CAA Permitting in EPA's South Central Region

Operating Permit Timeline for Texas

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SourceNumberEPA Review Start Date EPA Review End Date 60 Day Public Petition to EPA Start Date60 Day Public Petition to EPA End DateComment
Abitibi-Consolidated Corporation01622comments rcvd 5/7/03
Albemarle Corporation - Alkyls Unit - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO2310 06/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Arkema01636Comments received 9/19/05 - stop EPA review
Arkema Inc., Beaumont FacilityO-016368-8-05 Comments received, stop EPA review period.
Arkema Inc., Crosby PlantO-0155411/15/2005Comments received 4/19/06 - Stop EPA review
Arrowhead Pipeline LP - Old Ocean Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO3162 06/08/201507/22/201507/23/201509/20/2015
Ascend Performance Materials Inc., DistributionO232309/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
Ascend Performance Materials Texas Inc.O125808/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Ascend Performance Materials Texas Inc. DSIDAO231807/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015
Ascend Performance Materials Texas Inc., Environmental Control UnitO232509/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
Atmos Energy Corporation - Tri Cities Storage Compressor Station - Natural Gas Transmissi...O245805/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Austin White Lime Company - McNeil Plant and Quarry - LimeO286603/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
Axiall, LLC, Pasadena FacilityO162108/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation - Ball Metal Beverage Container Conroe Facility ...O113103/23/201505/06/201505/07/201507/05/2015
BASF Corporation - 1,6 Hexanediols and Neopentyl Glycol Complex - Industrial Organic Chemi...O215805/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
BASF Corporation - BASF Freeport Polycaprolactam Complex - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO153602/17/201504/02/201504/03/201506/01/2015
BASF Corporation Freeport SiteO192809/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
Bayer MaterialScience LLC - Aniline Unit - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO367406/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. - Bell Helicopter Textron Plant 5 - AircraftO163004/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
Benedum Gas Partners LP - Benedum Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO94603/30/201505/13/201505/14/201507/12/2015
Boardwalk Field Services, LLC Refugio Compressor StationO315909/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
BRANDFX LLC - Ft Worth Facility - Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car BodiesO368505/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Braskem America, Inc., La Porte PlantO142408/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015
Calumet San Antonio Refining, LLCO353407/10/201508/24/201508/25/201510/23/2015
Calumet San Antonio Refining, LLCO353407/14/201508/27/201508/28/201510/26/2015
Cameron Rig Solutions Inc. - Houston Facility - Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus4/13O334104/13/201505/27/201505/28/201507/26/2015
Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation - Cargill Meat Solutions Friona - Meat Packing PlantsO261305/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Celanese, Ltd., Acetic Acid UnitO-01985Comments received 8/11/05
Cheniere Corpus Christi Pipeline LP - Sinton Compressor Station - Natural Gas TransmissionO357903/23/201505/06/201505/07/201507/05/2015
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP - Ethylene Unit (EU 1592) & Utilities - Industrial Or...O211303/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP - Polyethylene Unit (PEU 1799) - Industrial Organic ...O237004/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP Normal Alpha & Polyalpha Olefin UnitsO211410/06/201511/19/201511/20/201501/18/2016
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP, Orange PlantO131008/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., Sweeny Complex, Olefins and NGL assetsO215107/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
Chevron USA Inc. - Ozona Gas Processing Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO267706/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Galena Park TerminalO303109/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Bradford Compressor StationO290608/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015
City of Austin, Decker Creek Power PlantO2209/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
City of Bryan Roland C Dansby Power PlantO8209/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
Clean Harbors Deer Park, LLC - Clean Harbors Deer Park - Refuse SystemsO156605/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Clear Lake Cogeneration Limited Partnership - Clear Lake Cogeneration - Electric ServicesO9006/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Incorporated, Silsbee PlasticsO179608/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
