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Waterborne Diseases - Measures To Link Drinking Water Programs To Public Health Outcomes

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Suhair Shallal

Responsible Committee/Panel:Drinking Water Committee

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EPA’s Office of Water is currently developing a plan for measures to link Drinking Water Programs to public health outcomes to include in EPA’s next Strategic Plan and has received input from the National Drinking Water Advisory Council. The Office of Water has asked the SAB Drinking Water Committee to hold a future consultative meeting on this topic.

As identified in the plan, the goal is to develop a health-based performance measure built on sound scientific data that relates program actions to potential decrease in waterborne disease incidence. EPA's goal is to develop long-term measures that describe changes over time of disease due to drinking water contamination or changes in the occurrence of indicators of waterborne disease; the objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of drinking water programs on acute and chronic disease related to microbes or other drinking water contaminants.

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