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Youth Videos

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle loans videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs to residents, educators, and businesses of only Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington for up to two weeks. Locate the title you wish to receive and call (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also email your request to the PERC (; please include the Title and Item Number in your email.

TitleDescriptionYearLengthItem Number
Beach Clean-Up and Cormorant Rescue1992-93 EnviroVisions contest entry. Produced by Fremont Junior High Media Center, Roseburg, OR199212 MinutesEP-149
Careers in Water QualityGrades 9-12. Features real-life professionals who discuss their occupations and opportunities in the water quality profession.199016:20 MinutesEP-228
Conservation Kit (slides & manual) : It's About CommunityGreat for use in classroom visits or for other presentations, this kit includes two 20-minutes scripts (one aimed at kids, the other at adults), colorful slides, and some supporting material. The kit is billed as a tool for "building localized conservation commitment." It explores the issue of environmental ethics in our everyday lives, while highlighting the work and legacy of conservationist Aldo Leopold.199840 MinutesEP-340
Crisis: Planet EarthGrades 6-10. From the New Explorers series, this video discusses NASA's remote sensing program to study earth's temperature. Highlights urban heat patterns and the heat patterns of Costa Rica rain and cloud forests.199528 MinutesEP-116
Desdemona's Splash!In the game, it's your job to keep this lake clean. Your choices will make a difference!1997EPA-CD-038
Earth At Risk, The: The Ozone LayerGrades 5-12 The importance of the ozone layer - the invisible layer which protects the Earth's atmosphere - is the focus of this program. Ozone molecules are examined, and the need for an oxygen/ozone balance in the atmosphere is explained.
Schlessinger Media
199330 MinutesEP-459
E-Hazards: They're Out There...(includes pamphlet)Join investigators Wolf and Lana (children) as they carry out their mission to help protect children's health. Covers household products, second-hand smoke, pesticides, UV Light, Lead, and contaminated water.199915:12 MinutesEP-005
Ernie's Earth - Room to Roam, Parts 1-3Grades 6-10. Human land use, a finite planet, an exploding population, and healthy natural spaces. Critical reflection and creative problem-solving via Green Mapping, Eco-logical Footprints, Protecting Spaces, and the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. Winner: Silver Screen Award Us International Film & Video Festival Third Eye Mind Ltd.200585 MinutesEPA-DVD-017
Everyday ActionsEnvironmental videos by youth from South Shore School in Seattle. 2010EPA-DVD-059
Fabulous WetlandsAges K - Adult. A wacky and entertaining video featuring Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" from KING TV, Seattle, describing the bio-diversity and ecological constitution of wetlands.19897 MinutesEP-058
Forests of WashingtonElementary: Forest ecosystems and people. Middle: Forest History. High: Issues Challenge. WA Forest Protection Association199225 MinutesEP-275
Fresh WaterStudents of Freshwater High School make a difference in their community by cleaning up a creek.199115 MinutesEP-290
From the American Revolution to the Information RevolutionGrades 4-10. In two parts. The first segment (12 minutes), narrated by Benjamin Franklin, discusses the pollution problems facing the nation and the use of information technology in communicating and solving these problems. The second part consists of then EPA Administrator William Reilly's opening remarks to the 4th Annual National Environmental Information Conference, held in Philadelphia in 1991.199121 MinutesEP-095
Give the Rake a BreakMulching benefits produced by kids.19944 MinutesEP-294
H2O TV: The Groundwater VideoGrades K-8. Protecting groundwater from household and industrial pollution. Water Pollution Control Federation19899:20 MinutesEP-371
H2O TV: Wastewater TreatmentGrades K-12. An introduction to wastewater treatment and its importance to our society. Narrated by an animated dinosaur. A good introduction or alternative to a wastewater treatment plant tour. Water Environment Federation198711:15 MinutesEP-338
Healthy Seat: Healthy School EnvironmentsAssessment Tool: Helping You Keep Your Schools Healthy Places For Children To Learn2006EPA-CD-094
I Need the Earth and the Earth Needs MeGrades K-4. This video, aimed at the 4th grade level, is designed to help students appreciate the value of, and their role in, protecting the earth. Narrated by Colleen Dewhurst, it was produced by General Motors in cooperation with the US. EPA.199020 MinutesEP-062
Its Found Underground: Groundwater, Our Buried TreasureGrades K-12. Description of aquifer, groundwater systems and sanitary landfills. Narrator is fun for kids and uses child actors to motivate kids to reuse and recycle. Ecology Center of Ann Arbor199131 MinutesEP-463
