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Last Update: September, 2007

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The Northwest Pipe and Casing Company is 53 acres in size and located in an industrial park in Clackamas, Oregon. Pipe manufacturing and coating operations were conducted at the site from 1956 to 1985. Waste disposal activities included using trenches and pits to bury drums, wastes, coal tars, ashes from open burning and spills. On-site surface water flows into the Willamette River, which is used for fishing. Wetlands and endangered species are found along this river. Private and municipal wells within 4 miles of the site supply drinking water to an estimated 6,100 people; the nearest of these wells is within one mile of the site. Approximately 5,200 people reside within one mile of the site.

Site Responsibility: This site is being addressed through state and federal actions.

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Proposed Date:02/07/1992
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Final Date:10/14/1992
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Media Affected: Surface Water, Soil & Sludges, Groundwater
Elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) have been detected in on-site soil, sediments, surface water, and groundwater. VOCs also have been discovered in off-site groundwater. Trespassers and construction workers risk being exposed to contaminants in the soil.

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Early Actions: In the Fall of 1993, EPA took an early action, that included the demolition of on-site buildings, and constructed a fence to prevent public contact with materials on the site.

Long-Term Actions: In 1996, EPA initiated the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS), to determine the nature and extent of contamination at the site. In December 1998 two underground fuel tanks were decommissioned and removed from the site. In 1999, security patrols of the site were started to keep trespassers off the site. Following completion of the sitewide Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study in 1999, EPA issued a Proposed Plan for the Soil Operable Unit in January 2000, and a public hearing on the Proposed Plan was held on February 8, 2000. In June 2000, EPA issued a Record of Decision which selected the final soil remedy. Phase 1 of the soil remedy, which included excavation and off-site treatment or disposal of contaminated soil "hot spots" and removal of underground tanks and process piping, was conducted between August and December 2001. A total of 23,000 tons of contaminated soil was removed from the site. Phase 2 of the soil remedy, which involves placement of a two-foot cap of clean soil over areas of soil which have PCB and PAH levels exceeding the cleanup goals, was performed in 2003/2004. The clean soil cap covered approximately 29 acres. Work also included restoring a one-acre wetland on the site to compensate for filling-in several small wetland areas caused by placing the soil cap.

In January 2001, EPA issued a Proposed Plan for the Groundwater Operable Unit. Following a public comment period, EPA issued in September 2001 a Record of Decision for groundwater. The selected groundwater remedy includes installation of approximately 15 in-ground groundwater circulation wells (GCWs) to strip the contaminants out of the groundwater having the highest VOC concentrations. The stripping wells inject air into the groundwater to strip the VOCs from the groundwater. The GCWs were constructed in 2003 and placed into operation in 2004. The treatment wells will be operated for a period of five to ten years, after which natural processes will be used to attenuate groundwater contaminant levels further. EPA and the Oregon DEQ are developing institutional controls on groundwater at the site to restrict its use until groundwater cleanup goals are met.

In, October 2005, the Clackamas County Development Agency, purchased approximately 30 acres of the site known as Parcel B for redevelopment. There are immediate plans it construct a railroad spur across the site to facilitate shipping to and from an adjacent business. There are long term plans to construct a major highway and surface roads on the property.

The first five year review was completed in September 2006. The five year review identified the following issues:

-Institutional Controls (ICs) are necessary for groundwater use restrictions at the North West Development Company and Oregon
Department of Transportation (ODOT) portions of the site (Parcel A).

-Evaluate the potential for soil vapor intrusion to occur at the ODOT warehouse and offices.

-Evaluate the groundwater remedy to determine why mass removal of groundwater contaminants is not occurring as projected in the
Remedial Design.

As of September 2007, progress is being made to address all issues identified in the first five year review. The next five year review is due by September 30, 2011.

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PHONE NUMBER:206-553-1849
PHONE NUMBER:503-326-6994
Information pertaining to this site is housed at the following location(s):
Clackamas Corner Branch Library (Administrative Record)
11750 SE 82nd Avenue, Suite D
Clackamas, Oregon 97015

EPA Oregon Operations Office
811 Southwest 6th Avenue, 3rd Floor
Portland, OR 97204

EPA Region 10 Superfund Records Center (Administrative Record)
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Seattle, Washington 98101