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 18,338 bytes)
Second Consultation on Multi-Agency Radiation Site Survey Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) Supplements for Materials & Equipment (MARSAME): A Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 6 pp., 121,541 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-04-001
The Valuation of Mortality Risk Reduction: A Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 3 pp., 29,195 bytes)EPA-SAB-CON-04-004
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Affordability Criteria for Small Drinking Water Systems: An EPA Science Advisory Board Report. (PDF, 22 pp., 217,784 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-03-004
Data Quality and Reproducibility: An EPA Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 4 pp., 111,916 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-03-001
Disinfection Byproducts and Surface Water Treatment: A EPA Science Advisory Board Review of Certain Elements of the Stage 2 Regulatory Proposals. (PDF, 58 pp., 421,372 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-03-005
Improving Leach Testing of Waste: Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 6 pp., 339,260 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-03-006
Multi-Agency Radiation Site Survey Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) Supplement for Sub-Surface Soils (MARSAS): A Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 5 pp., 283,712 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-03-003
Multi-Agency Radiation Site Survey Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) Supplements for Materials & Equipment (MARSAME): A Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 5 pp., 258,793 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-03-002
Multi-Agency Radiological Laboratory Analytical Protocols (MARLAP) Manual: An SAB Review. (PDF, 128 pp., 1,111,654 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-03-009Agency Response (PDF, 10 pp., 469,245 bytes)
Recommendations on the FY2001 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Award Nominations: An SAB Report. (PDF, 43 pp., 303,309 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-03-003Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 80,402 bytes)
Review of Draft Trichloroethylene Health Risk Assessment: Synthesis and Characterization: An EPA Science Advisory Report. (PDF, 83 pp., 385,950 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-03-002
Review of Metals Action Plan; An EPA Science Advisory Board Report. (PDF, 27 pp., 191,045 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-03-001
Review of the Draft Human Health Research Strategy for Improving Risk Assessment: A Report of the USEPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 39 pp., 578,405 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-03-010
Review of the FY2004 Science and Technology Budget Request for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: An EPA Science Advisory Board Review. (PDF, 0 pp., 517,948 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-03-006
Review of the Office of Solid Waste's Study, Industrial Surface Impoundments in the United States: An EPA Science Advisory Board Report. (PDF, 90 pp., 528,313 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-03-001Agency Response (PDF, 14 pp., 136,038 bytes)
Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Cleanup and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C Program Benefits, Costs, and Impacts Assessments: An EPA Science Advisory Board Advisory. (PDF, 50 pp., 286,184 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-ADV-03-001
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A Framework For Assessing and Reporting on Ecological Condition: An SAB Report. (PDF, 142 pp., 1,473,196 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-02-009
A Framework For Assessing and Reporting on Ecological Condition: Executive Summary. (PDF, 35 pp., 1,649,800 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-02-009A
An Approach to Developing a Research Agenda for Environmental Economics: A Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 3 pp., 9,949 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-CON-02-003
Contaminant Candidate List Research Plan (CCLRP); An SAB Report. (PDF, 19 pp., 171,744 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-02-006
EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) Panel Formation Process: Immediate Steps to Improve Policies and Procedures - An SAB Commentary. (PDF, 25 pp., 195,184 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-02-003
EPA Workshop on the Benefits of Reductions in Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants: Developing Best Estimates of Dose-Response Functions; An SAB Workshop Report of an EPA/SAB Workshop. (PDF, 186 pp., 1,952,470 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-WKSHP-02-001
FY 2003 Presidential Science and Technology Budget Request for the Environmental Protection Agency; An SAB Review. (PDF, 42 pp., 209,719 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-02-007Agency Response (PDF, 8 pp., 169,500 bytes)
Importance of Maintaining the Annual Pollution Abatement Cost and Expenditures (PACE) Survey. (PDF, 5 pp., 282,575 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-COM-02-001
Industrial Ecology: a Commentary by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 21 pp., 168,773 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-02-002
Interim Review of the Particulate Matter (PM) Research Centers of the USEPA: An EPA Science Advisory Board Report. (PDF, 38 pp., 244,462 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-02-008Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 99,797 bytes)
Market Incentives: A Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 4 pp., 10,376 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-CON-02-002
NATA - Evaluating the National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment 1996 Data - An SAB Advisory. (PDF, 86 pp., 216,146 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-ADV-02-001
Planning for Ecological Risk Assessment: Developing Management Objectives: an SAB Report. (PDF, 23 pp., 202,391 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-02-005
Review of the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air’s Draft Methodology for Ranking Indoor Air Toxics: An SAB Report. (PDF, 41 pp., 88,445 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC/IHEC-02-004
Review of the Southeastern Ecological Framework: An EPA Science Advisory Board Report. (PDF, 16 pp., 155,988 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-02-002Agency Response (PDF, 7 pp., 128,091 bytes)
The Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Water and Watersheds Grants Program - An EPA Science Advisory Board Review. (PDF, 60 pp., 140,200 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-02-001
Water Quality and Pollution Prevention Multiyear Plans: An SAB Review. (PDF, 41 pp., 263,731 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-02-003Agency Response (PDF, 34 pp., 353,433 bytes)
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A Science Advisory Board Advisory on EPA's Proposed Approach for Evaluating Occurrence and Risks of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM). (PDF, 37 pp., 83,262 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-ADV-01-001
Arsenic Rule Benefits Analysis: An SAB Review . (PDF, 68 pp., 173,862 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-01-008Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 60,143 bytes)
Commentary on National Program Directors in ORD for Managing Large Crosscutting Programs. (PDF, 4 pp., 16,319 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-COM-01-002
Commentary Resulting from a Workshop on the Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations in Environmental Protection. (PDF, 41 pp., 89,398 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-01-001Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 37,864 bytes)
Consultation on Multi-year Planning and Performance Metrics for Science at EPA. (PDF, 3 pp., 14,244 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-CON-01-002
Consultation on Office of Research and Development's National Program Director Program. (PDF, 3 pp., 14,185 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-CON-01-001
Dioxin Reassessment - An SAB Review of the Office of Research and Development's Reassessment of Dioxin. (PDF, 80 pp., 188,323 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-01-006
EPA Arsenic Proposed Drinking Water Regulation: A Science Advisory Board Review of Certain Elements of the Proposal . (PDF, 0 pp., 230,352 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-01-001
FY 2002 Presidential Science and Technology Budget Request for the Environmental Protection Agency; An SAB Review . (PDF, 0 pp., 55,473 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-01-005
GENII Version 2 Environmental Radiation Dosimetry System: An SAB Advisory. (PDF, 41 pp., 87,966 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-ADV-01-002
Implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency's Peer Review Program: An SAB Evaluation of Three Reviews. (PDF, 32 pp., 79,518 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-01-009Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 71,819 bytes)
Improved Science-Based Environmental Stakeholder Processes. (PDF, 216 pp., 584,910 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-01-006Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 77,895 bytes)
Measures of Environmental Technology Performance: A Commentary by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 9 pp., 25,031 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-01-005Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 113,302 bytes)
Monitored Natural Attenuation: USEPA Research Program - An EPA Science Advisory Board Review. (PDF, 0 pp., 141,223 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-01-004
Notification of a Consultation on Environmental Systems Management Research. (PDF, 4 pp., 15,691 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-01-006
Notification of a Consultation on the Agency's Plans for a Cumulative Risk Framework. (PDF, 3 pp., 14,498 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-01-004
Office of Inspector General's Pilot Project to Improve the Use of Science for Decisions: An EPA Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 3 pp., 14,145 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-CON-01-007
Radionuclides in Sewage Sludge: An SAB Advisory. (PDF, 30 pp., 68,430 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-ADV-01-003
Recommendations on the FY2000 Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (STAA) Nominations: An SAB Report . (PDF, 35 pp., 99,332 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-01-007
Recommendations to Improve Visibility of the Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Program: An EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) Commentary. (PDF, 6 pp., 22,952 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-01-004
Revised Microbial Risk Assessment Framework; An EPA Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 3 pp., 14,526 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-CON-01-008
Trade and the Environment: an EPA Science Advisory Board Notification of a Consultation. (PDF, 3 pp., 14,293 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-CON-01-003
Understanding Public Values and Attitudes Related to Ecological Risk Management: An SAB Workshop Report of An EPA/SAB Workshop. (PDF, 183 pp., 972,042 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-WKSP-01-001
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A Joint SAB/BOSC Report: Review of the Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Program. (PDF, 42 pp., 88,748 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-008
Advisory on the Agency’s “Total Risk Integrated Methodology” (TRIM). (PDF, 40 pp., 89,109 bytes)EPA SAB-EC-ADV-00-004
Advisory on the USEPA's Draft Case Study Analysis of the Residual Risk of Secondary Lead Smelters. (PDF, 88 pp., 193,803 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-ADV-00-005
An SAB Advisory on EPA’s Draft Contaminant Candidate List (CCL) Research Plan. (PDF, 12 pp., 24,081 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-ADV-00-007
