EPA ID# WAD991281874
EPA Region 10
Franklin County

4th Congressional District

Other Names: Larry Dietrich
Resource Recovery Corp.
Last Update: June, 2010

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Based on data available from investigative work, community water supplies were extended to residents whose groundwater had been or potentially could be affected by releases from the landfill. Preliminary interim actions to address source area soil and groundwater contamination by VOCs were initiated in 1996/1997. The interim actions included soil vapor extraction operating in combination with an in-well air stripping technology [NoVOCs (tm)]. The Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) phase was completed in 1999. Based on the RI/FS findings, additional interim actions were initiated at both the industrial waste areas and the municipal solid waste landfill. The PRPs conducted this work under agreed orders and unilateral orders with the state of Washington. Interim actions included: (1) expansion of the NoVOCs (tm) groundwater treatment system and soil vapor extraction system (2) installation of final landfill covers over the former municipal waste landfill and four industrial waste landfills (3) removal of one drum cell containing approximately 5,000 drums of herbicide manufacturing waste (4) institutional controls on groundwater withdrawal in the plume area.

A 6-year performance monitoring period was established to assess the effectiveness of the interim actions. In 2007, the state of Washington identified the need for additional site characterization, monitoring, and remedial system performance data to address critical data gaps. An initial phase of supplemental investigation and data collection was conducted in 2008. The initial phase of Additional Interim Action Work evaluated the performance of the existing soil vapor extraction system and the NoVOCs™ groundwater treatment system. Findings from this initial evaluation led to a discontinuation of NoVOCs™ system operations and adjustments to the existing SVE system to better optimize operational performance. For 2010, plans are in place to install an upgraded interim action SVE system. A new RCRA-compliant cap also will be installed over the former herbicide waste disposal cell. Other subsurface investigation and monitoring well installation work also will occur.

Routine groundwater monitoring and remedial system operations are ongoing. To date, the interim soil vapor extraction system has removed over 330,000 pounds of vapor-phase VOCs from soils near the industrial waste area. After the currently planned phase of supplemental data collection and remedial system modifications is completed, the PRPs will conduct a focused feasibility study. The focused feasibility study will screen and evaluate potential cleanup remedies in advance of developing a draft cleanup action plan (DCAP) for the site. The state anticipates development of the DCAP by late 2012.

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