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Region 6: South Central
Serving Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and 65 Tribes

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Operating Permit Timeline for Louisiana

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Start Date
End Date
60 Day
Petition to
EPA Start Date
60 Day
Petition to
EPA End Date
Acadian Gas Pipeline System - Mansfield Compressor Station AI 1696611980-00056-V101/22/201503/07/201503/08/201505/06/2015
Agrielectric Power Partners Ltd - Plant No. 1 AI 78350520-00101-V212/11/201401/24/201501/25/201503/25/2015
AM Agrigen Industries Limited Liability Company - AI 1922212520-00172-V0 02/19/201504/04/201504/05/201506/03/2015Also PSD-LA-794
BASF Corp - Geismar Site Specialty Amines Complex AI 20492028-V701/08/201502/21/201502/22/201504/22/2015
BASF Corp - Giesmar Site Formic Acid AI 20492098-V102/04/201503/20/201503/21/201505/19/2015
Benteler Steel / Tube Manufacturing Corporation - Benteler Steel Tube Facility ...0500-00690-V102/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015Also PSD-LA-774(M1)
BP America Production Co - Bayou Sale Production Facility2660-00067-V411/28/201401/11/201501/12/201503/12/2015
Bridgeline Holdings LP - Napoleonville Storage Facility0200-00002-V612/09/201401/22/201501/23/201503/23/2015
Cajun Sugar Cooperative, Inc - Cajun Sugar Factory AI 1481 1260-00013-V601/20/201503/05/201503/06/201505/04/2015
Calcasieu Refining Co - Lake Charles Plant CRC 120 Expansion AI 35850520-00050-V1202/05/201503/21/201503/22/201505/20/2015
Calumet Lubricants Company LP - Calumet Cotton Valley Refinery 3080-00010-V811/12/201412/26/201412/27/201402/24/2015
Chemtrade Refinery Services Inc - Shreveport Sulfuric Acid Plant AI 23400500-00003-V501/08/201502/21/201502/22/201504/22/2015
Cora Texas Manufacturing Co LLC - Cora-Tex Plant1280-00004-V512/11/201401/24/201501/25/201503/25/2015
Eagle US 2 LLC - Lake Charles Complex Bottoms Plant AI 1255 2216-V401/21/201503/06/201503/07/201505/05/2015
Enable Gas Transmission, LLC - Red Chute Compressor Station AI 316780400-00044-V401/21/201503/06/201503/07/201505/05/2015
Enervest Operating LLC - Ouachita City Mid-LA #1 Compressor Station AI 876162920-00014-V401/15/201502/28/201503/01/201504/29/2015
Entergy Svcs Inc - Waterford 1&2 Generating Plant AI 83898 2435-V6 02/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015Also Acid Rain Permit Renewal 2435-IV4
ExxonMobil Chemical Co - Baton Rouge Polyolefins Plant0840-00003-V601/26/201503/11/201503/12/201505/10/2015
ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Co - Exxon Mobile Baton Rouge Refinery Specialties...2341-V302/19/201504/04/201504/05/201506/03/2015
Flopam Inc1280-00141-V512/11/201401/24/201501/25/201503/25/2015
Graphic Packaging International Inc - West Monroe Mill #31 2160-00001-V12 12/29/201402/11/201502/12/201504/12/2015
Gulf South Pipeline Co LP - Marksville Compressor Station AI 315380220-00009-V302/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015
Gulf South Pipeline Co LP - Olla Compressor Station AI 80971680-00012-V202/25/201504/10/201504/11/201506/09/2015
International Paper Co - Red River Mill AI 2645 1908-00004-V502/12/201503/28/201503/29/201505/27/2015
Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminal - Geismar Methaol Terminal AI 1859240180-00213-V001/15/201502/28/201503/01/201504/29/2015
M A Patout & Son LTD - Enterprise Sugar Factory1260-00003-V612/11/201401/24/201501/25/201503/25/2015
Marathon Petroleum Co LLC - Louisiana Refining Division Garyville AI 3165 2580-00013-V1402/04/201503/20/201503/21/201505/19/2015Also includes PSD-LA-789, 640(M-3),658 (M-3) and 719 (M-11)
Omega Natchiq Inc - New Iberia Faciloity AI 24729 1260-00085-V202/16/201504/01/201504/02/201505/31/2015
Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Co - Alexandria Plant2360-00051-V2012/11/201401/24/201501/25/201503/25/2015
Rubicon LLC - Polyols Plant AI 14681010-V201/29/201503/14/201503/15/201505/13/2015
S2 Energy Operating LLC - Ship Shoal Block 64 Production Facility2880-00210-V512/19/201402/01/201502/02/201504/02/2015
Shell Pipeline Company LP - Sugarland Pipeline Station/Terminal AI 327982560-00034-V701/29/201503/14/201503/15/201505/13/2015
Southern Natural Gas Co - Bear Creek Storage Facility AI 4042 0360-00010-V602/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015
Spectra Energy - Larose Compressor Station AI 8940 1560-00022-V302/18/201504/03/201504/04/201506/02/2015
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co - Compressor Station 820C1 AI 47770520-00137-V401/22/201503/07/201503/08/201505/06/2015
Texas Eastern Transmission LP - West Monroe Compressor Station AI 82412160-00051-V301/15/201502/28/201503/01/201504/29/2015
Texas Gas Transmission LLC - Columbia Compressor Station AI 78830540-00006-V401/14/201502/27/201502/28/201504/28/2015
Thoma-Sea Shipbuilders LLC - Lockport Yard1560-00062-V212/19/201402/01/201502/02/201504/02/2015
Trunkline Gas Co LLC - Pollock Compressor Station AI 21441120-00007-V502/05/201503/21/201503/22/201505/20/2015
Union Carbide Corp - St. Charles Opration Environmental Operations Unit AI 20832104-V401/15/201502/28/201503/01/201504/29/2015
XTO Energy Inc - Cotton Valley Gas Plant AI 3269 3080-00019-V6 02/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015
Yuhuang Chemical Inc - YCI Methanol Plant AI 194165 2560-00295-V002/04/201503/20/201503/21/201505/19/2015

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