An SAB Report on EPA’s White Paper Valuing the Benefits of Fatal Cancer Risk Reduction. (PDF, 32 pp., 70,479 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-00-013
An SAB Report: EPA's Per Capita Water Ingestion Estimates for the United States. (PDF, 31 pp., 64,033 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-003
An SAB Report: Review of the Peer Review Program of the Environmental Protection Agency . (PDF, 28 pp., 67,128 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-00-002
An SAB Review: Assessment of Risks From Radon in Homes. (PDF, 37 pp., 74,120 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-00-010
Commentary and Recommendations on Overcoming Barriers to Waste Utilization. (PDF, 16 pp., 33,992 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-00-006Agency Response (PDF, 9 pp., 27,731 bytes)
Commentary on EPA’s Draft Proposal for a Long-Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment and Filter Backwash Rule. (PDF, 11 pp., 27,269 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-COM-00-004
Commentary on the Agency's Proposed Drinking Water Standard for Radon. (PDF, 6 pp., 13,142 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-00-003
Consideration of issues relating to EPA’s use of data derived from the testing of human subjects. (PDF, 67 pp., 125,505 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-017Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 9,434 bytes)
Executive Committee Commentary on Residual Risk Program. (PDF, 6 pp., 14,362 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-00-005
Improving the Efficacy of Science Advisory Board Reviews: A Study of the Attributes of Successful Technical Reviews by the Environmental Engineering Committee. (PDF, 37 pp., 88,547 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-00-001
Notification of a Consultation on ISCORS Sewage Sludge Dose Modeling Scenarios. (PDF, 4 pp., 13,831 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-00-008
Notification of a Consultation on the Study of the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). (PDF, 6 pp., 15,719 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-00-003
Notification of a Consultation on the Superfund Programs’s Approach to Developing Ecological Soil Screening Levels. (PDF, 4 pp., 10,111 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-00-005
Notification of a Consultation on the Topic: Induced Travel: Does Additional Highway Capacity Influence Travel Demand?. (PDF, 3 pp., 19,543 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-CON-00-002
Notification of a Consultation on Thermal Carbon Analysis. (PDF, 0 pp., 12,330 bytes)EPA-SAB-CASAC-CON-00-006
Review of an Integrated Approach to Metals Assessment in Surface Waters and Sediments. (PDF, 46 pp., 109,730 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-00-005Agency Response (PDF, 6 pp., 22,432 bytes)
Review of Draft Air Toxics Monitoring Strategy Concept Paper. (PDF, 62 pp., 118,547 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-015
Review of EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program. (PDF, 34 pp., 67,156 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-00-012
Review of the Biotic Ligand Model of the Acute Toxicity of Metals. (PDF, 26 pp., 58,821 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-00-006Agency Response (PDF, 14 pp., 46,513 bytes)
Review of the Draft Cancer Risk Assessment Guidelines’ Application to Children. (PDF, 61 pp., 175,200 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-016Agency Response (PDF, 19 pp., 65,147 bytes)
Review of the Draft Chloroform Risk Assessment. (PDF, 33 pp., 81,803 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-009
Review of the Draft Report to the Congress “Characterization of Data Uncertainty and Variability in IRIS Assessments, Pre-Pilot vs Pilot/post-Pilot”. (PDF, 14 pp., 38,292 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-00-007
Review of the Draft Strategic Plan for the Analysis of National Human Exposure Assessment Survey (NHEXAS) Pilot Study Data. (PDF, 31 pp., 63,439 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-00-018Agency Response (PDF, 3 pp., 11,466 bytes)
Review of the FY2001 Presidential Science and Technology Budget Request for the EPA. (PDF, 27 pp., 58,603 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-00-007
Review of the SAB Report "Toward Integrated Environmental Decision-Making". (PDF, 11 pp., 101,735 bytes)EPA SAB-EC-LTR-00-004
Science Advisory Board's Review of the Draft Chloroform Risk Assessment and Related Issues in The Proposed Cancer Risk Assessment Guidelines. (PDF, 6 pp., 17,020 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-00-001
Science Advisory Board Commentary on the Role of Science in “New Approaches” to Environmental Decisionmaking that Focus on Stakeholder Involvement.. (PDF, 5 pp., 13,518 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-00-002
Science Advisory Board Letter Report on EPA’s Draft Proposal for the Groundwater Rule. (PDF, 14 pp., 36,700 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-00-005Agency Response (PDF, 3 pp., 84,840 bytes)
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Award Recommendations for the 1999 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Program. (PDF, 40 pp., 98,313 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-014Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 9,470 bytes)
Toward Integrated Environmental Decision-Making. (PDF, 64 pp., 521,416 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-011
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Advisory on Defining the Trade-offs Between Instituting Indoor Air Quality and Energy Coils . (PDF, 24 pp., 57,358 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-ADV-99-007
Advisory on the National-Level Affordability Criteria and Technologies for Small Systems Under the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. (PDF, 11 pp., 38,449 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-ADV-99-001
Advisory on the TRIM.FaTE Module of the Total Risk Integrated Methodology (TRIM). (PDF, 38 pp., 87,535 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-ADV-99-003
Advisory on the "White Paper on the Nature and Scope of Issues on Adoption of Model use Acceptability Criteria". (PDF, 28 pp., 112,350 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-ADV-99-011
An SAB Advisory: Assessing Risks from Indoor Radon. (PDF, 0 pp., 117,075 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-ADV-99-010
An SAB Report on the EPA Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analysis. (PDF, 22 pp., 61,353 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-99-020
An SAB Report on the National Center for Environmental Assessment's Comparative Risk Framework Methodology. (PDF, 67 pp., 235,553 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-99-016
An SAB Report: Review of the Index of Watershed Indicators. (PDF, 39 pp., 144,905 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-99-014
Building Assessment and Survey Evaluation (BASE) Study Proposed Data Analysis. (PDF, 40 pp., 106,270 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-ADV-99-008
Charter for the Council on Regulatory Environmental Modeling (CREM). (PDF, 12 pp., 26,216 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-ADV-99-009
Commentary on the Need for Research on Risk Reduction Options for Particulate Matter PM2.5. (PDF, 8 pp., 33,420 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-99-004
Data Suitability Assessment. (PDF, 27 pp., 70,552 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-99-010
Environmental Impacts of Natural Hazards: The Need for Agency Action. (PDF, 23 pp., 43,924 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-99-003
Estimating Uncertainties in Radiogenic Cancer Risk. (PDF, 49 pp., 125,867 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-99-008
Importance of Reinstating the Pollution Abatement and Control Expenditures (PACE) Survey. (PDF, 7 pp., 19,495 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-COM-99-001
Modeling of Radionuclide Releases from Disposal of Low Activity Mixed Waste. (PDF, 41 pp., 123,460 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-ADV-99-006
Notification of a Consultation on Approaches to Calculating Radon Risks. (PDF, 4 pp., 9,726 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-99-002
Notification of a Consultation on Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM). (PDF, 5 pp., 17,513 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-99-004
Notification of a Consultation on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Average or "Not to Exceed" Concentrations in the Development of Cleanup Goals at Waste Sites. (PDF, 5 pp., 11,558 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-99-003
Notification of a Consultation on the Agency's Science Strategy. (PDF, 4 pp., 14,689 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-99-008
Review of 1996 Risk Management Plan for Wet Weather Flows and the 1997 Urban Infrastructure Research Plan. (PDF, 43 pp., 104,172 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-99-019
Review of Disproportionate Impact Methodologies. (PDF, 42 pp., 106,844 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-99-007
Review of Revised Sections of the Proposed Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment. (PDF, 53 pp., 183,497 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-99-015Agency Response (PDF, 19 pp., 65,147 bytes)
Review of the Agency-Wide Quality System. (PDF, 25 pp., 130,314 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-99-002
Review of the D-CORMIX Model. (PDF, 32 pp., 86,208 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-99-011
Review of the Development of the Acute Reference Exposure. (PDF, 38 pp., 101,965 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-99-005
Review of the EPA's Proposed Environmental Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program. (PDF, 48 pp., 247,319 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-99-013
Review of the FY2000 Presidential Science & Technology Budget Request for EPA. (PDF, 33 pp., 92,828 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-99-012
Review of the Health Risk Assessment of 1,3-Butadiene. (PDF, 88 pp., 248,693 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-99-003
Review of the Health Risks from Low-Level Exposure to Radionuclides, Federal Guidance Report No. 13 - Part 1, Interim Version (FGR 13-Part 1). (PDF, 40 pp., 10,913,161 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-99-009
Review of the RFC Methods Case Studies. (PDF, 40 pp., 109,223 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-99-002
Review of the "Integrated Environmental Decision-Making in the Twenty-First Century". (PDF, 41 pp., 106,118 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-99-018
SAB Award Recommendations for the 1998 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Program. (PDF, 35 pp., 115,274 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-99-017
Technical Review of the Proposed TSCA Section 403 Regulation(Identification of Dangerous Levels of Lead). (PDF, 48 pp., 1,695,220 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-99-004
Waste Leachability: The Need for Review of Current Agency Procedures. (PDF, 17 pp., 44,491 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-99-002
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An SAB Advisory on Economic Research Topics and Priorities. (PDF, 23 pp., 91,861 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-ADV-98-005
Ecological Impacts and Evaluation Criteria for the Use of Structures in Marsh Management. (PDF, 63 pp., 5,763,039 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-98-003
Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System(ERAMS)II. (PDF, 43 pp., 132,996 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-ADV-98-001
Evaluation of the Blackstone River Initiative. (PDF, 61 pp., 159,931 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-98-011Agency Response (PDF, 26 pp., 86,865 bytes)
Integrated Human Exposure Committee Commentary on Indoor Air Strategy. (PDF, 10 pp., 18,783 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-COM-98-001
