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Cara Lucas

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Cara, a Physical Scientist, has worked in EPA’s Office of Research and Development in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina since 1995. As ORD’s National Program Manager for Enviornmental Regulatory Compliance programs as well as the Lead Environmental Management System (EMS) Coordinator, Cara has provided technical support or implemented facility-level Environmental Management System(s) at 9 ORD research laboratories across the country; designed and transitioned seven facility level EMS(s) into one multi-site EMS: and provided technical support on behalf of the Agency to assist other EPA regional and program labs as well as other government organizations. Cara has developed and presented many training courses to assist in the development, implementation, and integration of Environmental Management Systems into a organization’s operations.

- Environmental Management SystemsBasics of Environmental Management SystemsCollege, Community90 minutesDaytime
- Environmental Management SystemsEnvironmental Management Systems Internal Auditor TrainingCommunity120+ minutesDaytime
- Environmental Management SystemsUnited for Success-ORD's EMS Transition from Facility Level to Multi-site LevelCommunity90 minutesDaytime
Note: There is no charge for a speaker. Travel is limited to (~50 miles) out of the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) area. All travel is up to the discretion of the speaker. Please submit requests at least 4 weeks in advance. Please limit requests to no more than two speakers per event. If you have a large event and would like to request multiple speakers from EPA, please Contact the Speakers Bureau for assistance.

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