Clock Spring Company, L.P. - Clock Spring - Plastics ProductsO373903/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
Copano Processing LLCO80709/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
Copano Processing LLC, Houston Central Gas PlantO80709/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Corpus Christi Liquefaction LLC - Corpus Christi Liquefaction - Gas Production and Distrib...O358005/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Cottonwood Energy Company LP - Cottonwood Energy Project - Electric ServicesO233804/27/201506/10/201506/11/201508/09/2015
Dal-Tile Corporation Sunnyvale Manufacturing PlantO114709/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
DCP Midstream Knott Booster StationO360307/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015
DCP MIDSTREAM LP - Crossroads Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO356906/29/201508/12/201508/13/201510/11/2015
DCP Midstream LP - East Texas Gas Plant - Natural Gas Liquids6/1O95506/01/201507/15/201507/16/201509/13/2015
DCP Midstream LP - Ozona Gas Processing Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO254204/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
DCP Midstream LP - Sonora Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO12505/18/201507/01/201507/02/201508/30/2015
DCP Midstream LP - Three Rivers Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO280304/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
DCP Midstream LP -Martin Booster Station - Crude Petroleum and Natural GasO328703/09/201504/22/201504/23/201506/21/2015
DCP Midstream, LP Etter BoosterO251109/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
DCP Midstream, LP Rawhide Gas PlantO360409/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
DCP Midstream, LP West Waddell Compressor StationO291309/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
DCP Midstream, LP, Andrews Booster StationO253708/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015
DCP Midstream, LP, Fullerton Gas PlantO256608/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
DCP Midstream, LP, Goldsmith Gas PlantO258509/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
DCP Midstream, LP, Spindletop Compressor StationO250708/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
Diamond Shamrock Refining Company, L.P., Valero McKee RefineryO-01555public comments have been recieved- epa 45 period will be reinitated
Dril-Quip Inc. - Dril Quip Eldridge Facility - Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment3/...O370103/09/201504/22/201504/23/201506/21/2015
Eastman Chemical Company01984Comments Received 8/19/03
Eastman Chemical Company01981Comments Received 8/19/03
Eastman Chemical Company01983Comments Received 8/19/03
Eastman Chemical Company01982Comments Received 8/19/03
Eastman Chemical Company01979Comments Received 8/19/03
Eastman Chemical Company01977Comments Received 8/19/03
Eastman Chemical Company - C7 - Materials Handling - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO143604/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Eastman Chemical Company - R1 R & D Pilot Plant - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO197503/23/201505/06/201505/07/201507/05/2015
Eastman Chemical Co., &3 HCC 3OlefinO197908/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Ellwood Texas Forge, L.P., Iron and Steel ForgingsO176008/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
EN Services, L.P., Harrison County Power ProjectO243209/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Enbridge G&P (East Texas) L.P., Henderson Gas PlantO378809/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
EnLink Midstream Services LLC - Bridgeport Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO91002/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
EnLink North Texas Gathering, LP, Jarvis Compressor StationO347107/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
EnLink North Texas Gathering, LP, White Settlement Compressor StationO348909/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
EnLink Permian II LLC - Bearkat Cryogenic Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO372104/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLC - Seaway Texas City Station - Crude Petroleum PipelinesO274905/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015
Enterprise Crude Pipeline, LLC - Seaway Galena Park Station - Crude Petroleum PipelinesO331403/09/201504/22/201504/23/201506/21/2015
Enterprise Hydrocarbons LP - Gilmore Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO338403/16/201504/29/201504/30/201506/28/2015
Equistar Chemicals, LP - 1501 McKinzie Road, Corpus Christi - Industrial Organic Chemica...O148603/16/201504/29/201504/30/201506/28/2015
Equistar Chemicals, LP - La Porte Complex - Plastics MaterialsO222305/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Equistar Chemicals, LP Channelview FacilityO142609/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