Notification of a Consultation on a Method for Estimating Drinking Water Intake Levels. (PDF, 2 pp., 4,363 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-CON-98-005
Notification of a Consultation on Alternative Approaches for Disposal of Federal Low-Activity Radioactive Wastes. (PDF, 1 pp., 4,142 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-98-001
Notification of a Consultation on Alternative Test Systems for the Evaluation of Disinfection By-product Mixtures. (PDF, 1 pp., 3,960 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-CON-98-004
Notification of a Consultation on Environmental Computer Models. (PDF, 5 pp., 13,363 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-98-003
Notification of a Consultation on Possible Further Guidance on Ecological Risk Assessment Topics. (PDF, 1 pp., 8,726 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-98-007
Notification of a Consultation on Ranking Criteria for Strategic Planning and Budgeting. (PDF, 1 pp., 13,843 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-98-009
Notification of a Consultation on Screening and Testing of Endocrine Disruption. (PDF, 1 pp., 4,826 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-98-002
Notification of a Consultation on the Agency's FY2000 Science & Technology(S&T)Budget. (PDF, 6 pp., 12,194 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-CON-98-006
Notification of a Consultation on the use of Toxic Equivalency Factors(TEFs)in Ecological Risk Assessments. (PDF, 1 pp., 8,561 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-98-008
Recommendations on the 1997 Scientific and Technologial Achievement Award (STAA) Nominations. (PDF, 39 pp., 135,285 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-98-012
Research Strategies Advisory Committee Commentary on the Process for Science Advisory Board Review of the ORD Presidential Budget Request. (PDF, 8 pp., 18,819 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-COM-98-002
Review of ORD's Pollution Prevention Research Strategy. (PDF, 44 pp., 97,973 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-98-008
Review of the Agency-Wide Quality Management Program . (PDF, 0 pp., 57,252 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-98-003
Review of the EPA's Draft Ecological Research Strategy. (PDF, 18 pp., 34,237 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-98-001
Review of the EPA's Draft Mercury Report to Congress. (PDF, 131 pp., 319,787 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-98-001
Review of the FY 1999 Presidential Budget Request for the Office of Research and Development(ORD). (PDF, 24 pp., 100,033 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-98-006
Review of the Source Ranking Database. (PDF, 34 pp., 74,058 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-98-004
Review of the Surface Impoundments Study(SIS)Plan. (PDF, 39 pp., 110,103 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-98-009
Review of the Toxics Release Inventory(TRI)Relative Risk-Based Environmental Indicators Methodology. (PDF, 54 pp., 154,831 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-98-007
Review of the US EPA's Report to Congress on Residual Risk. (PDF, 139 pp., 377,200 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-98-013
Review of the Waste Research Strategy of the Office of Research and Development. (PDF, 28 pp., 73,208 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-98-005
Science Advisory Board 1997 Strategic Plan . (PDF, 26 pp., 48,049 bytes)EPA-SAB-98-010
The National Drinking Water Contaminant Database . (PDF, 17 pp., 45,664 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-ADV-98-004
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Agency Activities Associated with Environmental Futures. (PDF, 2 pp., 13,418 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-97-001
An Evaluation of the Statistical Performance of a Method for Monitoring Protozoan Cysts in U.S. Source Waters. (PDF, 15 pp., 31,526 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-97-010
Development of a Strategy for Addressing Indoor Air Issues. (PDF, 1 pp., 3,869 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-CON-97-002
Development of Phase II of the Index of Watershed Indicators. (PDF, 11 pp., 24,914 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-ADV-97-003
Development of Sediment Quality Criterion for PAH Mixtures. (PDF, 1 pp., 4,054 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-97-001
Draft Guidance for Lakes and Reservoir Bioassessment and Biocriteria. (PDF, 15 pp., 171,367 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-97-007
Environmental Goals for America. (PDF, 62 pp., 128,819 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-97-007
Evaluation of Superfund Ecotox Threshold Benchmark Values for Water and Sediment. (PDF, 9 pp., 18,383 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-97-009
Evaluation of the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) Research Strategy and Research Plan. (PDF, 26 pp., 49,842 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-97-009
First Report from the SAB Lookout Panel: Focus on Water Issues. (PDF, 15 pp., 34,364 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-97-003
Guidelines for Cancer Risk Assessment. (PDF, 54 pp., 114,215 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-97-010
Lookout Panel on Freshwater Ecosystems. (PDF, 10 pp., 19,822 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-97-013
Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM). (PDF, 77 pp., 190,760 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-97-008
Need to Develop Ecological Risk Management Guidelines. (PDF, 6 pp., 12,819 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-ADV-97-002
ORD's Exposure Factors Handbook. (PDF, 29 pp., 70,380 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-LTR-97-005
ORD's Guidelines for Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment. (PDF, 34 pp., 73,094 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-97-004
Problem Formulation Phase of EPA's Watershed Ecological Risk Assessment Case Studies. (PDF, 20 pp., 42,479 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-ADV-97-001
Question of Agency Benchmark Values for Ecological Toxicity. (PDF, 6 pp., 17,996 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-97-002
Recommendations for the 1996 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Program. (PDF, 48 pp., 142,588 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-97-006
Research Plan for Microbial Pathogens & Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water. (PDF, 46 pp., 115,761 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-97-003
Review of the Agency's Draft Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines. (PDF, 37 pp., 79,701 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-97-002
Review of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRML). (PDF, 32 pp., 64,578 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-97-011
Risk Assessment Forum's Draft Document Assessment of Thyroid Follicular Cell Tumors. (PDF, 14 pp., 34,067 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-97-002
Second Report from SAB Lookout Panel: Meeting with OPP Managers. (PDF, 6 pp., 10,615 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-97-006
Sector Facility Indexing Project (SFIP). (PDF, 38 pp., 78,266 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-97-012
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation(SITE)Program. (PDF, 47 pp., 95,416 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-97-005
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Environmental Indicators for Radon and Associated Activities. (PDF, 1 pp., 32,672 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-96-002
Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System (ERAMS). (PDF, 13 pp., 55,396 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-ADV-96-003
EPA's Drinking Water Distribution Sustem Research Project. (PDF, 7 pp., 26,684 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-ADV-96-001
Health Significance of HPC Bacteria Eluted from Point of Use/Point of Entry Drinking Water Treatment Devices. (PDF, 10 pp., 33,355 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-ADV-96-002
Phase for Two of the Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation's Cumulative Exposure Model . (PDF, 1 pp., 10,394 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-CON-96-001
RAC Commentary on the Scientific Basis for Apportioning Risk Among the ICRP Publication 66 Regions of the Respiratory Tract. (PDF, 22 pp., 86,613 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-COM-96-003
Review of a Methodology for Establishing Human Health and Ecologically Based Exit Criteria for the Hazardous Waste Identification Rule (HWIR) . (PDF, 45 pp., 122,169 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-96-002
Review of Clean Air Act Section 812 Retrospective Study of Costs and Benefits . (PDF, 0 pp., 21,770 bytes)EPA-SAB-ACCACA-96-003
Review of Strategic Plan for the Office of Research and Development. (PDF, 8 pp., 28,678 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-LTR-96-004
Review of the Waste Incineration Research Program. (PDF, 33 pp., 87,746 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-96-004
Review of "The Benefits and Costs of the Clean Air Act, 1970 to 1990" by the PERS of ACCACA. (PDF, 0 pp., 27,648 bytes)EPA-SAB-ACCACA-LTR-96-010
SAB Commentary on Consideration of Results of Foreign Assessments. (PDF, 2 pp., 4,388 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-96-002
SAB Commentary on Hazard Identification. (PDF, 2 pp., 6,063 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-96-001
The Cumulative Exposure Project. (PDF, 46 pp., 102,735 bytes)EPA-SAB-IHEC-ADV-96-004
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1994 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 37 pp., 85,550 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-95-012
A Retrospective REview of SAB/RAC Activities. (PDF, 97 pp., 247,448 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-009
A Second Look at Dioxin. (PDF, 129 pp., 330,353 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-021
Advisory by SAB DWC Concerning EPA's Five-Year Research Plan on Disinfection/Disinfectant By Products. (PDF, 16 pp., 47,610 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-ADV-95-002
An SAB Report: Future Issues in Environmental Engineering, Report on Future Issues and Challenges in Environmental Engineering and Technology by the Environmental Engineering Committee. (PDF, 119 pp., 3,663,886 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-004
Beyond the Horizon: Using Foresight to Protect the Environmental Future. (PDF, 39 pp., 3,622,669 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-007
Commentary on Appropriateness of SAB Reviews of Computer Env. Transport Fate Models Developed for Regulatory Decision Making. (PDF, 3 pp., 24,139 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-95-005
Commentary on Bioaccumulation Modeling Issues. (PDF, 10 pp., 35,698 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC/DWC-COM-95-006
Commentary on Research Planning. (PDF, 14 pp., 40,325 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-COM-95-003
Commentary on SAB Completing Peer Reviews. (PDF, 2 pp., 10,560 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-95-004
Consultation on Development of Groundwater Disinfection Rule. (PDF, 1 pp., 15,903 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-CON-95-001
Consultation on Ecological/Economic Modeling and Ecosystems Valuation. (PDF, 1 pp., 10,088 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-95-004
Consultation on EPA-ILSI Cooperative Projects in Risk Assessment. (PDF, 1 pp., 14,650 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-CON-95-005
Consultation on the Selection and Use of Case Studies in the Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines. (PDF, 1 pp., 11,544 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-95-003
Draft Technology Innovation Strategy. (PDF, 23 pp., 69,032 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-013
Ecosystem Index Site Network under the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program. (PDF, 1 pp., 11,545 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-95-002
Ecosystem Management - Imperative for a Dynamic World Ecosystem Management. (PDF, 47 pp., 112,370 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-95-003
