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Public Involvement in Advisory Activities

Nomination of experts for committees and panels

The chartered SAB, CASAC and Council provide scientific and technical advice to the EPA Administrator. These chartered committees often use subgroups and expert panels to develop initial advice which is reviewed, discussed and approved by the parent committee. When new advisory activities are initiated, the SAB Staff Office solicits nominations of experts in the Federal Register and provides ways for the public to:

The SAB Staff Office has developed a general overview of the panel formation process (PDF, 10 pp., 113 kb, About PDF Files) and a more detailed description of the formation of advisory panels and ad hoc committees in the 2004 SAB Implementation Plan (PDF, 30 pp., 347 kb, About PDF Files). The SAB Staff Office seeks a diverse pool of experts to serve on advisory committees and panels as appropriate to the scope of the advisory activity and offers opportunities for public comment on experts under consideration.

Advisory committee meetings and report development

EPA policy and the law governing Federal Advisory Committees allow and encourage public involvement. The SAB Staff Office has developed a public involvement booklet describing how SAB, CASAC and Council committees and panels work and how the public can participate through the steps outlined below.

FY12 Initiatives to Enhance Public Involvement in Advisory Activities

In response to suggestions received at a June 1, 2011, Session on Public Involvement, the SAB Staff Office has developed additional practices to enhance public involvement in activities of the SAB, CASAC, and Council:

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