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Diving with an EPA Dive Unit

Contact the Dive Team

Contact the Regional Dive Officer or a Deputy Dive Officer for more information about getting assistance from the Dive Team.

Non-EPA certified divers may accompany EPA on a dive operation at the discretion of the Unit's Dive Officer. This is typically a certified diver with a critical need to observe an EPA scientific diving operation, such as a member of the media.

For more information, refer to the following sections and appendices of EPA's Diving Safety Manual (PDF) (219 pp, 2.5MB):

  • Section 3.1.5: Diving by Non-EPA-Certified Personnel
  • Section 3.8.2: Planned Deviations – Diving by Non-EPA Divers as Observers
  • Appendix A: EPA Diving Safety Rules
  • Appendix D: Non-EPA Diver Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk & Recreational Scuba Training Council Medical Statement & Guidelines
Diving Reciprocity Agreements: To facilitate joint diving operations between EPA and colleges and universities, private institutions, grantees, states or counties, or any other agencies or entities operating in compliance with OSHA's scientific diving exemption, EPA may be able to set up diving reciprocity with your organization. Reciprocity agreements allow greater operational flexibility for a joint dive project where all divers may participate fully in sampling activities, unlike an observer diver. Please contact the Regional Dive Officer or Alternate for more details. Refer to Section 3.7 ("Reciprocity") of EPA's Diving Safety Manual (PDF) (219 pp, 2.5MB) for more details.

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