EPA's Use of the Benchmark Dose Calculation Method. (PDF, 4 pp., 19,805 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-COM-95-002
Future Issues in Environmental Radiation. (PDF, 108 pp., 251,652 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-006
Futures Methods and Issues: A Technical Annex to "Beyond the Horizon: Protecting the Future with Foresight". (PDF, 88 pp., 14,893,877 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-007A
Guidelines for Reproductive Toxicity Risk Assessment. (PDF, 42 pp., 93,403 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-95-014
Human Exposure Assessment: A Guide to Risk Reduction and Research Planning. (PDF, 72 pp., 317,549 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-95-005
Improving the Use Cluster Scoring System. (PDF, 35 pp., 64,186 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-017
Recommendations for Radon Research. (PDF, 98 pp., 252,397 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-011
Review of Acid Deposition Standard Feasibility Study. (PDF, 20 pp., 57,005 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-95-019
Review of EPA's Composite Model for Leachate Migration with Transformation Products. (PDF, 27 pp., 71,685 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-010
Review of Radionuclide Clean-Up Levels for Soils. (PDF, 0 pp., 367,537 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-023
Review of the Agency's Approach for Developing Sediment Criteria for Five Metals. (PDF, 41 pp., 107,174 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-95-020
SAB Review of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program Landscape Component. (PDF, 11 pp., 38,894 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-95-002
SAB Review of Issues Related to the Regulation of Arsenic in Drinking Water. (PDF, 32 pp., 79,700 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-95-015
SAB Review of the Technical Basis for Listing Ammonia on the Toxics Release Inventory. (PDF, 4 pp., 17,572 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-95-001
Safe Drinking Water: Future Trends and Challenges. (PDF, 44 pp., 1,701,648 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-95-002
Verification of Innovative Continuous Air Emission Monitors. (PDF, 29 pp., 82,786 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-018
Verification Strategies for EnTICE. (PDF, 30 pp., 108,687 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-016
Women in the Environ. Workshop/United Nations Fourth World Conf. on Women. (PDF, 2 pp., 10,435 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-95-001
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Advisory on the Development of a National Wildlife Criteria Program. (PDF, 11 pp., 27,377 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-ADV-94-001
Assessment of Potential 2,4-D Carcinogencity. (PDF, 32 pp., 92,041 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-94-005
Commentary on Ecological Risk Assessment for the Proposed RIA for RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 14 pp., 28,804 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-COM-94-001
Commentary on Peer Review of Research Used in Support of Environmental Policy . (PDF, 12 pp., 139,320 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-COM-94-003
Commentary on Strategic Research and Development Planning. (PDF, 8 pp., 114,080 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-94-004
Consultation on Low Level Waste Risk Assessment . (PDF, 2 pp., 35,383 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-94-007
Draft of "Addendum to the Methodology for Assessing Health Risks Associated with Indirect Exposure to Combustor Emissions". (PDF, 6 pp., 102,500 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-94-009a
Drinking Water Committee Commentary on Negotiated Regulations for Disinfectants and By-Products. (PDF, 28 pp., 412,186 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-COM-94-002
Evaluation of a Testing Manual for Dredged Material Proposed for Discharge in Inland and Near Coastal Waters. (PDF, 23 pp., 48,081 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-007
Evaluation of Draft Technical Guidance for Biological Criteria for Streams and Small Rivers. (PDF, 34 pp., 60,556 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-003
Ground Water Monitoring Network Research. (PDF, 28 pp., 449,365 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-94-005
Notification of a Consultation on Bioaccumulation Issues. (PDF, 1 pp., 4,120 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC/DWC-CON-94-005
Notification of a Consultation on Conceptual Plan for an Integrated Ecosystem Protection Research Program. (PDF, 1 pp., 15,179 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-94-006
Notification of a Consultation on National Saltwater Dissolved Oxygen Criteria. (PDF, 1 pp., 14,964 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-94-004
Notification of a Consultation on Soil Screening Levels. (PDF, 2 pp., 25,533 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-94-002
Notification of a Consultation on the Comprehensive Environmental Economic Policy Evaluation System (CEEPES). (PDF, 2 pp., 29,208 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-CON-94-003
Notification of a Consultation on Waste Minimization and Combustion. (PDF, 2 pp., 32,323 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-94-008
ORIA's Radon Measurement Protocol Evaluation Study. (PDF, 15 pp., 28,642 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-94-006
Overview of SAB Comments and Recommendations on the Proposed RIA for the RCRA Corrective Action Rule . (PDF, 30 pp., 451,983 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-94-002
Recommendations on the 1993 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards Nominations . (PDF, 64 pp., 737,148 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-94-011
Review of Contingent Valuation Methodology for the Proposed RIA for RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 36 pp., 81,052 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-94-001
Review of Diffuse NORM Draft Scoping Document. (PDF, 74 pp., 183,655 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-94-013
Review of Draft Addendum to the Method. for Assessing Health Risks Associated with Indirect Exposure to Combustor Emissions. (PDF, 68 pp., 2,242,982 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-94-009b
Review of Economic Aspects of the Proposed RIA for the RCRA Corrective Action Rule (also referred to as CV-2). (PDF, 34 pp., 544,443 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-LTR-94-001
Review of EPA's Approach to Screening for Radioactive Waste Materials at a Superfund Site in Uniontown, Ohio. (PDF, 72 pp., 2,019,232 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-94-010
Review of Health Benefits for the Proposed RIA for the RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 14 pp., 434,835 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-94-003
Review of Indoor Air Issue Plan. (PDF, 50 pp., 878,310 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-94-008
Review of Information Collection Rule (Monitoring Requirements for Public Drinking Water Supplies). (PDF, 10 pp., 279,451 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-94-010
Review of MMSOILS Component of Proposed Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) for RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 102 pp., 2,055,435 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-94-002
Review of the Draft Drinking Water Criteria Document on Inorganic Arsenic. (PDF, 60 pp., 812,106 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-94-004
Review of the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programs Draft Assessment Framework. (PDF, 11 pp., 21,868 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-94-004
Review of the FY1995 Presidential Budget Request for the Office of Research and Development. (PDF, 22 pp., 442,041 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-LTR-94-008
Review of the Midwest Agrichemical Surface/Subsurface Transport and Effects Research (MASTER) Program. (PDF, 29 pp., 56,346 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-012
Review of the Research Program on Disinfectants and Disinfectant By-Products in the Risk Reduction Research Laboratory. (PDF, 34 pp., 847,857 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-94-006
Review of the Strategic Plan for the Terrestrial Elements of EPA's Global Change Research . (PDF, 27 pp., 52,146 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-014
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Commentary on "Requirements for Nationwide Approval of New & Optionally Revised Methods of...Analyses. (PDF, 9 pp., 178,771 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-COM-93-002
Evaluation of EPAs Proposed Methodology for Estimating Radiogenic Cancer Risks. (PDF, 13 pp., 372,284 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-93-004
Evaluation of the Guidance for the Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative... GL Water Quality Subcom. of EPEC and DWC. (PDF, 62 pp., 1,964,589 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC/DWC-93-005
Interim Response...Agency's Chafee-Lautenberg Study of Risks From Radon Exposure & Costs of Mitigating Such Risks. (PDF, 4 pp., 93,532 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-93-003
Radon Mitigation Research Preliminary Finding. (PDF, 2 pp., 48,840 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-COM-93-001
Recommendations on the 1992 Scientific and Technological Achievement Award Nominations. (PDF, 36 pp., 593,468 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-93-012
Review by the Drinking Water Comm. of the Water Research Program at the Health Effects Research Laboratory. (PDF, 72 pp., 1,261,759 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-93-001
Review of Cholinesterase Inhibition and Risk Assessment. (PDF, 34 pp., 982,855 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-93-011
Review of Draft Agency Guidance for Conducting External Peer Review of Environmental Regulatory Modeling. (PDF, 12 pp., 401,382 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-93-008
Review of Gaseous Release of Carbon-14. (PDF, 43 pp., 1,550,674 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-93-010
Review of Issues Related to the Cost of Mitigating Indoor Radon Resulting from Drinking Water. (PDF, 46 pp., 1,220,817 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-93-015
Review of OSWER/OERR draft Strategic Plan for Ground Water Remediation at Superfund Sites. (PDF, 8 pp., 231,025 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-93-009
Review of Sediment Criteria Development Methodology for Non-Ionic Organic Contaminants. (PDF, 40 pp., 608,566 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-93-002
Review of Superfund Site Health Risk Assessment Guidelines. (PDF, 52 pp., 2,192,407 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-93-007
Review of the Assessment Framework for Ground-Water Model Applications. (PDF, 36 pp., 894,179 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-93-013
Review of the Global Climate Change Engineering Research and Development Program. (PDF, 15 pp., 494,898 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-93-013
Review of the Indoor Air Engineering Research Program. (PDF, 42 pp., 996,287 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-93-009
Review of the Office of Research & Development's Draft Report: "Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking...". (PDF, 42 pp., 1,073,798 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-93-003
Review of the ORD's draft report Dermal Exposure Assessment: Principles & Applications. (PDF, 28 pp., 712,338 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-93-006
Review of the OSWER/CEPO Draft Hydrogen Fluoride Study: Report to Congress. (PDF, 38 pp., 1,174,282 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-93-004
Review of the Research Program for Environmental Release of Biotechnology Products. (PDF, 10 pp., 317,713 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-93-012
Review of the Risk Assessment Forum's Draft Guidance Document on Showering with VOC Contaminated Tap Water. (PDF, 6 pp., 130,781 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-LTR-93-002
