EPA ID# WAD027315621
EPA Region 10
Whatcom County

2nd Congressional District

Other Names: South Harkness
Last Update: August, 2007

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Media Affected: Soil & Sludges
Soil and buildings at the site were contaminated with PCBs and heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, and lead. People could have been exposed to contaminants through accidental ingestion of or direct contact with contaminated soil or building contents. The threat was removed when the cleanup was done.

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Cleanup is complete and the site has been deleted from the NPL.

Early Actions: The potentially responsible parties (PRPs) conducted an early action under a Consent Order with EPA. Approximately 14 tons of PCB-contaminated soil (>100 ppm) were excavated and incinerated at the Aptus incinerator in Utah, and over 3,750 tons of PCB-contaminated soil (<100 ppm) was disposed of in off-site hazardous waste landfills.

Long-Term Actions: In 1994, under the same Consent Order the PRPs completed an investigation to determine the nature and extent of contamination remaining at the site. Based on the results of the investigation completed subsequent to the early action, EPA determined that no further action was necessary under CERCLA, but that in order to verify that groundwater at the site remained uncontaminated after the response was completed. Five years of groundwater monitoring showed no evidence of migration of contamination.

A five year review completed by EPA on December 17, 1998 concluded that site conditions allow for unrestricted use and unlimited exposure and no further CERCLA periodic (five year) reviews are needed or will be conducted at the site. The State of Washington reviewed that report and concurred with its conclusions.

Although not part of the EPA selected remedy the State of Washington required institutional controls in the form of deed notices to inform future property owners of residual petroleum and PCB contamination. Those notices were recorded in December 1994.

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SITE MANAGER(S):Tim Brincefield
PHONE NUMBER:206-553-2100
Information pertaining to this site is housed at the following location(s):
Whatcom County Library (Administrative Records)
Public Reference Center
5205 Northwest Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

EPA Region 10 Superfund Records Center (Administrative Records)
1200 Sixth Avenue, ECL-076
Seattle, WA 98101