CAA Permitting in EPA's South Central Region

Operating Permit Timeline for Louisiana

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SourceNumber(s)EPA Review Start Date EPA Review End Date 60 Day Public Petition to EPA Start Date60 Day Public Petition to EPA End DateComment
AGL Resources, LLC - Jefferson Island Storage and Hub LLC AI 33270 2940-00126-V504/24/201506/07/201506/08/201508/06/2015Renewal and Major Modification
Air Liquide Large Industries US LP - Geismar Utility Services AI 10930180-00002-V310/22/201512/05/201512/06/201502/03/2016Renewal and Major Modification
Air Products and Chemicals Inc - Geismar #1 Synthetic Gas SMR Facility AI 2679...0180-00023-V4 11/26/201501/09/201601/10/201603/09/2016Renewal
AM Agrigen Industries Limited Liability Company - AI 1922212520-00172-V0 02/19/201504/04/201504/05/201506/03/2015Also PSD-LA-794
Americal Styrenics, LLC - St James Styrene Facility AI 2384 2560-00007-V14 11/12/201512/26/201512/27/201502/24/2016Renewal and Minor Modification; also PSD-LA-551(M-11) MiM
Angus Chemical Co - Nitroparaffins Basics Plant AI 1556 2772-V910/27/201512/10/201512/11/201502/08/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
ANR Pipeline Co - Grand Chenier Compressor Station AI 3394 0560-00034-V609/03/201510/17/201510/18/201512/16/2015Renewal
ANR Pipeline Co - PATTERSON COMPRESSOR STATION AI 1959 2660-00029-V312/09/201501/22/201601/23/201603/22/2016Renewal
AXIALL, LLC, - Plaquemine Facility PVC Plant AI 2455 881-V5 06/22/201508/05/201508/06/201510/04/2015Renewal and Minor Modification, Formerly Georgia Gulf Chemicals and Vinyls LLC
BASF Corp - Geismar Plant EO/EG Plant AI 20492459-V706/25/201508/08/201508/09/201510/07/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
BASF Corp - Geismar Plant Surfactants Plant AI 2049 2582-V612/03/201501/16/201601/17/201603/16/2016Renewal
Benteler Steel / Tube Manufacturing Corporation - Benteler Steel Tube Facility ...0500-00690-V102/23/201504/08/201504/09/201506/07/2015Also PSD-LA-774(M1)
Bio-Lab Inc - Biolab Facility AI 26073 0520-00167-V5 05/11/201506/24/201506/25/201508/23/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Bunge North America Inc - Destrehan Grain Elevator AI 103295 2520-00048-V5 10/12/201511/25/201511/26/201501/24/2016Major Modification
C & C Marine and Repair LLC - Belle Chase AI 90671 2240-00390-V2 03/24/201505/07/201505/08/201507/06/2015Renewal
Cameron International Corporation - Berwick Facility AI 1610 2660-00244-V004/15/201505/29/201505/30/201507/28/2015Initial Permit
Cameron Interstate Pipeline LLC - Holbrook Compressor Station AI 184545 0520-00464-V1 12/07/201501/20/201601/21/201603/20/2016Major Modification; also PSD-LA-769 (M-1) MaM
Cameron LNG LLC - AI 99407 0560-00184-V7 01/14/201602/27/201602/28/201604/27/2016Major Modification; also PSD-LA-766(M-2) MaM
CenterPoint Energy Field Services LLC - Robeline No. 1 Station AI 169878 1980-00057-V204/14/201505/28/201505/29/201507/27/2015Renewal
Chevron Pipeline Co - Fort Henry Gas Separation Facility AI 97781 2940-00234-V4 09/04/201510/18/201510/19/201512/17/2015Renewal and Major Modification
Chevron Texaco Pipeline Co - Henry Hub South Booster Station AI 19390 2940-00054-V305/13/201506/26/201506/27/201508/25/2015Renewal
Citgo Petroleum Corp - Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex Thermal Area AI 1250 2930-V4 12/01/201501/14/201601/15/201603/14/2016Renewal and Major Modification
Cleco Power, LLC- Acadia Power Station AI 836230040-00105-V3 03/11/201504/24/201504/25/201506/23/2015
Columbia Gulf Transmission Co - Rayne Compressor Station AI 2839 0040-0033-V5 10/08/201511/21/201511/22/201501/20/2016Renewal and Major Modification
ConocoPhillips Co - Alliance Refinery 294/295 Units AI 2418 2840-V4 06/16/201507/30/201507/31/201509/28/2015Major Modification; also PSD-LA-696(M-3) MiM
ConocoPhillips Co - Alliance Refinery Unit 308W AI 24181870-V2 12/01/201501/14/201601/15/201603/14/2016Renewal and Major Modification