ETC Texas Pipeline, Ltd., La Grange Gas Processing PlantO309809/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Explorer Pipeline Company, Fauna Pipeline Breakout StationO333309/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION - ExxonMobil Irving Terminal - Petroleum Bulk stations and Termina...O275706/29/201508/12/201508/13/201510/11/2015
ExxonMobil Corporation - ExxonMobil North Houston Terminal - Petroleum Bulk stations and T...O302204/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
ExxonMobil Corp. Baytown Olefins PlantO155307/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015TCEQ received comments on the minor revision on 8/6/15. Stop EPA comment review period
ExxonMobil Oil Corporation - Colonial Storage Facility - Petroleum Bulk stations and Termi...O271506/01/201507/15/201507/16/201509/13/2015
ExxonMobil Oil Corp., Aromatics PlantO-02201Comments were received 5/17/05, stop EPA review
ExxonMobil Oil Corp., Olefins PlantO-01173Comments were received 5/17/05, stop EPA review
ExxonMobil Pipeline Co., Pasadena StationO269308/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company - Leveraged Services - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO199003/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company - Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Unit - Industrial Organ...O184503/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, D/G UnitO205510/06/201511/19/201511/20/201501/18/2016
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company F-Unit CopolymersO190308/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company F-Unit Copolymers Industrial Organic ChemicalsO190311/24/200901/08/201001/30/2010
Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi, LLCO127208/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
Flint Hills Resources, L.P. - Corpus Christi West Refinery Petroleum RefiningO-0127211/23/2005Comments were received 3/28/06. Stop EPA Review
Flowers Baking Co., of Tyler, LLCO275908/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Forged Products Inc., Houston FacilityO332908/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas - Caustic/Chlorine and EDC Plants - Plastics MaterialsO195306/08/201507/22/201507/23/201509/20/2015
Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas Traffic FacilitiesO195508/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
Formosa Plastics Corp., Texas Caustic/Chlorine and EDC PlantsO195307/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015
Frito-Lay, Inc., Rosenberg FacilityO110409/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
GATX Corporation - Hearne Maintenance Facility - Rental of Railroad CarsO167803/09/201504/22/201504/23/201506/21/2015
GB Biosciences Coproration Utilities/Wastewater/StormwaterO226708/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
GB Biosciences Corporation - Utilities / Wastewater / Stormwater - Pesticides and Agricult...O226706/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
GenTex Power Corporation - Lost Pines 1 Power Plant - Electric ServicesO199405/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Geo Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Specialty Chemical PlantO159509/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, LLC - Sweetwater Gypsum Plant - Gypsum ProductsO108705/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products South LLC - Diboll Operations (Fiberboard) - Reconstituted W...O177802/09/201503/25/201503/26/201505/24/2015
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products South LLC - Diboll Operations (Fiberboard) - Reconstituted W...O177806/01/201507/15/201507/16/201509/13/2015
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products South LLC, Pineland Manufacturing ComplexO240710/06/201511/19/201511/20/201501/18/2016
German Pellets Texas LLCO360907/14/201508/27/201508/28/201510/26/2015
German Pellets Texas, LLC, Woodville MillO360907/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
Gregory Power Partners LLC, Gregory Power FacilityO180908/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015
Gypsum02753Comments were received as notified 7/20/05, stopped EPA review period
Haldor Topsoe Inc - HTI Bayport - Industrial Inorganic ChemicalsO121704/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Hanson Brick East, LLC - Hanson Brick Mineral Wells Facility - Brick and Structural Clay T...O169205/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Hess Corporation Seminole Gas Processing PlantO62709/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
Honeywell International, Inc.O153309/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Huntsman Petrochemical LLC - A3 Unit/R&S Area/Utilities Area - Industrial Organic Chemical...O228802/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
Huntsman Petrochemical LLC Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) UnitO231909/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
Hydril CompanyO346608/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
INEOS Chocolate Bayou Pipeline LLC - Stratton Ridge Pumping Station - Petroleum Bulk Stati...O330204/27/201506/10/201506/11/201508/09/2015
Ineos USA LLC, Stratton Ridge FacilityO359707/14/201508/27/201508/28/201510/26/2015
