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EPA Region 10
Spokane County

5th Congressional District

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Last Update: May, 2010

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The Spokane Junkyard/Associated Properties site is approximately 16 acres in size and is located in Spokane, Washington. The surrounding area is light commercial and residential, with single and multiple-family dwellings, several private businesses, and an elementary school. From the 1940s until 1983, the Spokane Junkyard accepted military surplus items, automobiles, heavy equipment, appliances, and electrical transformers. Spokane Metals Co., located next to the junkyard, recycled scrap metal including transformers and batteries from 1936 to 1983. A residential lot, a privately-owned vacant field, and an abandoned railroad right-of-way also fall within the boundaries of the site. An explosive fire in mid-1987 consumed the junkyard. During studies conducted from 1987 to 1989, EPA found elevated levels of heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in surface soils. Public and private wells located within four miles of the site supply drinking water to an estimated 165,000 people. The water from these wells is also used for irrigation. The site lies above the Spokane Valley Aquifer, a sole source aquifer.

Site Responsibility: This site has been addressed through federal and potentially responsible parties' actions.

NPL Listing HistoryDates
Proposed Date:10/14/1992
Removed Date:
Withdrawal Date:
Final Date:05/31/1994
Deleted Date:09/23/1997

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Media Affected: Soil & Sludges
Asbestos, oil containing PCBs, flammable materials, and volatile organic compounds were found at the junkyard. High levels of PCBs and lead were found in soils over the entire site. Contaminants could migrate to the groundwater beneath the site. Exposure to contaminants could occur through contact with, and ingestion of, contaminated soil.

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SITE MANAGER(S):Kevin Rochlin
E-MAIL ADDRESS:rochlin.kevin@epa.gov
PHONE NUMBER:206-553-2106
Information pertaining to this site is housed at the following location(s):
Hillyard Branch Library (Administrative Records)
4005 North Cook Street
Spokane, WA 99207

EPA Region 10 Superfund Records Center (Administrative Records)
1200 Sixth Avenue, ECL-076
Seattle, WA 98101