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Building A Green Future

The US Environmental Protection Agency is charged with preserving and protecting the nation’s environment, natural resources and public health. Our mission is primarily regulatory, and for years we have encouraged industries we regulate to adopt pollution prevention measures as a sound business practice in lieu of paying fines levied for violations after the fact. Because we believe that it is important for EPA to lead by example, EPA’s Region 10 office (serving Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Alaska and 265 northwest Indian tribes) opted to be one of the first federal agencies to implement a series of Presidential Executive Orders, the most recent is Executive Order 13101-- Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition, that direct federal agencies to incorporate waste prevention, reduction and recycling environmentally preferable purchasing, and pollution prevention in all agencies' daily operations and management so as to increase and expand markets for recovered materials.

EPA, Region 10 is committed to providing leadership in promoting environmentally responsible practices and purchasing. Market forces are as important as regulatory forces in bringing about environmental improvement. We hope that in sharing our achievements others may benefit from our experiences and help to increase the market demand for environmentally responsible products and practices.

In addition to solid waste prevention, recycling, recycled products and sustainable building, Region 10 will be working to develop an Environmental Management System, provide information on completed green construction projects and initiatives within EPA, Region 10 as well as links to information and activities occurring with sustainable development.

Executive Order 1301
16th Floor Tenant Improvement Project
Executive Suite Remodel
"Green" Construction Specifications
Region 10, Environmental Management System

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