Intelligence: A Challenge1992-92 EnviroVisions contest entry.19928:30 MinutesEP-152
Lead Away! Sesame MuppersTips for Children to Keep CleanEP-206
Nowhere Is Away: Portrait on a Planet in Jeopardy1992-93 EnviroVisions contest entry. Produced by Chimacum High School, Chimacum, WA19929 MinutesEP-153
Outside With Billy B.Ages 4-8 High energy video features 30 minutes of wild, zany fun for young children. Learn to move like a bee or "sprout" like a flower.199430 MinutesEP-457
Planning for Fun and Success!Educating young people about water. Univ. of Wisconsin-Extension: Environmental Resources Center199553 MinutesEP-316
Preserve the Balance1992-93 EnviroVisions contest first place winner. Produced by Olympic High School, Siverdale, WA199212 MinutesEP-150
Preventing Pollution in My Community1992-93 EnviroVisions contest entry.19928 MinutesEP-148
Race Against TomorrowYoung Matt Hammond (Doogie Howser, M.D.’s Max Casella) thinks environmental concerns are a lot of nonsense—until he gets a glimpse of the future and sees what life might become, with deserted towns, undrinkable water, and unbreathable air. This drama shows what will happen if we do not keep our promise to save the earth, and dramatizes the difference each of us can make. 199347 MinutesEP-460
Save Planet PollutoGrade 4-8. This interactive CD provides "edutainment" for students about ground-level ozone and actions that can be taken to improve air quality. High-quality graphics, animation, and audio reinforce the game-like nature of the program: Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.2001EPA-CD-059
Save The Earth: A How To VideoJoin the "Save the Earth Brigade" in combing the globe exploring solutions to serious environmental problems.199060 MinutesEP-010
Shop Smart: Save Money and Reduce TrashGrades 4-6. Contestants learn about recycling.19991:30 MinutesEP-057
Spaceship Earth: Our Global EnvironmentHosted by young people, creates a vision of the "global village" as students talk about three environmental problems: deforestation, global warming, and ozone depletion. Recommended for grades 7-12.199125 MinutesEP-170
Spectacular DiscoveriesRecycling - second place winner in EnviroVision contest.199310:27 MinutesEP-140
Stream BugsGrades 4-12. Informative film about how to make a kick net and use it to collect bugs that live in the water. The film also shows how to categorize the bugs to determine how healthy the stream is. Kitsap County PUD20 MinutesEP-341
Taking Science from School to Work through Environmental SciencePresents concrete relationships that exist between scientific principles and various careers. Covers Environmental Science. Produced by the School Company.199415 MinutesEP-040
The Adventures of Camouflage Kid: Clean Streets/Clean BeachesGrades 3-8. The video focuses on young people and littering, showing the harmful effects thoughtless littering has in the community. It follows the route litter thrown on the streets can take to beaches and oceans. The video conveys the message that each young person must be "a friend to the environment" and shows how preserving the environment can be fun. New York Department of Environmental Protection; EPA Region 2199416:49 MinutesEP-214
The Groundwater Adventure (includes activity book)Grades K-8. Defines ground water and uses a simulated computer game to demonstrate how pollution can occur from various sources. Water Pollution Control Federation19879:20 MinutesEP-416
The Surface Water Video - includes teacher & student guidesCreates awareness about the water cycle and non-point source pollution using TV news broadcasting style. Recommended for grades 7-9. A teacher's guide and student workbook included.19889 MinutesEP-068
Think Twice: Teens and Mass ConsumptionCreated in collaboration with a high school classroom, this video uses the voices of real teens to question the motivation behind current levels of consumption in the United States, and is sure to facilitate classroom discussion about the causes and effects of this modern American issue.20036 MinutesEP-443
Time & Time Again : RecycleGrade K-12. Takes you through the advanced stages of recycling. Hosted by students from John Marshall High School. 199415 MinutesEP-014
Water On EarthLearning to care for out water supplies. 1992-93 Envirovisions contest third place winner.199214 MinutesEP-147
What Are Wetlands1992-93 EnviroVisions contest entry.19928 MinutesEP-151
With an Eye to the EarthGrade 6-adult. The fragility and pollution problems of earth as seen from space through satellite images. Also discusses plans for "Mission to Planet Earth", a multi-satellite ecological research program.199014 MinutesEP-113
Yakety Yak: Take it BackThe music video features entertainment celebrities in an updated version of "Yakety Yak" retooled with a message about recycling.199145 MinutesEP-455
Zardip's Search for Healthy Wellness - Environmental Health Grades 1-5 Zardip learns about the effects of pollution on Earth and what we can do to solve the problems of pollution.199415 Minutes EP-456

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