ConocoPhillips Co - Alliance Refinery Unit 406 Marine Loading AI 2418 2313-V5 07/07/201508/20/201508/21/201510/19/2015Major Modification; also PSD-LA-799 In
ConocoPhillips Co - Westlake Products Terminal AI 16996 0520-00053-V5 08/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Cornerstone Chemical Company - Utilities Plant/Site Services AI 1357 2306-V4 09/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015Renewal
Cox Operating LLC - Quarantine Bay Tank Battery #2 AI 32664 2240-00121-07Synthetic Minor Permit PN 6/9/15
DCP Midstream LP - Ada Refrigeration Plant AI 84966 0360-00022-V1209/24/201511/07/201511/08/201501/06/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
DCP Midstream LP - Sailes #3 Compressor Station AI 31621 0360-00093-V9 03/16/201504/29/201504/30/201506/28/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
DCP Midstream, LP - Springhill Compressor Station AI 33406 3080-00021-V1003/12/201504/25/201504/26/201506/24/2015
Dow Chemical Co - Louisiana Operations Glycol II Plant AI 1409 2203-V4 07/23/201509/05/201509/06/201511/04/2015Renewal
Dynamic Industries Inc - Lake Charles Facility AI 43681 0520-00119-V0 03/30/201505/13/201505/14/201507/12/2015Initial Permit
Eagle US 2 LLC - Eagle US 2 LLC Lake Charles Complex Greater EDC Unit AI 1255 2350-V5 05/08/201506/21/201506/22/201508/20/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Eagle US 2 LLC - Lake Charles Chemical Complex Incinerators Area AI 1255 2040-V6 07/10/201508/23/201508/24/201510/22/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Eagle US 2 LLC - Lake Charles Operations Ethylene Plant AI 1255 *** part of Et...3136-V0 09/25/201511/08/201511/09/201501/07/2016Hearing Date 10/29 /15, Initial Permit; also PSD-LA-800 In
Eagle US 2 LLC - Lake Charles Operations Power & Utilities Plant AI 1255 *** pa...2106-V6 09/25/201511/08/201511/09/201501/07/2016Major Modification Hearing 10/29/15
Enable Gas Transmission LLC - Perryville Compressor Station AI 32528 2160-00063-V0 04/22/201506/05/201506/06/201508/04/2015Initial Permit, Same site as AI 44216
Enable Gas Transmission, LLC - Delhi Compressor Station AI 32752 2460-00003-V4 03/12/201504/25/201504/26/201506/24/2015
Enable Midstream Partners LP - Magnolia Station AI 166214 2420-00240-V3 07/09/201508/22/201508/23/201510/21/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Enable Mississippi River Transmission (EMRT), LLC - Perryville Compressor Stat...0160-00056-V404/22/201506/05/201506/06/201508/04/2015Renewal. Same Site as AI 32528
EnerVest Operating LLC - Fairbanks Compressor Station AI 8250 2160-00059-V204/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Enlink Pelican LLC - Pelican Gas Plant AI 25998 2660-00072-V6 04/09/201505/23/201505/24/201507/22/2015Renewal and Major Modification
Entergy Gulf States Louisiana LLC - Calcasieu Plant AI 81859 0520-00219-V5 04/14/201505/28/201505/29/201507/27/2015Major Modification; also PSD-LA-798 Initial permit
Entergy Svcs Inc - Waterford 1&2 Generating Plant AI 83898 2435-V6 02/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015Also Acid Rain Permit Renewal 2435-IV4
Enterprise Gas Processing LLC - Burns Point Gas Plant AI 11049 2660-00068-V6 03/18/201505/01/201505/02/201506/30/2015Renewal and Major Modification
ETC Tiger Pipeline LLC - Bienville Compressor Station AI 166494 0360-00753-V2 03/26/201505/09/201505/10/201507/08/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
ETC Tiger Pipeline LLC - Chatham Compressor Station AI 166495 1300-00478-V203/25/201505/08/201505/09/201507/07/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
ExxonMobil Chemical Co - Baton Rouge Chemical Plant Halobutyl Production Facili...2166-V6 04/07/201505/21/201505/22/201507/20/2015Renewal and Major Modification