Review of the Risk Assessment Forum's Draft Guidance on Assessing Health Risks of Gasoline Vapors in Buildings. (PDF, 7 pp., 149,982 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-LTR-93-003
Review of the Underground Storage Tank Research Program. (PDF, 48 pp., 1,341,247 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-93-008
Review of Uncertainty Analysis of Risks Associated with Exposure to Radon. (PDF, 53 pp., 1,488,624 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-93-014
Review of ... Methodology for Deriving National Ambient Water Quality Criteria for the Protection of Human Health. (PDF, 50 pp., 1,700,177 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-93-016
RSAC Review of the EPA draft "Stimulating Environmental Progress: A Social Science Research Agenda". (PDF, 8 pp., 164,049 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-LTR-93-001
SAB's Comments on the Office of Management and Budget's "Health-Health" Concept. (PDF, 10 pp., 250,861 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-LTR-93-005
SAB Consultation on Groundwater Modeling Pathways for Radioactive Wastes. (PDF, 3 pp., 83,431 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-93-004
SAB Review of Multimedia Risk and Cost Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water. (PDF, 12 pp., 284,006 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-93-010
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Commentary on Alternative Disinfective and Disinfectant By-Products. (PDF, 6 pp., 121,997 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-COM-92-008
Commentary on Anticipatory Research Program. (PDF, 3 pp., 83,827 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-92-006
Commentary on Harmonizing Chemical and Radiation Risk-Reduction Strategies. (PDF, 20 pp., 676,084 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-COM-92-007
Commentary on Residual Radioactivity. (PDF, 4 pp., 106,290 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-COM-92-002
Commentary on the Agency's Asbestos Program. (PDF, 6 pp., 130,096 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-COM-92-005
Commentary on the Disinfection By-Product Regulatory Analysis Model. (PDF, 6 pp., 137,336 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-COM-92-004
Commentary on the Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation's Study of Environmental Accounting, Chesapeake. (PDF, 16 pp., 357,579 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-COM-92-010
Evaluation of EPA's Research on Expert Systems to Predict the Fate & Effects of Chemicals. (PDF, 24 pp., 585,832 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-004
Evaluation of EPA's Wetland Research Program. (PDF, 28 pp., 764,769 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-007
Evaluation of the National Estuary Program Monitoring Guidance Document. (PDF, 3 pp., 99,709 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-005
Leachability Phenomena -- Recommendations & Rationale for Analysis of Contaminant Release. (PDF, 64 pp., 1,527,609 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-92-003
Notification of a Consultation on Plans for the Habitat Cluster. (PDF, 1 pp., 30,503 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-92-006
Notification of a Consultation on the Office of Health Research National Human Exposure Assessment Survey. (PDF, 1 pp., 29,820 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-CON-92-003
OSWER Model to Assess Total Lead Exposure & to aid in Developing Soil Lead Cleanup Levels at Residential CERCLA/RCRA Sites. (PDF, 3 pp., 79,710 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-92-016
Recommendations on the 1991 EPA Scientific & Technological Achievement Awards Nominations. (PDF, 30 pp., 613,653 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-92-019
Reducing Risks from Radon: Drinking Water Criteria Documents. (PDF, 9 pp., 241,661 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-COM-92-003
Research-In-Progress Review of ORD's "Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater treatment". (PDF, 12 pp., 391,462 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-92-006
Review of 14 Strategic ORD Research issues for FY 1994. (PDF, 18 pp., 678,027 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-92-022
Review of draft revised Citizen's Guide to Radon. (PDF, 11 pp., 283,684 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-92-005
Review of Drinking Water Treatment Wastes Containing NORM. (PDF, 14 pp., 426,371 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-92-018
Review of EPA's Ecorisk Assessment Research Program. (PDF, 42 pp., 1,267,094 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-006
Review of Idaho Radionuclide Study. (PDF, 4 pp., 174,079 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-92-004
Review of ODWs Criteria Documents & Related Reports for Uranium, Radon and Man-Made Beta-Gamma Emitters. (PDF, 4 pp., 124,056 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-92-009
Review of OPPE's Workplan for the Retrospective Study of the Impacts of the Clean Air Act. (PDF, 9 pp., 231,301 bytes)EPA-SAB-CAACAC-LTR-92-019
Review of ORDs Draft "Pollution Prevention Research Strategic Plan". (PDF, 10 pp., 295,861 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-92-007
Review of ORDs Potential Carcinogenicity of Electromagnetic Fields. (PDF, 54 pp., 1,387,039 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-92-013
Review of Revised Radon Risk Estimates and Associated Uncertainties. (PDF, 14 pp., 256,245 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-92-003
Review of Synoptic National Assessment of Comparative Risks to Biological Diversity and Landscape Types. (PDF, 30 pp., 722,737 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-025
Review of Testing Manual for Evaluation of Dredged Material Proposed for Ocean Disposal. (PDF, 30 pp., 893,743 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-014
Review of the Alaskan Bioremediation Oil Spill Project. (PDF, 12 pp., 358,561 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-92-015
Review of the Criteria Document on Ozone and Ozonation By-Products. (PDF, 12 pp., 341,944 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-92-014
Review of the draft revised "Homebuyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon". (PDF, 11 pp., 305,071 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-92-010
Review of the Drinking Water Criteria Document for Chlorine Dioxide. (PDF, 8 pp., 228,171 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-92-012
Review of the Drinking Water Criteria Document for Cryptosporidium. (PDF, 8 pp., 193,716 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-92-011
Review of the Drinking Water Research Division's Corrosion Research Program. (PDF, 22 pp., 473,453 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-92-010
Review of the EMAP Program Plan and Concepts for integration and concepts for integration and assessment. (PDF, 9 pp., 226,212 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-92-008
Review of the FY 1993 President's Budget Request for Research and Development activities within the US EPA. (PDF, 30 pp., 808,796 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-92-017
Review of the Office of Drinking Water's Health Criteria Document for Trihalomethanes. (PDF, 34 pp., 975,481 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-92-011
Review of the Office of Drinking Water's Revised Criteria Document on Nitrate/Nitrite. (PDF, 3 pp., 72,552 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-92-001
Review of the Office of Drinking Water Issue Paper on Cyanogen Chloride. (PDF, 10 pp., 134,726 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-92-002
Review of the Office of Research and Development's Bioremediation Research Program Strategy. (PDF, 36 pp., 857,561 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-92-026
Review of the Office of R&D's Arsenic Research Recommendations. (PDF, 4 pp., 80,179 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-92-018
Review of the Office of Toxic Substances Draft Formaldehyde Risk Assessment Update. (PDF, 32 pp., 891,117 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-92-021
Review of the OHEA and the Risk Assessment Forum's Draft Final Guidelines for Exposure Assessment. (PDF, 18 pp., 509,141 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-92-015
Review of the ORPs Design for the National Survey for Radon in Schools. (PDF, 30 pp., 821,964 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-92-012
Review of the OSWER/CEPPO Issues on Criteria for Explosives and Flammable for SARA Title 3. (PDF, 56 pp., 1,715,444 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-92-020
Review of the Process and Rationale for Developing Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines. (PDF, 40 pp., 981,071 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-023
Review of the Rationale for Development of Ambient Aquatic Life Water Quality Criteria for TCDD (Dioxin). (PDF, 20 pp., 511,599 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-92-024
Review of the Viral Transport (VIRALT) Model. (PDF, 11 pp., 248,932 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-92-013
Review of "A Research Strategy for Electric and Magnetic Fields; Research needs and Priorities". (PDF, 8 pp., 213,987 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-92-009
Status of EPA Radionuclide Models. (PDF, 8 pp., 228,545 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-COM-92-001
...Consultation on OSW's Modeling Approaches, Assumptions, & Data...in Fate...Transport Models for Oily Wastes. (PDF, 1 pp., 33,315 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-92-001
...Consultation on the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response's study on Superfund site Populations at Risk. (PDF, 2 pp., 32,538 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-CON-92-004
...Consultation on ...Superfund Ground-Water Strategic Plan & Superfund Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids. (PDF, 1 pp., 29,074 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-92-005
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Assessment of Health Risks to Garment Workers and Certain Home Residents from Exposure to Formaldehyde. (PDF, 2 pp., 42,950 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-CON-91-001
Biological Criteria. (PDF, 2 pp., 36,404 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-91-004
Cancer Risk Assessment Guidelines. (PDF, 2 pp., 29,776 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-CON-91-005
Evaluation of Proposed Center for Marine and Estuarine Disease Research. (PDF, 18 pp., 501,919 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-91-012
Evaluation of the Ecological Indicators Report for EMAP. (PDF, 32 pp., 1,054,630 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-91-001
Evaluation of the Ecoregion Concept. (PDF, 36 pp., 1,045,090 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-91-003
Evaluation of the Program Plan for EMAP. (PDF, 22 pp., 664,869 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-91-011
Interim Methods for Development of Inhalation Reference Concentrations. (PDF, 22 pp., 457,836 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-91-008
Occupational Exposure Limit Data in Relation to Inhalation Reference Concentrations. (PDF, 2 pp., 45,418 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-91-004
Potential Hazards of Municipal Waste Recycling. (PDF, 3 pp., 81,349 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-91-005
Radionuclides in Drinking Water. (PDF, 30 pp., 560,096 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-91-009
Radon Risk Estimates for General Population and Smokers, Non-Smokers, and Children. (PDF, 5 pp., 187,646 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-91-001
Review of a Proposed Revision to the Reference Dose for Nickel. (PDF, 6 pp., 137,572 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-91-002
Review of Draft Environmental Tobacco Smoke Health Effects Document. (PDF, 76 pp., 2,311,124 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-91-007
Review of issues relating to the health effects of ingested pentachlorophenol. (PDF, 11 pp., 325,641 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-91-002
