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Region 10's Tribal Newsletter

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To submit ideas and articles for consideration, and to share your successes and challenges, contact Don Creek (, 503-326-5015 or Santina Gay ( Deadline is the 20th of each month.

The Region 10 Tribal Newsletter is a monthly EPA publication with information about environmental issues of interest to tribes in the Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

To receive the newsletter by email, contact Don Creek (, 503-326-5015.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Latest Issues

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December 2009 (PDF) (8pp., 750KB)
December 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (8pp., 1.7MB)

November 2009 (PDF) (8pp., 1MB)
November 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (10pp., 1.2MB)

October 2009 (PDF) (8pp., 1.2MB)
October 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (10pp., 1.8MB)

September 2009 (PDF) (8 pp. 725K)
September 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (10 pp. 872K)

August 2009 (PDF) (8 pp. 317K)
August 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (10 pp. 2.45MB)

July 2009 (PDF) (6pp., 66KB)
July 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (7pp., 99KB)

June 2009 (PDF) (6pp., 52KB)
June 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (8pp., 1.75MB)

May 2009 (PDF) (6pp. 47K)
May 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (6pp. 49K)

April 2009 (PDF) (6pp. 46K)
April 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (6pp. 49K)

March 2009 (PDF) (6 pp. 75K)
March 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (6 pp. 78K)

February 2009 (PDF) (6 pp. 94K)
February 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (6 pp. 96K)

January 2009 (PDF) (6 pp. 76K)
January 2009 AK Edition (PDF) (6 pp. 74K)

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