ExxonMobil Chemical Co - Baton Rouge Chemical Plant Maintrain Ethylene Producti...2031-V1010/29/201512/12/201512/13/201502/10/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
ExxonMobil Corp - Baton Rouge Marketing Terminal AI 332 0840-00127-V509/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016Renewal and Modification
ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Co - Exxon Mobile Baton Rouge Refinery Specialties...2341-V302/19/201504/04/201504/05/201506/03/2015
E.I Dupont de Nemours & Co. - Laplace Plant HCl Recovery Unit AI 38806 206-V304/29/201506/12/201506/13/201508/11/2015Renewal and Major Modification
Firestone Polymers LLC - Lake Charles Facility AI 1244 0520-00007-V404/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Renewal and Major Modification
Florida Gas Transmission Co LLC - Franklinton Compressor Station No. 9 AI 1721...3060-00013_V4 05/27/201507/10/201507/11/201509/08/2015Renewal
Formosa Plastics Corp Louisiana - Formosa Plastics VCM Unit AI 288 1004-V2 03/05/201504/18/201504/19/201506/17/2015
Georgia Gulf Lake Charles LLC - VCM Plant AI 40130520-00012-V312/21/201502/03/201602/04/201604/03/2016 Renewal and Minor Modification; hearing set for 1/28/16
Graphic Packaging International Inc - WEST MONROE MILL #31 AI 14322160-00001-V1411/12/201512/26/201512/27/201502/24/2016Major Modification; also PSD-LA-797 In
Graphic Packaging International Inc - WEST MONROE MILL #31 AI 1432 2160-00001-V13 07/10/201508/23/201508/24/201510/22/2015Major Modification; also PSD-LA-795(M1) MaM
Gulf Island Fabrication Inc - East, West, and North Yards AI 9789 2880-00059-V2 09/29/201511/12/201511/13/201501/11/2016Renewal and Major Modification
Gulf South Pipeline Co LP - Arnaudville Compressor Station AI 42059 2600-00029-V4 08/26/201510/09/201510/10/201512/08/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Gulf South Pipeline Co LP - Koran Compressor Station AI 31656 2351-V6 07/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Gulf South Pipeline Co LP - Marksville Compressor Station AI 315380220-00009-V302/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015
Gulf South Pipeline Co LP - Montpelier Compressor Station AI 71 2540-00003-V3 03/12/201504/25/201504/26/201506/24/2015
Gulf South Pipeline Co LP - Olla Compressor Station AI 80971680-00012-V202/25/201504/10/201504/11/201506/09/2015
Hexion Inc - Utilities Unit AI 87883 2914-V2 07/30/201509/12/201509/13/201511/11/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Hexion Inc,- Formaldehyde G1/G2/G3 & G6 & Methanol Tank Farm AI 92534 2019-V9 05/14/201506/27/201506/28/201508/26/2015Renewal and Minor Modification; formerly Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc
Hilcorp Energy Co - Washington Central Production Platform AI 18623 2240-00065-04 07/14/201508/27/201508/28/201510/26/2015Convert TV to minor source
Idaho Timber of Coushatta, LLC , formerly Hood Industries Inc - AI 17306 2420-00009-V5 04/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Major Modification
INEOS Americas LLC - INEOS Oxide Glycol Ethers Plant AI 892371838-V509/14/201510/28/201510/29/201512/27/2015Renewal and Major Modification
INEOS Americas LLC - INEOS Oxide Polyethylene Glycol Plant AI 89237 2503-V212/10/201501/23/201601/24/201603/23/2016Renewal
International Paper Co - Red River Mill AI 2645 1980-00004-V609/10/201510/24/201510/25/201512/23/2015Major Modification; also LA-PSD-562(M-6) MaM
International Paper Co - Red River Mill AI 2645 1908-00004-V502/12/201503/28/201503/29/201505/27/2015
Jefferson Parish - Jefferson Parish Sanitary Landfill AI 6961 1340-00140-V6 05/04/201506/17/201506/18/201508/16/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Kinder Morgan LA Pipeline LLC - Eunice Compressor Station No. 760 AI 192380 0040-00225-V0 04/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Initial Permit
Kinetica Partners LLC - Separation and Dehydration Station 508 AI 8876 2940-00015-V5 08/19/201510/02/201510/03/201512/01/2015Renewal