Ineos USA, LLC, Polypropylene UnitsO135307/28/201509/10/201509/11/201511/09/2015
International Paper Company - Texarkana Mill - Paperboard MillsO137806/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Invista S.a r.l. - Invista, La Porte Plant - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO189104/13/201505/27/201505/28/201507/26/2015
Invista S.a r.l. - Utilities - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO186702/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
Invista S.a.r.l. Victoria SiteO141509/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
Kaneka North America LLC - Kaneka Apical Division - Plastics MaterialsO280005/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015
Kaneka North America LLC - Kaneka MS Polymer Division - Plastics MaterialsO3394 02/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
Kaneka North America, LLC CPVC DivisionO339209/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
KINDER MORGAN PRODUCTION COMPANY LLC - Yates Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO80006/29/201508/12/201508/13/201510/11/2015
KM Liquids Terminals LLC - Jefferson Street Truck Rack - Special Warehousing and StorageO99305/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
KM Liquids Terminals LLC, Jefferson Street Truck RackO99307/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
Kuraray America Inc. - Vinyl Acetate / Polyvinyl Alcohol - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO191106/08/201507/22/201507/23/201509/20/2015
L PASO NATURAL GAS COMPANY LLC - Cornudas Compressor Station - Natural Gas TransmissionO316606/29/201508/12/201508/13/201510/11/2015
La Porte Methanol Company, L.P. - La Porte Methanol PlantO229107/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
Leisure Pools USA Trading, Inc. - Leisure Pools New Braunfels Plant - Unsuported Plastics ...O2996Objection received by EPA on 8/292013 & 9/11/13
LF Manufacturing Inc. - L.F. Manufacturing Riddleville Plant - Plastics ProductsO275206/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
Lobo Pipeline Company LP - Hebbronville Compressor Station - Natural Gas TransmissionO59803/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
Lockheed Martin Corporation - Air Force Plant 4 - AircraftO129404/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Lone Star Industries Inc. - Maryneal Cement Plant - CementO111905/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation - Jasper Oriented Strandboard (OSB) Mill - Reconstituted Woo...O119805/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, Carthage Oriented Strandboard (OSB) Mill O120008/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015
Lower Colorado River Authority - Sam Seymour (Fayette Power Project) - Electric ServicesO2105/01/2015TCEQ received comments on 4/30/15
Lower Colorado River Authority - Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant - Electric ServicesO1906/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Lower Neches Valley Authority - B.I. First Pumping Station - Water SupplyO279406/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Lower Neches Valley Authority Neches First Pumping StationO140209/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
Luminant Generation Company - Big Brown Steam Electric Station - Electric ServicesO65TECQ received comments on 4/16/15
Luminant Generation Company LLC - Martin Lake Steam Electric Station - Electric ServicesO53TCEQ received comments on 4-9-15
Luminant Generation Company Monticello Steam Electric Station - Electric ServicesO64TCEQ received comments on 4/23/15
Luminant Generation Company, Ltd. - Monticello Steam Electric Station - Electric ServcesO6408/23/201110/06/2011TCEQ received comments 9-8-11 - stop EPA review.
Luminant Generation Company, L.L.C. - Big Brown Steam Electric Station - Electrica Service...O6510/12/201111/25/2011TCEQ received comments 10/24/11 - stop EPA review.
Luminant Generation Company, L.L.C. - Martin Lake Steam Electric Station - Electric Servic...O5309/13/201110/27/2011TCEQ received comments 9/23/11 - stop EPA review
Luminant Generation Co., Permian Basin Steam Electric StationO5608/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Luminant Generation Co., Stryker Creek Steam Electric StationO5507/14/201508/27/201508/28/201510/26/2015
Luminant Generation Co., Trinidad Steam Electric StationO5708/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Lyondell Chemical Company - Lyondell Chemical Channelview Plant - Industrial Organic Chemi...O138705/18/201507/01/201507/02/201508/30/2015
Magellan Pipeline Terminals, L.P., Petroleum Bulk Stations and TerminalsO274308/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC - Mansfield Plumbing Products - Plastics ProductsO262603/23/201505/06/201505/07/201507/05/2015
Meadwestvaco Texas LP - Evadale Mill - Paperboard MillsO1265Commnets received on 12/12/14
MeadWestvaco Texas LP - Evadale Mill - Paperboard MillsO126504/13/201505/27/201505/28/201507/26/2015
MHBA CB L.L.L.P. - MHBA Chocolate Bayou Plant - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO232004/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
