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David M. Reif, Phd

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Dr. David M. Reif is a Statistician in the National Center for Computational Toxicology (http://epa.gov/ncct) within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He earned a B.S. (Biology) from The College of William & Mary, where he was a Monroe Scholar. His M.S. (Applied Statistics) from Vanderbilt University concerned the development of software for visual and statistical analysis of high-throughput biological data. His Ph.D. (Human Genetics) from Vanderbilt centered around the integration of multiple data types (genetic, proteomic, and immunologic) for analyzing complex health outcomes.

Since joining the EPA in 2006, Dr. Reif's research has focused on integrating environmental exposure information, chemical informatics, and physiological data to address public health issues. His research aims to address the following questions: Why do people respond differently to the same environmental exposures? How do genetic differences affect our lives, and how does lifestyle interact with genetics? Can we identify disease risk factors and help develop treatments or recommend lifestyle changes?

- General Science
- Math
Statistics in your daily lifeGrades 9-12, Community30 - 45 minutesFlexible
- CareersHow much education do I need...how long will it take...how much will it cost?Grades 9-1230 - 45 minutesFlexible
- Environment
- Health
- Toxicology
Gene-environment interactions in common human diseasesGrades 9-12, College, Community30 minutesFlexible
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