EPA ID# WAD980514608
EPA Region 10
Spokane County

5th Congressional District

Other Names: Liberty Lake Landfill
Last Update: April, 2010

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The Greenacres Landfill site is a 58-acre landfill located near Liberty Lake, 14 miles east of Spokane, Washington. The landfill was operated as an open municipal dump from 1951 to 1972, accepting household, industrial and agricultural wastes. The landfill has contaminated the groundwater beneath and adjacent to the site with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) semi-volatile organics, and heavy metals. Approximately 2,000 people live within four miles of the site. The site is near the sole source aquifer used by 400,000 people.

Site Responsibility: This site is being addressed through State actions.

NPL Listing HistoryDates
Proposed Date:09/08/1983
Removed Date:
Withdrawal Date:
Final Date:09/21/1984
Deleted Date:

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Media Affected: Groundwater
Groundwater contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals. People who ingest or come into direct contact with contaminated ground water may be at risk. The major health hazard posed by the site is the potential movement of contaminated groundwater into the sole source aquifer.

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Capping the landfill was selected as remedy. The County of Spokane conducted the remedy under a State Order which was completed in September 1999. No further construction is anticipated. Groundwater is monitored to ensure the cap remains protective for human health and the environment.

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