Review of ORD Draft Doc. "Response to Issues and Data Submissions on the Carcinogenicity of Perchloroethylene. (PDF, 28 pp., 796,260 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-91-013
Review of Protocol for Microbiological Testing of Drinking Water. (PDF, 20 pp., 459,943 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-91-014
Review of Quantitative Data Quality Objectives for Ground Water Monitoring. (PDF, 2 pp., 38,902 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-91-003
Review of Selection Criteria for Participation of EPA Staff on the Proposed Agency Task Force on Modeling. (PDF, 2 pp., 50,427 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-91-002
Review of the Calculation of RFD's for Minerals which are nutritionally essential. (PDF, 8 pp., 173,452 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-91-003
Review of the FY92 President's Budget for Research and Development. (PDF, 22 pp., 611,700 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-91-005
Review of the ORD's Municipal Solid Waste Research Program. (PDF, 50 pp., 1,416,718 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-91-009
SAB Review of the Draft Document Alpha-2u Globulin: Association with Chemically Induced Renal Toxicity and Neoplasia in the Male Rat. (PDF, 6 pp., 207,302 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-91-006
Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards Letter. (PDF, 21 pp., 627,931 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-91-006
Usage of Computer Models in the Hazardous Waste and Superfund Programs. (PDF, 26 pp., 553,300 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-91-016
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1989 EPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award Nominations. (PDF, 18 pp., 421,676 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-90-011
Deliberations on Alternative Disinfection Processes. (PDF, 2 pp., 63,980 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-90-LTR-001
Doc. of Ecological Risk Assessment Consultation. (PDF, 2 pp., 36,918 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-90-LTR-005
Ecological and Welfare Subcommittee Report. (PDF, 86 pp., 2,469,456 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021A
Evaluation of the Core Research Program for Ecology. (PDF, 26 pp., 630,630 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-90-019
Evaluation of the Equilibrium Partitioning Approach for Assessing Sediment Quality. (PDF, 42 pp., 1,225,131 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-90-006
Evaluation of the Sediment Classification Methods Compendium. (PDF, 34 pp., 1,082,907 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-90-018
Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). (PDF, 4 pp., 99,430 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-90-008
Joint SAB/SAP Review of Cholinesterase Inhibition and its Effects. (PDF, 26 pp., 758,034 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-014
Nitrates and Nitrites. (PDF, 10 pp., 233,953 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-90-LTR-004
Nonionizing Radiation. (PDF, 2 pp., 57,077 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-90-LTR-003
Recommendations for Research in the Area of Disinfectants and Disinfection by-products. (PDF, 35 pp., 812,564 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-90-007
Reducing Risk Appendix A: The Report of the Ecological and Welfare Subcommittee; Relative Risk Reduction Project. (PDF, 86 pp., 2,469,456 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021A
Reducing Risk Appendix B: The Report of the Human Health Subcommittee; Relative Risk Reduction Project. (PDF, 191 pp., 27,676,175 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021B
Reducing Risk Appendix C: The Report of the Strategic Options Subcommittee; Relative Risk Reduction Project. (PDF, 151 pp., 2,190,695 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021C
Reducing Risk: Setting Priorities and Strategies for Environmental Protection. (PDF, 34 pp., 1,172,157 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021
Research-In-Progress review/ORD's Toxics Treatability and Toxicity Reduction Research Program. (PDF, 32 pp., 1,004,743 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-90-017
Rev-Evaluation of Issues Concerning the Health Effects of Striven. (PDF, 12 pp., 278,498 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-90-016
Review of document "Reaction Kinetics and Reaction Products of Chlorine and Chloramines in the Digestive Tract". (PDF, 12 pp., 110,106 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-90-015
Review of Lead Carcinogenicity and EPA Scientific Policy on Lead. (PDF, 22 pp., 691,874 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-90-001
Review of ORD's Biomarker Research Strategy. (PDF, 22 pp., 597,027 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-90-025
Review of ORD's Draft Core Research Plan for Health Risk Assessment. (PDF, 17 pp., 454,681 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-90-020
Review of ORD's Municipal Waste Combustion Ash Solidification/Stabilization Research Program. (PDF, 24 pp., 715,425 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-90-010
Review of ORD's Proposed Amendments to the Guidelines for Health Assessment of Suspect Developmental Toxicants. (PDF, 19 pp., 572,638 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-90-013
Review of ORD Documents relating to the Risk and Exposure Assessment of 2,3,7,8-TCDD. (PDF, 32 pp., 1,521,296 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-003
Review of ORD Risk Reduction Core Research Strategy. (PDF, 40 pp., 1,021,430 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-90-022
Review of the FY 91 President's Budget for Research and Development. (PDF, 33 pp., 858,068 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-012
Review of the OSW's CANSAZ Flow and Transport. (PDF, 34 pp., 1,017,740 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-90-009
Review of the OSW Proposed Controls for Hazardous Waste Incinerators: Products of Incomplete Combustion. (PDF, 81 pp., 2,473,447 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-004
Strategic Options Subcommittee Report. (PDF, 150 pp., 5,070,355 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021C
Use of Indoor Air Quality Total Human Exposure. (PDF, 8 pp., 263,260 bytes)EPA-SAB-IATHQ-90-LTR-002
Use of Uncertainty and Modifying Factors in Establishing Reference Dose Levels. (PDF, 52 pp., 1,433,748 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-90-005
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Alaskan Oil Spill Biomediation Project. (PDF, 31 pp., 801,117 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-89-023
Draft Pollution Prevention Research Plan: Report to Congress. (PDF, 38 pp., 892,951 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-89-037
Drinking Water Contaminants Involved in Phase II Draft Regulations. (PDF, 12 pp., 349,943 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-007
Drinking Water Contaminants Involved in the Phase II Draft Regulations. (PDF, 6 pp., 177,061 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-011
EPA Indoor Air Quality Implementation Plan. (PDF, 38 pp., 1,131,728 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-89-010
Evaluating ORD's Criteria for Career Advancement. (PDF, 28 pp., 784,137 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-89-026
Evaluating ORDs Preliminary Skills Mix Assessment. (PDF, 20 pp., 531,276 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-89-025
Evaluation of the Apparent Effects Threshold (AET) Approach for Assessing Sediment Quality. (PDF, 38 pp., 1,175,100 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-89-027
Evaluation of the proposed Guidelines for Exposure-Related Measurements. (PDF, 39 pp., 1,089,713 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-89-020
Fiscal 1990 President's Budget for ORD. (PDF, 20 pp., 619,888 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-89-014
Health Assessment Document for Phosgene. (PDF, 4 pp., 97,043 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-008
Health Criteria Document for Antimony. (PDF, 5 pp., 96,782 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-029
Health Criteria Document for Cyanide. (PDF, 5 pp., 110,982 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-028
Health Criteria Document for Sulfate. (PDF, 6 pp., 124,129 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-030
Health Criteria Document for Thallium. (PDF, 5 pp., 117,528 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-031
Lead in Drinking Water. (PDF, 6 pp., 226,209 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-006
Male and Female Reproductive Guidelines. (PDF, 6 pp., 151,364 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-005
Mixtures Relating to Some Phase II Drinking Water Regulations of ODW. (PDF, 4 pp., 92,231 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-036
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP): Standards for Radionuclides. (PDF, 55 pp., 1,472,343 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-89-003
Office of Drinking Water Hexchlorocyclopentadiene and 1,1,2-trichloethane. (PDF, 6 pp., 141,240 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-032
Office of Water's Proposed Sludge Use and Disposal Regulation (40 CFR, Parts 257 & 503). (PDF, 29 pp., 972,682 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-89-035
ORD's Core Research Program. (PDF, 23 pp., 671,392 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-89-013
ORD Assistant Administrator's Interim Guidance for 1991. (PDF, 15 pp., 338,439 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-89-033
Radon Measurement Proficiency Program. (PDF, 21 pp., 668,312 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-89-017
Resolution on the Use of Mathematical Models by EPA For Regulatory Assessment and Decision-making. (PDF, 15 pp., 380,626 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-89-012
Review of Five Year ORD Outlook. (PDF, 2 pp., 50,596 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-89-022
Review of ORP Background Information Documents (NESHAPS. (PDF, 51 pp., 1,646,071 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-89-024
Review of the Report to Congress: Policy Options for Stabilizing Global Climate. (PDF, 34 pp., 1,017,550 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-89-034
Science Advisory Board's review of the ARSENIC issues relating to the Phase II proposed regulations from the ODW. (PDF, 9 pp., 274,222 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-038
Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 11 pp., 234,944 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-89-015
The Potential Effects of Global Climate Change on the United States. (PDF, 30 pp., 985,552 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-89-016
Thyroid Follicular Cell Carcinogenesis. (PDF, 7 pp., 194,101 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-89-004
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1-2-Dichloropropane. (PDF, 4 pp., 86,841 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-017
A Framework For Change. (PDF, 44 pp., 2,826,845 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-88-006
Acrylamide. (PDF, 5 pp., 151,845 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-035
Barium. (PDF, 3 pp., 75,249 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-038
Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research. (PDF, 46 pp., 1,282,151 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-88-010
Copper. (PDF, 3 pp., 76,640 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-036
Dichloroethylenes. (PDF, 3 pp., 102,356 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-018
Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride). (PDF, 7 pp., 224,300 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-013
Draft Addendum to HAD for Trichloroethylene. (PDF, 7 pp., 188,138 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-012
Drinking Water Criteria Document for Xylenes. (PDF, 5 pp., 184,039 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-014
Drinking Water Disinfection and Disinfection by-products Research Program. (PDF, 30 pp., 1,225,957 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-005
