EPA ID# WAD980511778
EPA Region 10
Spokane County

5th Congressional District

Other Names: City of Spokane Indian Trails Landfill, North Landfill
Last Update: August, 2012

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The Northside Landfill is located on a 345-acre parcel of land in northwestern Spokane, Washington. The site was established as a city landfill in 1931 and was the largest refuse disposal operation in Spokane County. The site was used for open burning until the mid-1950s, when open burning was replaced with shallow excavation and fill operations. In the 1960s, the process of covering refuse-filled trenches and canyons with soil was used. In the mid-1970s, an area fill technique was started using 20-foot lifts (20 feet thick layers) on previously buried refuse. The existing landfill stopped receiving refuse in December, 1991. More recently, a new waste disposal cell, meeting all new State requirements for landfills, was constructed. This action will allow a 15-acre parcel on-site to continue operations as a small special municipal landfill in the future. It is anticipated that Northside will be used as a demolition waste and incinerator by-pass disposal site. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have filtered into the aquifer beneath the site. The aquifer is the sole source of drinking water for the city of Spokane. Approximately 65 residents live in the area of the groundwater plume.

Site Responsibility: This site is being addressed through federal, state, potentially responsible parties and municipal actions.

NPL Listing HistoryDates
Proposed Date:10/15/1984
Removed Date:
Withdrawal Date:
Final Date:06/10/1986
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Media Affected: Groundwater, Soil & Sludges
The RI/FS indicated that solvents were present in the groundwater downgradient of the landfill. Several nearby domestic water wells were contaminated with organic solvents including tetrachloroethylene (PCE). On-site sludge contains trichloroethylene (TCE) and PCE. Potential health risks exist for individuals who ingest or come into direct contact with contaminated groundwater or sludge.

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PHONE NUMBER:206-553-1215
Information pertaining to this site is housed at the following location(s):
Spokane Public Library (Administrative Record)
906 West Main
Spokane, WA 99201

City of Spokane (Selected Documents)
Engineering Services Division
West 808 Spokane Falls Boulevard, Room 318
Spokane, WA 99201

EPA Region 10 Superfund Records Center (Administrative Record)
1200 Sixth Avenue, ECL-076
Seattle, WA 98101