Mid-America Pipeline, Hobbs/Gaines Pump StnO284503/07/200604/21/200604/22/2006
MIDSTREAM LP - North Booster Station - Crude Petroleum and Natural GasO250206/29/201508/12/201508/13/201510/11/2015
Mirant Texas, L.P., Bosque County Power PlantO-01886Comments received 5/4/05, stop EPA review
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.O331307/14/201508/27/201508/28/201510/26/2015
Nalco Co. Sugar Land Plant 106 Chemicals and Chemical PreparationsO153807/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC - Compressor Station 168 - Natural Gas Transmi...O319405/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC - Compressor Station 301 - Natural Gas Transmi...O319705/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC Compressor Station 304O320007/28/201509/10/201509/11/201511/09/2015
NRG Texas Power LLC - P H Robinson Electric Generating Station - Electric ServicesO375603/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
NRG Texas Power LLC Cedar Bayou 4 Electric Generating StationO309207/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015
NRG Texas Power LLC San Jacinto Steam Electric StationO7609/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
NRG Texas Power LLC, T.H. Wharton Electric Generating StationO7708/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
NRG Texas Power, LLC, Greens Bayou Electric Generating StationO7908/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015
Nucor Corporation - Nucor Steel - Jewett, Texas Division - Steel WorksO128905/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Nucor Corporation Vulcraft Group - Grapeland DivisionO276309/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
NuStar Logistics, L.P., Corpus Christi TerminalO123809/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
OCCIDENTAL PERMIAN LTD - Mallet Co2 Recovery Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO363606/29/201508/12/201508/13/201510/11/2015
Occidental Permian LTD Denver Unit Carbon Dioxide Recovery PlantO305107/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015
Occidental Permina Ltd. Wasson CO2 Recovery PlantO55307/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
ONEOK Hydrocarbons LP - Mont Belvieu NGL Fractionation and Storage Complex - Natural Gas L...O364504/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
ONEOK WesTex Transmission L.L.C., Red River Compressor Station No. 1O56409/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
Orion Engineered Carbons LLC - Borger Plant - Carbon BlackO166106/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Orion Engineered Carbons LLC - Orange Carbon Black Plant - Carbon BlackO166005/18/201507/01/201507/02/201508/30/2015
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. Plant 15O271608/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
Owens Corning Composite Materials, LLCO101909/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt, LLC - Houston Roofing and Asphalt Facility - Asphalt Fe...O154305/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
OXY USA WTP LP - Salt Creek Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO55005/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Oxy Vinyls LP - Oxy Vinyls Deer Park PVC/Caustic Plant - Plastics MaterialsO301806/01/201507/15/201507/16/201509/13/2015
Oxy Vinyls, LP, La Porte VCM PlantO132407/28/201509/10/201509/11/201511/09/2015
Oxy Vinyls, L.P.01369Comments Received 04/15/2003
PACTIV LLC - Corsicana Plant - Plastics Foam ProductsO106704/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Pactiv LLC - Temple PlantO131208/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Parallel Energy LP - Burnett Main and B Compressor Station - Crude Petroleum and Natural G...O316105/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Pasadena Refining System Inc. - Pasadena Refinery System, Inc. - Petroleum RefiningO3711Received on 12/12/14
Patterson Wood Products Inc. - Patterson Wood Products - Wood ProductsO366402/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
Permian Tank & Manufacturing Inc. - Permian Fiberglass Division - Plastics ProductsO258203/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
Philips 66 Company, Sweeny RefineryO162608/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Pinnacle Gas Treating LLC - Bethel Gas Treating Facility - Crude Petroleum and Natural GasO960 04/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
Plains Pipeline, L.P., Gardendale JV/N TerminalO377209/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
Plains Pipeline, L.P., Gardendale South / PGS Gardendale FacilityO362409/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
Polynt Composites USA Inc. - Polynt Composites USA - Plastics MaterialsO333006/08/201507/22/201507/23/201509/20/2015
Power, Pipe, and Tank, LLC The Mur-Tex Company Plastics ProductsO266409/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
PYCO Industries, Inc., East 50th Street FacilityO107509/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
Regency Field Services LLC - Hemphill Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO308802/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