Drinking Water Distribution System Research Program. (PDF, 7 pp., 229,165 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-020
Drinking Water Treatment Technologies. (PDF, 7 pp., 193,292 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-015
Effective Dose Equivalent Concept. (PDF, 2 pp., 50,657 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-88-026
Ethylbenzene. (PDF, 5 pp., 131,490 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-033
Future Risk - Appendix A - Strategies for Sources, Transport and Fate Research. (PDF, 30 pp., 685,386 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040A
Future Risk - Appendix B - Strategies for Exposure Assessment Research. (PDF, 25 pp., 575,650 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040B
Future Risk - Appendix C - Strategies for Ecological Effects Research. (PDF, 41 pp., 1,190,843 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040C
Future Risk - Appendix D - Strategies for Health Effects Research. (PDF, 84 pp., 3,397,090 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040D
Future Risk - Appendix E - Strategies for Risk Reduction Research. (PDF, 59 pp., 3,019,988 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040E
Future Risk - Research Strategies for the 1990's. (PDF, 27 pp., 929,859 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040
Hazard Ranking System. (PDF, 128 pp., 3,297,812 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-008
Idaho Radionuclide Exposure Study. (PDF, 2 pp., 48,172 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-88-001
Low-Let Risk Estimate for Regulatory Purposes. (PDF, 3 pp., 106,778 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-88-041
Mercury. (PDF, 3 pp., 98,178 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-034
Municipal Waste Combustion. (PDF, 142 pp., 3,962,715 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-88-025
Neurotoxicology Research Review. (PDF, 17 pp., 673,801 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-043
Non-Ionizing Radiation Research. (PDF, 5 pp., 133,884 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-88-031
ORD FY 1989 Budget Review. (PDF, 24 pp., 825,522 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-024
ORD Waste Minimization Strategy. (PDF, 39 pp., 1,317,331 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-88-004
Ortho-Meta-Para-Dichlorobenzene. (PDF, 5 pp., 157,228 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-016
Perchloroethylene. (PDF, 24 pp., 710,557 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-011
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). (PDF, 10 pp., 380,935 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-019
Radon Mitigation Research Program. (PDF, 12 pp., 295,838 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-88-009
Radon Risk Estimates. (PDF, 4 pp., 159,874 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-88-042
Research in Progress Reviews. (PDF, 2 pp., 41,621 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-022
Review of ORD Land Disposal Research Program. (PDF, 21 pp., 766,646 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-88-003
Review of the Municipal Waste Combustion Research Plan. (PDF, 26 pp., 689,608 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-88-023
Risk Screening Analysis of Mining Waste. (PDF, 33 pp., 1,023,962 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-88-028
SAB Director's Report. (PDF, 58 pp., 1,532,002 bytes)EPA-SAB-88-007
Selenium. (PDF, 4 pp., 114,595 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-037
Styrene. (PDF, 6 pp., 138,595 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-039
Surface Water Treatment and Coliforms. (PDF, 24 pp., 542,783 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-88-021
Survey design for the National Radon Survey. (PDF, 16 pp., 446,831 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-88-002
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Release Simulation Model. (PDF, 20 pp., 487,248 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-88-029
Unsaturated Zone Code (FECTUZ. (PDF, 24 pp., 740,795 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-88-030
Water Quality Advisories. (PDF, 63 pp., 1,447,403 bytes)EPA-SAB-EET&FC-88-032
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Report on a 2nd SAB Annual Review of President's Proposed Budget for ORD. (PDF, 37 pp., 909,039 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-024
Report on a review of a draft Addendum to the Health Assessment Document for Perchloroethylene. (PDF, 12 pp., 534,721 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-018
Report on EPA's Risk Assessment Document Entitled "An Assessment of the Risks of Stratospheric Modification". (PDF, 30 pp., 726,243 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-025
Report on review of a Health Assessment Document for Beryllium. (PDF, 6 pp., 193,414 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-028
Report on Review of EPA's Draft Kanawha Valley Toxics Screening Study. (PDF, 11 pp., 157,880 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-031
Report on Review of OPPE's Integrated Environmental Management Program (IEMP. (PDF, 84 pp., 2,595,519 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-034
Report on review of the Drinking Water Criteria Document for Nitrate/Nitrite. (PDF, 3 pp., 107,259 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-029
Report on Review of the Progress Made by the ORD in Addressing EPS Needs for Extrapolation Models. (PDF, 53 pp., 2,131,749 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-030
Report to Administrator on a Review of a Draft Drinking Water Criteria Document for Monochlorobenzene. (PDF, 9 pp., 280,959 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-020
Report to Administrator on a Review of a Draft Health Assessment Document for Polychlorinated Dibenzofurans. (PDF, 5 pp., 202,790 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-021
Report to Administrator on a Review of EPA's National Dioxin Study. (PDF, 14 pp., 303,056 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-012
Report to Administrator on a Review of ORD's Ecological Risk Assessment Program. (PDF, 24 pp., 833,085 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-017
Report to Administrator on a Series of Scientific Reviews of Agency Research Programs. (PDF, 4 pp., 106,891 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-019
Report to Administrator on review of ORD's Integrated Air Cancer Project. (PDF, 17 pp., 501,404 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-023
Report to Asst. Admin. for R&D on the 1986 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 14 pp., 386,789 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-026
Report to the Director of the SAB for Fiscal Year 1986. (PDF, 38 pp., 1,085,612 bytes)EPA-SAB-87-007
Reports Developed by OPPE on Landfilling and Land Application as Alternatives to Ocean Disposal of Sewage Sludges. (PDF, 17 pp., 506,983 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-87-013
Review of 4 Sewage Sludge Risk Assessment Methods Developed...To Support the Dev. of Natl. Criteria for Sludge Mgmnt. (PDF, 80 pp., 2,688,289 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-87-015
Review of ODW's Assessment of Radionuclides in Drinking Water and 4 Draft Criteria Documents:.... (PDF, 19 pp., 422,480 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-87-035
Review of the Agency's Research Program on Indoor Air Quality. (PDF, 28 pp., 589,442 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-002
Review of the Agency's Water Quality Based Approach research program. (PDF, 60 pp., 1,289,251 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-011
Review of "...Assessment of Health Risks Assoc. w/ Mult. Pathway Exposure to Muni. Waste Combustor Emissions. (PDF, 19 pp., 214,344 bytes)EPA-SAB-EETFC-87-027
[Replication or Save Conflict]
Review of...the Agency's Guidance for the Establishment of Alternate Concentration Limits for RCRA Facilities. (PDF, 5 pp., 134,582 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-87-003
Review requested by ODW of 37 drinking water health advisories -- Drinking Water Subcommittee. (PDF, 39 pp., 1,308,473 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-006
Review requested by ODW of 37 drinking water health advisories -- Halogenated Organics Subcommittee. (PDF, 48 pp., 1,685,127 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-005
Review requested by ODW of 37 drinking water health advisories -- Metals Subcommittee. (PDF, 37 pp., 1,276,656 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-87-004
"Interim Procedures for Estimating Risk Associated with Exposure to Mixtures of Chlorinated Dibenzo-p-...". (PDF, 10 pp., 227,361 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-87-008
...the OMEP to Justify Separate Treatment of Sewage Sludges & Dredged Materials Under EPA Ocean Dumping Reg's. (PDF, 18 pp., 537,255 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-87-014
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Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Dissolved Oxygen. (PDF, 26 pp., 578,141 bytes)EPA-SAB-EETFC-86-020
Endorsement of Biotechnology Committee. (PDF, 30 pp., 895,335 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-014
Epidemiological Study of Radon in Indoor Air. (PDF, 10 pp., 233,545 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-86-028
Pollution Control Technology Research and Development: Private Sector Incentives and the Federal Role in the Current Regulatory System. (PDF, 7 pp., 184,915 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-013
RCRA Groundwater Monitoring technical Enforcement Guidance Document. (PDF, 50 pp., 1,519,180 bytes)EPA-SAB-RCRA-86-007
Report of the Environmental Engineering Committee Science Advisory Board US EPA. (PDF, 8 pp., 247,684 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-012
Review of Alternate Concentration Limit Guidance Together with Two Case Studies Demonstrating that Guidance. (PDF, 12 pp., 432,109 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-010
Review of Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. (PDF, 2 pp., 25,490 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-004
Review of draft Health Assessment Document for 1,2-Dichloreoethane (Ethylene Dichloride. (PDF, 63 pp., 2,319,264 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-86-031
Review of the Agency's Alternative Technologies Research Program Report of the EEC. (PDF, 63 pp., 2,335,299 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-029
Review of the Fiscal Year 1987 Budget Proposal for EPA's Office of Research and Development. (PDF, 30 pp., 764,406 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-015
Review of the March 13, 1985 Draft Background Information Document On Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal. (PDF, 6 pp., 129,332 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-86-002
Review of the Office of Research and Department's Health Assessment Document for Nickel. (PDF, 33 pp., 855,936 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-86-026
Review of the Permit Writers' Guidance Manual for the Location of Hazardous Waste Land Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities. (PDF, 15 pp., 401,709 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-016
Review of the Status of Dixon research in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (PDF, 25 pp., 747,206 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-011
Risk Assessment Council. (PDF, 4 pp., 157,917 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-86-018
RPT-Read Prong Indoor Radon Levels. (PDF, 4 pp., 140,005 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-86-005
SAB/HEI Improve Adequacy of Scientific Data Used - Agency Decision Making. (PDF, 2 pp., 63,395 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-027
Subcommittee on Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards 1985. (PDF, 7 pp., 129,567 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-019
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation. (PDF, 6 pp., 148,123 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-017
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A Probabilistic Methodology for Analyzing Water Quality Effects of Urban Runoff on Rivers and Streams. (PDF, 22 pp., 575,437 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-85-019
