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Virginia Regulation

VA-Department of Environmental Quality
Regulation Type
Source Specific Requirement
Rule #
40 CFR Part 52, Subpart VV, Section 52.2420(d)
Rule Title
State Implementation Plan (SIP) Source-Specific Requirements in Effect as of May 26, 2009
State Effective Date
Final Federal Register Date
Federal Register Citation #
74 FR 12572
Superseded /
Rescinded Date
This Table of Contents document lists 54 sources for which EPA has approved source-specific criteria as part of the Virginia SIP. The State-effective dates range from August 6, 1979 to October 1, 2008. The Federal Register date listed above reflects the latest EPA action on the sources listed in this document. The comprehensive list of State-effective dates and Federal Register citations for these source-specific documents can be found in 40 CFR section 52.2420(d). For further information about individual documents, please contact Harold A. Frankford at (215) 814-2108 or frankford.harold@epa.gov.

1. A SIP revision removes the Norfolk Southern Railway Company- East End Shops (Registration No. 20468) from the Virginia SIP. The State effective date is 8/20/07, and the SIP effective date is 10/15/08.

2. A SIP revision removes Transcontinental Pipeline Station 175 (Registration No. 40789) from the Virginia SIP. The State effective date is July 26, 2011, and the SIP effective date is 6/25/12 (77 FR 24843).

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