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John Wambaugh

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John Wambaugh is a post-doctoral researcher for the National Center of Computational Toxicology at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. He applies his training in physics and computer science to biological systems, using computers to study the kinetics of how potentially-toxic chemicals distribute within the body. John got his start in science by entering his area science fair in the fourth grade and ultimately received his Ph.D. in physics from Duke University in 2006.

- General ScienceSand Science: The Physics of "Granular Media"Grades 9-12, College, Community45 - 60 minutesEvening and Weekend
- General ScienceThe Physics of Kevin Bacon: The Scientific Study of NetworksGrades 9-12, College, Community45 - 60 minutesEvening and Weekends
- Environment
- Toxicology
Why Does the EPA Study Toxicology?Grades 9-12, College, Community45 - 60 minutesEvening, Weekend
- General Science
- Toxicology
What are Biological Models?Grades 9-12, College, Community45 - 60 minutesEvening, Weekend
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