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New NPDES Permits issued by EPA in Region 10

These are the individual permits issued by EPA Region 10 in the past six months. The Fact Sheet and Response to Comments together describe the basis for the permit terms. (Note: Every permit has a Fact Sheet, but not every permit has a Response to Comments.)

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See also draft permits which are now or were recently open for public comment, older NPDES permits issued by EPA Region 10, or general permits, as appropriate.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Commonly used abbreviations are:
Appdx - Appendix or Appendices,
FP - Final Permit,
FS - Fact Sheet,
MS4 - Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System
POTW -- publicly owned treatment works,
RtC - Response to Comments,
STP -- sewage treatment plant,
WWTP -- wastewater treatment plant,

Permits are listed in reverse chronological order.

Permittee, Location, &
Permit Number
Effective Dates
Final Permit
Fact Sheet
Response to Comments
City of Grace
Grace, ID
11/01/14 - 10/31/19City of Grace Final Permit (PDF) (29 pp, 383K)City of Grace Fact Sheet (PDF) (53 pp, 920K)City of Grace Permit Response to Comments (PDF) (3 pp, 72K)
City of Payette
Payette, ID
11/01/14 - 10/31/19City of Payette Final Permit (PDF) (38 pp, 464K)City of Payette Fact Sheet (PDF) (45 pp, 553K)City of Payette Permit Response to Comments (PDF) (3 pp, 57K)
City of Weippe
Weippe, ID
11/01/14 - 10/31/19City of Weippe Final Permit (PDF) (23 pp, 305K)City of Weippe Wastewater Treatment Plant Permit Fact Sheet (PDF) (66 pp, 1.4MB)City of Weippe Permit Response to Comments (PDF) (7 pp, 62K)
Queets Village WWTP
Taholah, WA
10/01/14 -
Queets Village WWTP Final Permit (PDF) (32 pp, 389K)Queets Village WWTP Fact Sheet (PDF) (65 pp, 603K)No comments received
Grand Coulee Dam, Washington

08/01/14 --
Grand Coulee Dam Final Permit (PDF) (23 pp, 152K)Grand Coulee Dam Fact Sheet (PDF) (40 pp, 408K)Response to Comments for Grand Coulee Dam (PDF) (1 page, 13K)
American Falls, City of, WWTP
American Falls, ID
08/01/14 - 07/31/19American Falls Final Permit (PDF) (27 pp, 154K)City of American Falls Permit Fact Sheet (PDF) (50 pp, 1.2MB)American Falls Permit Section 401 Certification (PDF) (6 pp, 346K)
American Falls Permit Response to Comments (PDF) (10 pp, 426K)
Eastern Idaho Regional Wastewater Authority's Oxbow Wastewater Treatment Plant
Shelley, ID
06/01/14 - 05/31/19Oxbow Plant Final Permit (PDF) (27 pp, 1.5MB)Oxbow Plant Permit Fact Sheet (PDF) (48 pp, 1.1MB)Oxbow Plant Permit Response to Comments (PDF) (5 pp, 379K)
Ashton, City of
Ashton, ID
04/01/14 - 03/31/19City of Ashton Final Permit (PDF) (24 pp, 136K)2013 City of Ashton Revised Fact Sheet (PDF) (43 pp, 1.3MB)
2009 City of Ashton Fact Sheet (PDF) (37 pp, 545K)
City of Ashton Permit Response to Comments (PDF) (15 pp, 235K)

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