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Industrial Stormwater


For general questions about the Multi-Sector Stormwater General Permit, contact:

To report compliance problems, call EPA Region 10’s 24-hour reporting line at 206-553-1846 and leave a description of the problem, your contact information, and your MSGP tracking number.

Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) for Industrial Stormwater

This information applies to:

  • facilities in Idaho
  • facilities on Indian Country lands in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
  • federal operators in Washington
  • the Metlakatla Reservation and Denali National Park in Alaska

If your facility is not within one of the categories listed above, contact your state's stormwater program: Alaska | Oregon | Washington

Get started

  1. Do I need a permit?
  2. How do I get a permit?
  3. I have a permit, what do I do now?

Do I need a permit?

Use this chart to help you decide whether you need to apply for coverage under the MSGP:
Industrial Stormwater Decision Chart (PDF) (1 pg, 9K)

Other Guidance

What if everything we do is indoors?
You may submit a No Exposure Certification if all of your industrial materials and activities are protected by a storm resistant shelter to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snowmelt, and/or runoff. Read Appendix K of the MSGP: No Exposure Certification (PDF) (6 pp, 245K) to determine if you're eligible for exclusion from stormwater permitting.

If you're eligible, file your No Exposure Certification online.

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How do I get a permit?

The 2015 permit is available for all operators except those within the Spokane Reservation and non-tribal lands in Idaho (those operators see box below).

  1. Read the Multi-Sector General Permit (PDF) (369 pp, 3.3MB). A Technical Fact Sheet (PDF) (78 pp, 791K) is also available.
  2. Prepare a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (see guidance below)
  3. Complete the endangered species determination
  4. Complete the historic properties determination
  5. Submit your Notice of Intent (NOI) online. Electronic submittal is required in most circumstances, but you can review the information needed in Appendix G: NOI for Industrial Stormwater Discharges (NPDES Form 3510-6) (PDF) (8 pp, 269K).
  6. Wait for confirmation from EPA that your facility is covered (typically within 30 days).
Other Guidance

Operators within the Spokane Reservation and non-tribal lands in Idaho:

We expect that the Spokane Tribe and the State of Idaho will certify the permit soon, and this page will be updated when that occurs. In the interim:

A. If you have coverage under the 2008 permit, your permit continues to be administratively extended. EPA will notify you when the 2015 permit is available for you to sign up. Feel free to update your contact information with Margaret McCauley ( at 206-553-1773 to make sure a current contact is on the notification list.

B. If you are a new owner of an existing facility or a new facility, determine if you:

    1. meet the 2008 MSGP eligibility criteria; if so,
    2. file the Notice of Intent for coverage (PDF) (7 pp, 714K) with EPA Region 10: Attention: MSGP Coordinator, U.S. EPA Region 10, OWW-191, 1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 900, Seattle, WA 98101; and
    3. comply with all the requirements of the 2008 MSGP.

More information is available in our memorandum No Action Assurance for the NPDES Stormwater Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Activities (PDF) (5 pp, 490K).

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I have a permit, what do I do now?

Check for special permit conditions

    If your facility is located in the following areas, be sure to check Part 9.10 of the MSGP for details about additional permit conditions:

    • State of Idaho (except in Indian Country) (see Part 9.10.3)
    • Shoshone-Bannock Tribes (see part 10.4.1)
    • Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (see part
    • Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation (see part
    • Lummi Nation (see part
    • Puyallup Tribe of Indians (see part
    • Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (see part
    • Tulalip Tribes (see part
    • Federal operators in Washington State (see part 9.10.7)
Report compliance problems

    Call EPA Region 10’s 24-hour reporting line at 206-553-1846 and leave a description of the problem, your contact information, and your MSGP tracking number.

Reporting forms
  • MSGP Documentation Template (Word File) (22 pp, 100K) - Use these sample templates and forms to keep records of your monitoring, inspection, maintenance, visual evaluation, and corrective action activities.
  • MSGP Industrial Discharge Monitoring Report (MDMR) Form (PDF) (8 pp, 269K) - If you cannot access the EPA's online eNOI reporting system, you can use this fillable PDF to submit your analytical monitoring results to EPA. You may also use this form as a checklist for the information you will need when submitting a MDMR electronically via eNOI.
  • Annual Reporting Form (PDF) (6 pp, 234K) - Use this form to submit your annual reports to EPA that summarize your comprehensive site inspection and corrective actions taken during the year.
Industry-specific compliance information
Other guidance

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