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United States Environmental Protection Agency
Region 6: South Central
Serving Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and 65 Tribes

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Operating Permit Timeline for New Mexico

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Start Date
End Date
60 Day
Petition to
EPA Start Date
60 Day
Petition to
EPA End Date
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority; Southside Water Reclamati...1418-M211/06/201412/20/201412/21/201402/18/2015Modification
CCI San Juan LLC, San Juan River Gas PlantP106-R209/08/201410/22/201410/23/201412/21/2014Renewal
DCP Midstream, LP; Linam Ranch Gas PlantP094-R201/15/201502/28/201503/01/201504/29/2015Renewa;
Eddy County / City of Carlsbad; Sand Point LandfillP190L-R207/14/201408/27/201408/28/201410/26/2014Renewal
El Paso Natural Gas Company, Blanco Compressor Station AP048-%312/17/201401/30/201501/31/201503/31/2015Renewal
El Paso Elecric Company; Rio Grande Generating StationP127 - R2 - M211/18/201401/01/201501/02/201503/02/2015Significant Modification
El Paso Natural Gas Company, Afton Compressor StationP136-R301/02/201502/15/201502/16/201504/16/2015Renewal
El Paso Natural Gas Company, LLC; Roswell Compressor StationP128-R311/07/201412/21/201412/22/201402/19/2015Renewal
El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.; Monument Compressor StationP135-R311/13/201412/27/201412/28/201402/25/2015Renewal
Enterprise Field Services LLC, Chaco Natural Gas Processing PlantP116-R201/16/201503/01/201503/02/201504/30/2015Renewal
Enterprise Field Services, LLC: Chaparral Gas PlantP26410/16/201411/29/201411/30/201401/28/2015Initial
Enterprise Field Services, LLC; Cedar Hill Compressor StationP173-R3 12/22/201402/04/201502/05/201504/05/2015Renewal
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, LLC; Compressor Station No. 167P141-R308/07/201409/20/201409/21/201411/19/2014Renewal
Regency Field Services, LLC; Jal #3 Gas PlantP090-R2M109/23/201411/06/201411/07/201401/05/2015Re-opening
The Regents of the University of New Mexico; The University of New Mexico - Main...0536-M108/19/201410/02/201410/03/201412/01/2014Significant Modification
Transwestern Pipeline Company; Mountainair Compressor Station (Station No. 7)P153-R312/04/201401/17/201501/18/201503/18/2015Renewal
United States Air Force; Cannon Air Force BaseP119-R1M112/30/201402/12/201502/13/201504/13/2015Significant Modification
U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration; Los Alamos ...P100-R212/17/201401/30/201501/31/201503/31/2015Renewal
Versado Gas Processors, LLC / Targa Midstream Services, LLC; Saunders Gas PlantP111-R207/24/201409/06/201409/07/201411/05/2014Renewal
Waste Management of New Mexico, Inc.; Rio Rancho LandfillP208L-R207/01/201408/14/201408/15/201410/13/2014Renewal
Waste Management of New Mexico, Inc.; Valencia Regional Landfill and Recycling F...P247L-R110/02/201411/15/201411/16/201401/14/2015Renewal
Western Refining Southwest, Inc. - Bloomfield Products TerminalP024-R201/09/201502/22/201502/23/201504/23/2015Renewal
Williams Four Corners, LLC; Horse Canyon Central Delivery PointP035-R309/24/201411/07/201411/08/201401/06/2015Renewal
Williams Four Corners, LLC; Milagro Cogeneration & Gas PlantP101-R2/P101-AR09/26/201411/09/201411/10/201401/08/2015Renewal

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