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Reactive Nitrogen: An Integrated Approach

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Thomas Armitage

Responsible Committee/Panel:Integrated Nitrogen Committee

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The SAB is conducting a study to assess the degree of integration among current EPA research programs to determine the extent of linkage among the effects that reactive nitrogen (Nr) causes in the environment and to explore the implications of these linkages for nitrogen research and risk management. The study aims to make recommendations for a more integrated research program on Nr and to identify opportunities of integrated research for nitrogen management.

The SAB is initiating this study because Nr compounds (all biologically active, photochemically reactive, and radiatively active nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere and biosphere of the Earth) can cause multiple beneficial and detrimental effects in the atmosphere, in terrestrial ecosystems, in freshwater and marine systems, and on human health. Information to date indicates Nr is accumulating in the environment and that anthropogenic activity leading to Nr production has been shown to exceed that from natural systems.

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