Acute Hazards List Development. (PDF, 4 pp., 90,724 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-85-023
Addendum to the Health Assessment Document for Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride). (PDF, 2 pp., 93,204 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-016
Comparison of Risks and Costs of Hazardous Waste Alternatives: Methods Development and Pilot Studie. (PDF, 25 pp., 720,237 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-85-021
Draft letter on Magnitude and Nature of Air Toxics Problem in the United States. (PDF, 1 pp., 61,387 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-85-012
Ground Water Research Program. (PDF, 58 pp., 1,929,604 bytes)EPA-SAB-GWRRC-85-017
Health Assessment Document for 1-2-Dichloroethane (Ethylene Dichloride). (PDF, 7 pp., 242,291 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-001
Health Assessment Document for Beryllium. (PDF, 2 pp., 69,444 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-024
Long-Range Research Agenda. (PDF, 2 pp., 62,891 bytes)EPA-SAB-ORSC-85-002
Major Issues Associated with Health Effects of Asbestos in Drinking Water. (PDF, 3 pp., 119,854 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-015
Mutagenicity and Carcinogenicity Assessment of 1-3-Butadiene. (PDF, 13 pp., 489,420 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-013
Pharmacokinetics of Hazardous Compounds. (PDF, 2 pp., 42,236 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-022
RCRA Hazardous Waste Indentification and Land Disposal Restrictions Ground Water Screening Procedure. (PDF, 25 pp., 721,293 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-85-008
Report of the 1984 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 13 pp., 297,691 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-85-003
Report on the Incineration of Liquid Hazardous Wastes. (PDF, 78 pp., 2,476,617 bytes)EPA-SAB-EETFC-85-004
Resolution Letter to Dr. Goldstein. (PDF, 1 pp., 34,017 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-85-020
Review of Draft Health Assessment Document for Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins. (PDF, 6 pp., 210,799 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-009
Review of EPA's Radiation Rulemaking and Radiation Research Program. (PDF, 2 pp., 57,867 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-85-010
Review of Health Assessment Document for Chloroform. (PDF, 11 pp., 404,849 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-005
Review of the Agency's Ongoing Research In Understanding Total Human Exposure To Indoor and Ambient Air Pollution. (PDF, 26 pp., 710,405 bytes)EPA-SAB-THEC-85-007
Risk Assessment Methodology. (PDF, 4 pp., 174,147 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-85-006
Superfund Resolution Letter. (PDF, 4 pp., 124,232 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-85-026
Water Criteria For Protection of Aquatic Life and Human Health. (PDF, 26 pp., 880,851 bytes)EPA-SAB-EETFC-85-011
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A Procedure for Determining the Leaching Potential of Organic Constituents from Solid and Hazardous Wastes. (PDF, 6 pp., 149,612 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-006
A Procedure for Determining the Leaching Potential of Organic Constituents from Solid and Hazardous Wastes. (PDF, 52 pp., 1,414,436 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-84-009
Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation. (PDF, 40 pp., 1,425,636 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-005
Cancer Risk Assessment Document for coke Oven Emissions. (PDF, 7 pp., 172,737 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-003
Design Options for a Retrospective Validation Study of PMN Health Hazard Assessments. (PDF, 7 pp., 183,623 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-010
Draft Health Assessment Document for Carbon Tetrachloride. (PDF, 5 pp., 94,552 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-004
Draft Health Assessment Document for Manganese. (PDF, 5 pp., 181,150 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-018
Draft Health Assessment Document for Tricholoroethylene. (PDF, 6 pp., 197,325 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-019
Draft Updated Mutagenicity and Carcinogenicity Assessment of Cadmium. (PDF, 10 pp., 324,304 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-017
Estimation of the Public Health rick Form Exposure to Gasoline Vapor via the Gasoline Marketing Systems. (PDF, 7 pp., 194,813 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-015
Letter Report to the Administrator on Research Outlook 1984. (PDF, 6 pp., 168,570 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-001
Major Issues Associated with Health Effects of Asbestos in Drinking Water. (PDF, 8 pp., 277,273 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-016
Need for an Exposure Modeling Validation Study. (PDF, 2 pp., 59,675 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-020
Proposed Environmental Standards for the Management and Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel, High level and Transsurania Radioactive Waste. (PDF, 118 pp., 3,662,910 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-002
SAB's Concern on Exposure Assessment. (PDF, 2 pp., 36,464 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-014
Scientific Adequacy of the Health Assessment for Dichloromethane. (PDF, 3 pp., 90,580 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-84-008
Scientific Basis of EPA's Proposed National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Radionuclides. (PDF, 166 pp., 2,836,249 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-84-012
Strategic and Long-term Research Planning. (PDF, 58 pp., 1,763,802 bytes)EPA-SAB-ORD-84-011
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1983 Research Outlook. (PDF, 9 pp., 281,823 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-83-003
An Overview of the Contaminants of Concern in the Disposal and Utilization of Municipal Sewage Sludge. (PDF, 13 pp., 3,296,380 bytes)EPA-SAB- EEC-83-009
Health Assessment Document for Inorganic Arsenic. (PDF, 5 pp., 142,095 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-83-014
Health Assessment Document for1-1-1 - Trichloroethane (Methyl Chloroform). (PDF, 5 pp., 106,753 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-83-015
ORD's Research Strategies for Fiscal Year 1985. (PDF, 4 pp., 119,057 bytes)EPA-SAB-ORD-83-006
Organic Chemicals and Plastics/Synthetic Fibers Industry. (PDF, 28 pp., 872,982 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-83-004
Preliminary Report by the Science Advisory Board Study Group on Strategic and Long-Term Research Planning. (PDF, 44 pp., 1,116,769 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-83-017
Reorganization Proposals for Office of Research and Development Review Group for the Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 2 pp., 54,983 bytes)EPA-SAB-ORD-83-007
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP). (PDF, 48 pp., 1,203,041 bytes)EPA-SAB-AdHoc-83-018
Report on Site Specific Water Quality Criteria. (PDF, 79 pp., 2,761,019 bytes)EPA-SAB-EETFC-83-013
Report on the RCRA Risk Cost Policy Model Phase 2 Report. (PDF, 18 pp., 407,909 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-83-001
Report on the Review of "Technology Transfer for the Pesticides Chemical Industry. (PDF, 25 pp., 682,058 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-83-016
Resolution of the Environmental Engineering Committee. (PDF, 22 pp., 477,470 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-83-010
Resolution of the Environmental Health Committee. (PDF, 2 pp., 42,203 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-83-005
Revised Draft Health Assessment Document for Acrylonitrile. (PDF, 5 pp., 107,134 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-83-011
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Interim Report on the Guidance for the Preparation of Exposure Assessments. (PDF, 6 pp., 187,124 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-82-005
Lead Phasedown. (PDF, 2 pp., 51,680 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-82-008
Marine Ecosystem Monitoring-A Report of an Ad Hoc Task Group of the Ecology Committee. (PDF, 109 pp., 3,579,028 bytes)EPA-SAB-AdHoc-82-001
Report to the Administrator on Health Assessment Documents. (PDF, 2 pp., 61,152 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC&EC-82-009
Research Outlook 1982 - A Report of Executive Committee of the Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 28 pp., 841,494 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-82-006
SAB Review and Closure of the Draft Health Assessment Document for Toluene. (PDF, 4 pp., 69,907 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-82-007
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Overview of the National Enforcement Investigation Center, Denver, Colorado. (PDF, 13 pp., 312,291 bytes)EPA-SAB-EMC-81-005
Pesticides Research Strategy FY 81-85. (PDF, 8 pp., 217,467 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-81-001
Recommendations of the Sampling Protocols Study Group. (PDF, 11 pp., 303,791 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-81-004
Research Outlook Review Subcommittee of the Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 9 pp., 259,018 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-81-002
Review of the Pollution Control Guidance Document for Lurg-Based Indirect Liquefaction, Facilities. (PDF, 21 pp., 400,619 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-81-007
Technical Support Document for Regulatory Action Against Friable Asbestos- Containing Materials in School Buildings. (PDF, 26 pp., 800,295 bytes)EPA-SAB-OTS-81-003
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A Review of the Fundamental Combustion Research Program. (PDF, 26 pp., 598,185 bytes)EPA-SAB-TAPCC-80-006
Approaches to Health Risk Assessment for Alternative National Ambient Air Quality Standards. (PDF, 11 pp., 323,172 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-80-010
Biological Monitoring System/Ecology Committee. (PDF, 70 pp., 1,943,764 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-80-003
Economics in EPA. (PDF, 42 pp., 1,453,107 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-80-007
Pollution Control Tech. for Materials that Exhibit Chemical Toxicity: An Evaluation of Recent, Current and Planned Efforts. (PDF, 25 pp., 565,535 bytes)EPA-SAB-TAPCC-80-005
Redirect. of the Energy-Related Health Effts./Healths Effts. of Criteria &Non-Criteria Pollutants from Fossil Fuel Combustion. (PDF, 9 pp., 268,830 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-80-001
Research Outlook Review Subcommittee on Research Outlook 1980. (PDF, 28 pp., 698,468 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-80-008
Review of Inhalation Toxicology Research Programs at EPA's Health Effects Research Laboratories ---Research Triangle Park. (PDF, 15 pp., 454,535 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-80-002
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A method of Assessing the Health Risks Associated with Alternative Air Quality Standards for Ozone. (PDF, 12 pp., 255,079 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-79-003
Environmental Measurements Committee Overview and Recommendations for Solving Information Problems in EPA. (PDF, 18 pp., 353,472 bytes)EPA-SAB-EMC-79-004
Report of the Health Effects Research Review Group--Health Effects Research Review Group of the Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 118 pp., 3,316,497 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-79-001
Report of the Subcommittee on Arsenic as a Possible Hazardous Air Pollutant. (PDF, 35 pp., 1,011,525 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-79-002
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Advisory Papers on Groundwater Research (1-6)--Environmental Pollutant Movement and Transformation Advisory Committee. (PDF, 176 pp., 5,819,501 bytes)EPA-SAB-MTAC-78-001
Advisory Papers on the Development an Calculation of Global Material Balances for Selected Chemical Substances. (PDF, 12 pp., 332,918 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPMTAC-78-002
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Nitrogenous Compounds in the Environment. (PDF, 202 pp., 2,041,528 bytes)EPA-SAB-HMAC-73-001