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Frank Princiotta

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Frank Princiotta is Director of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division (APPCD) of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Nuclear Engineering Certificate from the Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology. As Director of APPCD in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina since 1972, he is responsible for R,D & D for methods and technologies for controlling and characterizing air pollution from major sources.. He has received a gold medal, five bronze medals and the President’s Meritorious Executive Award on two separate occasions. He played the leadership role in the development and demonstration of sulfur dioxide pollution control technology for coal-fired boilers, which has been the mainstay of SO2 control worldwide. An author of many scientific papers on air pollution control, he has been a frequent speaker before technical societies and conferences and has chaired numerous symposia and has testified before House and Senate Committees on air pollution control In recent years he has been a key expert in the control of mercury from coal-fired power plants. Most recently he has focused on global climate change which he considers the most important environmental issue of the century. He has analyzed the role that technology will need to play, if we are to avoid the potentially catastrophic impacts associated with an unconstrained use of energy.

- Air Quality
- Atmospheric Science
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- Environment
- Environmental Science
- General Science
Global Climate ChangeCollege, Community45 - 60 minutesEvening, Weekend
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