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Ecosystems Videos

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle loans videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs to residents, educators, and businesses of only Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington for up to two weeks. Locate the title you wish to receive and call (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also email your request to the PERC (; please include the Title and Item Number in your email.

TitleDescriptionYearLengthItem Number
Alaska Gold: A War of Resources: The Fish or the Mine?FRONTLINE travels to Alaska to prove the fault lines of a growing battle between those who depend on the Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska, home to the last great wild Sockeye salmon fishery in the world for a living, the mining companies who are pushing to extract enormous amounts of mineral deposits, estimated to be worth some $300 billion, and the political framework that will ultimately decide the outcome.201260 MinutesEPA-DVD-063
Alien InvadersEffects of invasive species as seen in the future.199831:45 minutesEP-447
Ancient Forests: Vanishing Legacy of the Pacific NorthwestExamines old growth forests and the problems they face from timber harvesting.198912 MinutesEP-112
Arctic Wildlife Refuge: A Wilderness in PerilExamines the Coastal Plain region of the refuge, the great caribou migrations, and the pressures and problems resulting from the proposed oil development.198715 MinutesEP-111
BiodiversityExploring the Web of Life. WWF, WQED Pittsburgh, and Earth Force.1997EP-350
Bridge to a Sustainable FutureThis CD-ROM was developed to support the Technology for a Sustainable Future Initiative sponsored by The White House. VP Al Gore presented this title at Earth Week '95.1995EPA-CD-003
Clean Green - PhytoremediationPlants to control contamination.199815 MinutesEP-329
Empty Promises Empty NetsDiscusses important treaties signed for fishing rights for Columbia-regional native tribes, and the place the treaties play in the international implications of salmon fishing.199430 MinutesEP-411
Environment Hong Kong 1988A report on achievements made in 1997 by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department.1988EPA-CD-081
Environmental DredgingThis video reviews environmental dredging of lakes, rivers and bays, utilizing special equipment and procedures to remove contaminated sediments with a minimum of impact on our aquatic resources.20007 MinutesEP-122
From Beneath the AshesDocumentary exploring the role fire plays in the life cycle of forests and prairies.198827:51 Minutes EP-462
Global Warming: What's Up With The WeatherPonder the questions that are puzzling weather scientists all over the world – and gain new insight into what the future might hold for our species and our planet.2007112 minutesEPA-DVD-030
Gypsy Moth ThreatDepicts the defoliation problems associated with both the European and the Asian Gypsy Moth, including a look at east coast devastation. Also examines the trapping and eradication programs.199214 MinutesEP-109
If Trees Could TalkThe story of Jacksonville's historic woodlands.199620 minutesEP-448
Join Together - Recover, Recycle and Re-use Log Bundling StrandEnvironment Canada: Ocean Disposal Program20028 MinutesEP-415
Last Chance for the Pacific Salmon - Parts 1 & 2Grade 6-adult. Explores ripairian zone restoration and watershed.19961 HourEP-079
Linking Girls to the Land: Working Together to Conserve Natural Resources - Included guideThis video demonstrates some of the benefits and forms that partnerships between Girl Scout councils and federal natural resource agencies can take. It also illustrates the importance of multi-agency partnerships to provide needed conservation and environmental education opportunities for participants from more diverse audiences and under represented areas to insure Girl Scouting for Every Girl Every Where.200413 MinutesEP-398
Logging Forests: How Much Is Enough?Look at a battle in the Tsitka Valley of British Columbia where protesters are attempting to block the logging of a pre-approved site.199427 MinutesEP-078
Long Live the Kings: Return of the Wild SalmonChronicles efforts in the Pacific NW that are helping to increase salmon population1995EP-243
Man and the Biosphere: The Tropical RainforestThis program looks at the ecosystem of the rain forest: the height of the trees and the adaptation of leaves to heavy rainfall; the richness and variety of plant and animal life; the role of lianes, epiphytes, bromeliads, and carnivorous plants; the ecological roles of marsupials and monkeys, birds and mammals, herbivores and carnivores; and the unique insect life.
Films for the Humanities & Sciences
199128 MinutesEP-461
Matter of TrustPart III of the Chinook Trilogy199530 MinutesEP-412
Natural ConnectionsFocuses on the interconnectedness among different species and their ecosystems, and how our everyday actions affect the environment. All ages. Footage of dam construction.199948 MinutesEP-015
Path of the SalmonSnake river overfishing, dams.13:30 MinutesEP-011
Puget Sound Biodiversity: An Interactive Atlas of Extended Gap AnalysisA practical tool for biodiversity conservation.1996EPA-CD-012
Putting the e in everythingQuestions and answers from a e-business conference.2000EPA-CD-031
Return of the PlanktonShows the wealth of life in the Puget Sound marine ecosystems.200427 MinutesEPA-DVD-006
Revegetation With Native PlantsInvasive species20009:30 MinutesEP-349
Riparian Grazing Management by ObjectivesSpecific examples of objectives, techniques, developments, and strategies to consider.199213 MinutesEP-207
Riparian RevivalThe Elk Creek Demonstration Area (Blue Mountain Natural Resources Institute)EP-272
Salmon Homecoming CelebrationLessons from indigenous pop.19957 MinutesEP-321
Salmon...On the BrinkProgram looks at the history of the salmon situation and the potential impact of the Endangered Species Act listing of Chinook salmon on Washington's economy28:45 MinutesEP-435
Salmon: Restoring The LegacyA good overview of the issues at stake in salmon recovery under the Endangered Species Act.200016 MinutesEP-099
Saving Salmon is in Our HandsA keystone to our economy; what we can do to save them.20009 MinutesEP-434
Sustaining America's Agriculture - High tech and horse senseDescribes how farmers and ranchers minimize environmental impacts while maximizing production.199229 MinutesEP-436
The Man Who Planted TreesAcademy Award - Best Animated Film. Man's quest for water. All ages.198730 MinutesEP-289
The Salmon ExchangeInstructional Broadcast Center - Program #1428:05 MinutesEP-322
The SoundPuget Sound multimedia with Tutorial Guide1997EPA-CD-074
The Watershed Chronicles (6 part series)Includes From the Clouds to the Sea curriculum - Teaching about watersheds, wetlands and streams, each segment presents a fun overview of the curriculum manual.199840 MinutesEP-399
Thirty Years of National Geographic SpecialsFrom the delicate rhythms of the natural world to the many faces of human culture, 30 Years of National Geographic Specials chronicles a visual saga of humankind's quest for knowledge.199490 MinutesEP-458
Through Salmon EyesTells the traditional story of Salmon Woman and the promises made to get salmon to returnEP-235
Time Forgotten on the Oregon CoastNW Film Center, Coastal Studies199419 MinutesEP-252
Wide Beach DevelopmentSite Demonstration: Aostra-Taciuk Soiltech199115 MinutesEP-250
Yellowlegs, Eelgrass, and TideflatsLooks at the estuaries and saltwater marshes in the Puget Sound basin and coastal regions emphasizing the variety of wildlife common to these areas.198728 MinutesEP-059

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