La Storage LLC - Pelican Compressor Station AI 158683 0560-00268-V1 11/05/201512/19/201512/20/201502/17/2016Initial Permit
LA Storage, LLC - Ragley Compressor Station AI 128335 0320-00072-V3 03/20/201505/03/201505/04/201507/02/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Lake Charles Methanol, LLC - Lake Charles Methanol Facility AI 196978 0520-00492-V011/21/201501/04/201601/05/201603/04/2016Initial Permit; also PSD-LA-803 In
LOOP LLC - Port Complex AI 4634 1560-00027-V1 06/17/201507/31/201508/01/201509/29/2015Renewal and Major Modification; also PSD-LA-796 In
Lotte Chemical USA Corp - Monoethylene Glycol Plant AI 195519 *** Part of Ethy...0520-00488-V0 09/25/201511/08/201511/09/201501/07/2016Initial Permit Hearing 10/29/15; also PSD-LA-9801 In
Louisiana Midstream Gas Services LLC - North DeSoto Central Facility AI 16540...0760-01133-V3 09/10/201510/24/201510/25/201512/23/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Louisiana Sugarcane Cooperative Inc - La Suca AI 2827 2620-00005-V7 11/04/201512/18/201512/19/201502/16/2016Renewal
Lula Westfield LLC - Westfield Sugar Factory AI 42344 0200-00004-V811/12/201512/26/201512/27/201502/24/2016Renewal and Major Modification
M A Patout & Son LTD - Enterprise Sugar Factory AI 1347 1260-00003-V703/10/201504/23/201504/24/201506/22/2015
Magnolia LNG LLC - Magnolia LNG AI 185639 0520-00481-V012/18/201501/31/201602/01/201603/31/2016 Initial Permit; also PSD-LA-792 Initial permit; hearing sched for 1/19/2016
Marathon Petroleum Co LLC - Garyville Refinery AI 3165 2580-00013-V1711/11/201512/25/201512/26/201502/23/2016Major Modification
Marathon Petroleum Co LLC - Louisiana Refining Division Garyville Refinery AI 3...2580-00013-V16 07/08/201508/21/201508/22/201510/20/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Martco LLC - Chopin Mill AI 32484 1980-00027-V1304/16/201505/30/201505/31/201507/29/2015Renewal and Major Modification
McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC - Bayou Long Mobile ProductionFacility AI 193749 2620-00127-V1 09/30/201511/13/201511/14/201501/12/2016Initial Permit
Methanex USA, LLC - Geismar Methaol Plant AI 181192 0180-00210-V3 11/26/201501/09/201601/10/201603/09/2016Minor Modification; also PSD-LA-761(M-3) MiM
Nucor Steel Louisiana - Direct Reduced Iron Facility AI 157847 3086-V4 12/10/201501/23/201601/24/201603/23/2016Renewal and Major Modification
NuStar Logisitics LP - St James Terminal AI 365382560-00013-V7 07/22/201509/04/201509/05/201511/03/2015Major Modification
Occidental Chemical Corp - Geismar Plant 4CPE Process Unit AI 3400 3134-V0 11/05/201512/19/201512/20/201502/17/2016Initial Permit
Occidental Chemical Corp - Taft Chlor-Alkali Facility AI 1137 2520-00007-V7 04/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Occidental Chemical Corp - Taft Cogeneration Plant AI 1137 2598-V6 07/30/201509/12/201509/13/201511/11/2015Renewal and Minor Modification; also PSD-LA-633(M-3) MiM 2598-IV3 (MiM); renoticed to include CSAPR requirements
Omega Natchiq Inc - New Iberia Faciloity AI 24729 1260-00085-V202/16/201504/01/201504/02/201505/31/2015
Orion Engineered Carbons LLC - Ivanhoe Carbon Black Plant AI 2518 2660-00013-V6 03/05/201504/18/201504/19/201506/17/2015
Perryville Energy Partners - Perryville Power Station AI 857932160-00112-V5 11/05/201512/19/201512/20/201502/17/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
Pine Prairie Energy Center LLC - AI 123347 0920-00059-V5 06/18/201508/01/201508/02/201509/30/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Plantation Pipe Line Co - Baton Rouge Pipewline Breakout Tank Farm and Pumping S...0840-00052-V311/02/201512/16/201512/17/201502/14/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
Rain CII Carbon LLC - Chamette Terminal Facility AI 84724 2500-00008-V304/10/201505/24/201505/25/201507/23/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Rain CII Carbon LLC - Gramercy Calcining Plant AI 32804 2560-00047-V209/02/201510/16/201510/17/201512/15/2015Major Modification