Regency Field Services LLC - Kingsmill Complex - Natural Gas LiquidsO317405/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Regency Field Services LLC - Sunray Compressor Station - Natural Gas LiquidsO307305/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
Regency Field Services LLC - Tilden Gas Plant - Natural Gas TransmissionO309302/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
Regency Field Services LLC - Tippett Gas Plant - Natural Gas Liquids2/17O319002/17/201504/02/201504/03/201506/01/2015
Regency Field Services LLC Sunray Gas PlantO62909/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Regency Field Services, LLC, Red Deer Gas PlantO347209/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Republic National Industries of Texas, LP, Cabinet Mfg PlantsO177208/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
Rohm and Haas CompanyO2234Comments Received "Review Stopped as of 8/11/03"
Rohm and Haas Texas Incorporated - B-3/HR Process Area - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO158303/09/201504/22/201504/23/201506/21/2015
Rohm and Haas Texas Incorporated - HT Area - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO223604/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
Rohm and Haas Texas Incorporated - P North - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO223403/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
Rohm and Haas Texas Inc., Deer Park PlantO223609/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Royal Baths Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Chrisman Road FacilityO182408/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
Royal Baths Manufacturing Company, Tld. Burns Street FacilityO205807/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
Sandridge CO2 LLC - Sierra Madera Compression Facility - PipelinesO276005/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015
Sasol Chemicals USA LLC - Greens Bayou Plant - Cyclic Organic Crudes and IntermediatesO125403/30/201505/13/201505/14/201507/12/2015
Sekisui Specialty Chemicals America, LLC Pasadena PlantO230809/15/201510/29/201510/30/201512/28/2015
Shell Chemical LP - Chemical Plant -Petroleum RefiningO166806/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
Shell Chemical LP Shell Technology Center HoustonO160409/22/201511/05/201511/06/201501/04/2016
Shell Chemical, L.P.01946Comments Received "Review Stopped as of 9/15/03"
Shell Chemical, L.P. - Deer Park Chemical Company - Petroleum RefiningO1668Comments received. Review stopped effective July 24th 2012
Shell Oil Company - Deer Park Refinery - Petroleum Refining O1669Comments Received "RReview Stopped as of 7/25/12
Shell Oil Company - Shell Deer Park Refining Company - Petroleum RefiningO166906/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
Shell Pipeline Company LP - Shell Pipeline Company Colex Terminal - Refined Petroleum Pipe...O275804/13/201505/27/201505/28/201507/26/2015
Shell Pipeline Company LP - Shell Pipeline Company Colex Terminal - Refined Petroleum Pipe...O275804/13/201505/27/201505/28/201507/26/2015
Shell Pipeline Company, LP - Port Arthur Products Station - Refined Petroleum PipelinesO2733 05/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Skeeter Products Inc - Skeeter Products Inc - Boat Building and RepairingO274706/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Solar Turbines Incorporated - Dallas Overhaul Center - SteamO133304/27/201506/10/201506/11/201508/09/2015
South Texas Electic CoopO79907/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
Southwestern Electric Power Company - Lone Star Power Plant - Electric ServicesO3203/23/201505/06/201505/07/201507/05/2015
Southwestern Electric Power Company - Welsh Power Plant - Electric ServicesO26Comments receved on 5/5/14-Stop review
Southwestern Electric Power Co., Wilkes Power PlantO3307/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
Southwestern Public Service Company - Nichols Station Power Plant - Electric ServicesO1306/01/201507/15/201507/16/201509/13/2015
Southwestern Public Service Co., Plant X Power PlantO1107/14/201508/27/201508/28/201510/26/2015
Stolthaven Houston, Inc.O106009/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
Styrochem Canada Ltd - StyroChem Minton Facility - Plastics MaterialsO186302/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
Sunoco Pipeline LP - Corsicana Station - Crude Petroleum PipelinesO268806/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015
Sunoco Pipeline, L.P., Colorado City StationO269109/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
Targa Downstream LLC - Mont Belvieu Terminal - Natural Gas Liquids4/13O61504/13/201505/27/201505/28/201507/26/2015
Targa Midstream Services LLC - Mont Belvieu Fractionator - Natural Gas LiquidsO61204/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
Targa Midstream Services LLC - Sand Hills Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO315703/16/201504/29/201504/30/201506/28/2015
Targa Midstream Services LLC - Sterling Gas Processing Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO13305/18/201507/01/201507/02/201508/30/2015
