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West Coast Estuaries Initiative for Coastal Watersheds

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We have selected the following projects for funding under the FY2009 West Coast Estuaries Grants in response Funding Opportunity Number EPA-R10-WEI1-2009 issued on December 08, 2008. We received thirty three proposals from Alaska, Oregon, and Washington local governments, federally recognized tribes, and special purpose districts. A multi-agency review committee ranked and scored each proposal against the factors in Section V of the announcement. As a result, we are funding the following five projects for the total available funds of $2,737,098.

1. Applicant: Puget Sound Regional Council, Washington
Project Title: Regional Transferable Development Rights Project
Amount: $567,311
Description: Increase the number of cities with transfer of development rights programs in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. 1) Pierce will fully implement its TDR program, 2) Snohomish will refine its program and amend county sending area regulations to include more farmland, 3) King County will enroll additional landowners, negotiate easements and use its bank to acquire development rights. Develop and enhance TDR programs in cities through guidance, quantitative analysis of growth and economic trends, designating sending areas, negotiate agreements, outreach to landowners, and developers.

2. Applicant: Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska
Project Title: Project Title: Water Quality Protection in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough through Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development and Stormwater Management
Amount: $564,041
Description: Address water quality threats through the implementation of a green infrastructure community plan with GIS land use mapping and conservation easements. Develop a public education campaign on low impact development techniques at the parcel scale and establish standards to prevent water quality degradation in light of future growth projections. Outputs include 1) Green Infrastructure Mapping and Plan development, 2) Low Impact Program Development, 3) Stormwater Plan and Water Quality Ordinances.

3. Applicant: Lane Council of Governments, Oregon
Project Title: Willamette Headwaters Regional Water Resources Protection
Amount: $471,638
Description: Identify, map and assess wetlands .1 acre or greater. Work with cities to develop an innovative mix of regulations and/or incentives and outreach through development of a Water Resources Land Use Action Kit including 3-D visualization. Outputs include build-out scenarios that model impact of land use and water resource strategies, wetland identification and assessment of all significant wetlands over .1 acres, adoption of ordinances by cities, Action Kit including model code language, land use techniques such as density transfers, water trading, LID, incentive, etc. and outreach material to property owners.

4. Applicant: Kitsap County Department of Community Development, Washington
Regional Alternative Futures Project
Amount: $567,311
Description: Develop an alternative futures scenario to direct shoreline and watershed regulations and incentive programs to inform land use regulation updates by assessing impacts to upland and nearshore processes due to various development scenarios and sea level rise. Outputs include integrated land use/nearshore/water quality numeric model; watershed/shoreline academy curriculum; Shoreline Cumulative Impacts Analysis, Shoreline Restoration Plans; LID designs, fixed septic systems and an LID demonstration project for the City of Bainbridge Island.

5. Applicant: City of Florence, Oregon
Project Title: Siuslaw River Estuary Partnership: An integrated, multiple objective approach to watershed protection and restoration.
Amount: $566,797
Description: Create a Surface and Groundwater Assessment and Monitoring program, Source Water Protection Plan and implementation, Estuary Interpretive Trail, Stormwater Design Manual and Demo Project, Wetland, Riparian and Upland Protection and Restoration Plan, Tidal Wetland Restoration Projects, and Comprehensive Land and Code Amendments including LID and incentive to maintain and enhance the predevelopment hydrologic regime in urban and urbanizing areas of the UGB through alternatives analysis.

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