Rain CII Carbon LLC - Norco Calcining Plant AI 44866 2520-00003-V2 07/16/201508/29/201508/30/201510/31/2015Renewal and Minor Modification; also PSD-LA-582(M-4) MiM
Rubicon LLC - Analine complex AI 1468 2261-V7 09/17/201510/31/201511/01/201512/30/2015Renewal and Major Modification
Sabine Pass Joint Venture - Sabine Pass Gas Plant AI 130790560-00043-V603/19/201505/02/201505/03/201507/01/2015Renewal and Major Mod
Sabine Pass LNG LP - Sabine Pass LNG Terminal AI 119267 0560-00214-V5 03/05/201504/18/201504/19/201506/17/2015Also PSD-LA-703(M5)
Sabine Pipeline Co LLC - Henry Hub North Booster Station AI 840562940-00218-V3 03/17/201504/30/201505/01/201506/29/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Sasol North America Inc - Lake Charles Chemical Complex Linear Alkyl Benene uni...2894-V512/21/201502/03/201602/04/201604/03/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
Shell Chemical LP - East Site - Norco Chemical Plant -East Site Boilers East Un...2283-V4 04/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Shell Chemical LP - East Site - Norco Chemical Plant -East Site, Butdiene Recove...2520-V6 06/04/201507/18/201507/19/201509/16/2015Major Modification
Shell Chemical LP - Giesmar Plant Olefins Unit AI 1136 2669-V7 07/31/201509/13/201509/14/201511/12/2015Major Modification, new AO4 line
Shintech Louisiana LLC - Hydrochloric Acid Production Furnace 2 AI 126578 3066-V3 03/12/201504/25/201504/26/201506/24/2015
Shintech Louisiana LLC - Shintech Plaquemine Plant 1 AI 126578 1280-00118-V609/24/201511/07/201511/08/201501/06/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
Southern Natural Gas Co - Bear Creek Storage Facility AI 4042 0360-00010-V602/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015
Southern Natural Gas Co - Franklinton Compressor Station AI 2555 3060-00004-V409/09/201510/23/201510/24/201512/22/2015Renewal
Southern Natural Gas Co - White Castle Compressor Station AI 41971280-00030-v406/04/201507/18/201507/19/201509/16/2015Renewal
Spectra Energy - Larose Compressor Station AI 8940 1560-00022-V302/18/201504/03/201504/04/201506/02/2015
Tallulah Gas Storage LLC - Tallulah Central Facility AI 171799 1780-00015-V1 08/06/201509/19/201509/20/201511/18/2015Renewal
TANA Exploration Company, LLC - Timbalier Bay Production Complex AI 92037 1560-00138-V6 07/13/201508/26/201508/27/201510/25/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Targa Midstream Svcs LLC - Delta Gathering Station AI 326152240-00141-V8 04/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Targa Midstream Svcs LP - Barracuda Gas Plant AI 26857 0560-00004-V5 04/30/201506/13/201506/14/201508/12/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Targa Midstream Svcs LP - Mako Compressor Station AI 27765 0560-00144-V1 03/19/201505/02/201505/03/201507/01/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co - Compressor Station 527 AI 2448 2240-00009-V4 12/15/201501/28/201601/29/201603/28/2016Renewal
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co - Compressor Station 823 AI 25002 1360-00008-V504/23/201506/06/201506/07/201508/05/2015Major Modification
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co LLC - Compressor Station # 834 AI 626 1000-00017-V604/01/201505/15/201505/16/201507/14/2015Renewal
Texas Eastern Transmission LP - Grand Chenier Compressor Station AI 9632 0560-00035-V4 08/27/201510/10/201510/11/201512/09/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Texas Eastern Transmission LP - White Castle Compressor Station AI 7359 1280-00042-V4 07/06/201508/19/201508/20/201510/18/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Texas Gas Transmission LLC - Eunice Compressor Station AI 4205 0040-00026-V4 04/22/201506/05/201506/06/201508/04/2015Renewal