Targa Midstream Services LLC, L&H Compressor StationO315808/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
Targa Midstream Services, L.L.C. - Sand Hills Plant - Narural Gas LiqudsO315707/17/201208/30/201208/31/203210/29/2032
Tenessee Gas Pipeline Company LLC - Compressor Station 1 - Natural Gas TransmissionO303902/17/201504/02/201504/03/201506/01/2015
Texas Eastern Transmission LP - Thomaston Compressor Station - Natural Gas TransmissionO304006/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
Texas Instruments Incorporated, North CampusO131107/28/201509/10/201509/11/201511/09/2015
Texas Lehigh Cement Company LP - Texas Lehigh Cement Plant - CementO113204/13/201505/27/201505/28/201507/26/2015
Texas Molecular Limited Partnership, Chem Plant Deep WellO160308/11/201509/24/201509/25/201511/23/2015
The Boeing CompanyO209908/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
The Dow Chemical Company - Environmental Operations - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO221106/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
The Dow Chemical Company - Hydrocarb & Energy 3 - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO221405/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
The Dow Chemical Company - Hydrocarbons & Energy (1) - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO221205/18/201507/01/201507/02/201508/30/2015
The Dow Chemical Company, Freeport Energy CenterO269708/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Houston Chemical PlantO122709/01/201510/15/201510/16/201512/14/2015
The Lubrizol Corporation - Barium Additive, 116 Dispersant and PIBSA Units - Industrial Or...O193002/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015
The Lubrizol Corporation - Polyisobutylene Plant - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO193503/09/201504/22/201504/23/201506/21/2015
The Lubrizol Corporation, Bayport Texas PlantO158209/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015
Ticona Polymers, Inc., APAP / IBUO201609/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016
Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc. - La Porte Polypropylene Plant - Plastics Materi...O129304/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015
TPC Group LLC Baytown Plant - Petroleum Bulk stations and TerminalsO332003/30/201505/13/201505/14/201507/12/2015
TPCO AmericaO366008/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC - Transco Compressor Station 40 - Natural Gas T...O316805/18/201507/01/201507/02/201508/30/2015
Trunkline Gas Company, LLC - Cypress Compressor Station - Natural Gas Transmission5/4O319105/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Trunkline Gas Company, LLC, Beeville Compressor StationO318507/28/201509/10/201509/11/201511/09/2015
TX LFG Energy, LP, Baytown LFGTE FacilityO257408/18/201510/01/201510/02/201511/30/2015
Union Carbide Corporation - Distribution Systems - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO202804/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Union Carbide Corporation - High Pressure II Unit - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO202604/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Union Carbide Corporation - High Pressure II Unit - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO202704/20/201506/03/201506/04/201508/02/2015
Union Carbide Corporation - In-Plant Distribution Area - Industrial Organic ChemicalsO192003/02/201504/15/201504/16/201506/14/2015
Union Carbide Corporation, Organic Acids FacilitiesO192308/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
US Department of the Air Force, Joint Base San Antonio LacklandO139308/25/201510/08/201510/09/201512/07/2015
US Department of the Army - Red River Army Depot - National SecurityO164605/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015
Valero Partners PAPs LLC - El Vista Terminal - Refined Petroleum PipelinesO273905/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015
Valero Refining Texas LP - Valero Corpus Christi Refinery West Plant - Petroleum RefiningO145804/27/201506/10/201506/11/201508/09/2015
Victoria WLE LP - Victoria Power Station - Electric ServicesO3504/27/201506/10/201506/11/201508/09/2015
Viron International Corporation - Fiberglass Spray Facility - Industrial and Commercial Fa...O274502/17/201504/02/201504/03/201506/01/2015
Wallace Integrated Graphics Inc. DBA Wetmore and Company - RR Donnelley Wetmore - Commerci...O334806/15/201507/29/201507/30/201509/27/2015
Wharton County Generation LLC - Wharton County Generation Facility - Electric ServicesO8605/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015
Willard CO2 Separation PlantO54907/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
WTG Gas Processing, L.P., South Feagan 2 Treating FacilityO374707/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015
WTG Jameson, LP - Jameson Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO86505/25/201507/08/201507/09/201509/06/2015
WTG Jameson, LP, Jameson Gas PlantO86507/28/201509/10/201509/11/201511/09/2015
WTG Jameson, L.P. - Jameson Gas Plant - Natural Gas LiquidsO86501/31/2012