Texas Gas Transmission LLC - Guthrie Compressor Station AI 44723 2160-00049-V604/08/201505/22/201505/23/201507/21/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Texas Gas Transmission LLC - Mamou Compressor Station AI 32086 0920-00047-V305/07/201506/20/201506/21/201508/19/2015Renewal
Texas Gas Transmission LLC - Sharon Compressor Station AI 49240620-00024-V306/04/201507/18/201507/19/201509/16/2015Renewal
Texas Petroleum Investment Co- Main Pass 69B South Facility AI 26002 2240-00143-0304/06/201505/20/201505/21/201507/19/2015Major Modification
Texas Petroleum Investment Co - Breton Sound Area Block 20 -21 Field Central Fac...2240-00075-V7 07/21/201509/03/201509/04/201511/02/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Texas Petroleum Investment Co - Sweet Lake Facility AI 31794 0560-00070-V604/23/201506/06/201506/07/201508/05/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
TGG Pipeline, LTD - HOLLY COMMON POINT #3 COMPRESSOR STATION AI 126516 0760-00214-V610/12/201511/25/201511/26/201501/24/2016 Renewal and Major Modification
Total Petrochemicals USA Inc - Carville Polystrene Plant AI 5176 1280-00036-V5 11/20/201501/03/201601/04/201603/03/2016Renewal and Minor Modification
Total Petrochemicals USA Inc - Cos-Mar Co - Cos-Mar Styrene Plant AI 1607 1280-00013-V9 07/30/201509/12/201509/13/201511/11/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Transco - Natural Gas Dehydration and Compressor Station No. 44 AI 7127 0560-00018-V7 03/26/201505/09/201505/10/201507/08/2015Major Modification
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp - Bayou Black nat Gas Dehy/Cond Stab Hand an...2880-00034-V306/24/201508/07/201508/08/201510/06/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp - Bayou Black nat Gas Dehy/Cond Stab Hand an...2880-00034-V306/24/201508/07/201508/08/201510/06/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Trinity Marine Products Inc - Port Allen Plant 48 AI 43634 3120-00071-V512/10/201601/23/201701/24/201703/24/2017Renewal
Trunkline Gas Co LLC - Longville Compressor Station AI 13028 0320-00025-V405/08/201506/21/201506/22/201508/20/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Trunkline LNG Export LLC - LNG Export Terminal AI 3351 3127-V0 03/18/201505/01/201505/02/201506/30/2015Initial Permit; also PSD-LA-785 In
Union Carbide Corp - St Charles Operations EPARK Plant AI 2083 2446-V412/31/201502/13/201602/14/201604/13/2016Major Modification
Union Carbide Corp - St Charles Operations Oxide Plant AI 2083 476-V412/03/201501/16/201601/17/201603/16/2016Renewal and Minor Mod
US Army - Joint Rediness Training Center Fort Polk AI 8994 2960-00010-V5 06/10/201507/24/201507/25/201509/22/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Valero Refining-Meraux L.L.C. - Meraux Refinery AI 1238 2500-00001-V1102/17/201504/02/201504/03/201506/01/2015LDEQ EDMS Permit Link (copy and paste to access permit document): This site exits EPA space
Valero Terminaling and Distribution Company - Meraux Terminal AI 93523 2500-00027-V4 08/07/201509/20/201509/21/201511/19/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
W R Grace & Co - Conn - Lake Charles Facility AI 1251 0520-00001-V13 03/17/201504/30/201505/01/201506/29/2015Major Modification
W R Grace & Co - Conn - Lake Charles Facility AI 1251 0520-00001-V1408/05/201509/18/201509/19/201511/17/2015Major Modification
West Fraser Inc - Joyce Mill AI 2866 3240-00006-V4 05/06/201506/19/201506/20/201508/18/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Westlake Styrene LP - STYRENE MONOMER FACILITY AI 18070 0520-00146-V3 08/04/201509/17/201509/18/201511/16/2015Renewal and Minor Modification
Westlake Vinyls Co LP - Biological Treatment Plant AI 1138 2782-V2 06/19/201508/02/201508/03/201510/01/2015Renewal and Major Modification
XTO Energy Inc - Cotton Valley Gas Plant AI 3269 3080-00019-V6 02/26/201504/11/201504/12/201506/10/2015