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Hazardous & Solid Waste Videos

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle loans videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs to residents, educators, and businesses of only Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington for up to two weeks. Locate the title you wish to receive and call (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also email your request to the PERC (epa-seattle@epa.gov); please include the Title and Item Number in your email.

TitleDescriptionYearLengthItem Number
Acidic Drainage: Meeting the Environmental ChallengeSulphide-rich mine wastes and mine openings.199520 MinutesEP-407
Beyond Business as Usual - Meeting the ChallengeExplores the struggle to reduce hazardous waste and examines the role of government, industry and communities in reducing the threat.198829 MinutesEP-037
Bill Nye The Science Guy: GarbageGrades 4 and up By digging up the dirt on garbage in ever-expanding landfills from New York to Florida, Bill Nye exposes vast amounts of non-biodegradable waste humans create.
Languages: English, Spanish
26 MinutesEPA-DVD-046
Crisis as OpportunityOverview of Seattle's solid waste management.11:30 MinutesEP-186
Deadline on a Landfill UpdateRCRA Subtitle D requirements for landfills.199325 MinutesEP-188
Dirty BombPotential Impact of Low-Tech High-Impact Bombs20031 HourEP-257
EPA Federal UST ProgramUnderground Storage TankEP-330
ERT's Fast Water Oil Spill Training CourseA description of the 3-day training course used to prepare for handling spills in a fast water environment.200810:15 MinutesEP-451
Gone With The WasteOriented toward the Southeast, this tape discusses the types of solid waste produced in this region, and how these waste products are presently being disposed of. Also discussed are ways of reducing the amount of waste that is now being sent to landfills through source reduction, recycling and combustion. A good introduction to the solid waste problem.199216:32 MinutesEP-192
Hazardous Waste Reduction: It's Your BusinessGrade 9-adult. Fast-paced, amusing video providing insight into the importance of waste reduction by using case studies and humor. Hosted by Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" from KING TV, Seattle.19908 MinutesEP-076
Importing DutiesGovernment's Changing Approach to Compliance and EPA Briefing.80 MinutesEP-280
Investigation and Clean-Up of Wood Treatment SitesThis production delves into the cleanup efforts that are currently underway at wood treating sites in the northwestern and southeastern United States.19927:30 MinutesEP-123
Keeping It Clean: Making Safe and Spill-Free MotorDirected primarily at petroleum tank drivers, this program describes Stage 1 vapor recovery, overfill prevention, and spill contaminant. Also has important information for tank owners and operators who must select, label, and maintain a variety of pollution control equipment.199224 MinutesEP-129
Operation Border CrossingSan Ysidro, CA full-field hazmat training exercise. Results of simulated hazmat scenario. This video highlights a full-field hazardous materials and modified functional exercise designed to serve as a training tool for first responders.19927 MinutesEP-124
Our Waste, Our ResponsibilityMoving Toward A Pollution Prevention Approach in the Healthcare Industry

Designed to increase awareness of the problematic nature of waste management in the healthcare industry, and propose solutions that illustrate a pollution prevention approach to that problem.
20 MinutesEP-429
Pay As You ThrowA new trend in sustainable solid waste management.19982:51 MinutesEP-437
RCRA Orientation ProgramProvides an overview of the functions and components of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.199165 MinutesEP-094
Steel Can Recycling PSA'sPrimary grades to adult Three public service announcements using old movies (recycling movies) to express recycling messages. There are short and long versions of each of the three advertisements plus a radio commercial on recycling.19935 MinutesEP-432
teensThere are an estimated 4,000 uncontrolled hazardous waste dump sites in the United States. This program defines hazardous wastes and discusses ways of dealing with them. (slides & cassette)20 MinutesEP-0013387
The Samoan WayEnvironmental Cleanup of Toxic Waste13 MinutesEP-375
The Toxic GoldrushCleaning up the environment has become a growth industry, with companies that dispose of hazardous materials in great demand across the country. But will they really do the job of cleaning the air, water, and land, or will inappropriate technologies and sloppy practices merely transform and spread the poisons we want to eliminate? The program examines whether the plans and plants on the drawing boards are safe and whether we should build more disposal sites, along with other issues.198826 MinutesEP-042
Tillamook Mead ProjectDairy digester.1992EP-055
Toxic Chemicals: Information is the Best DefenceA community drafts a Hazardous Materials Disclosure Ordinance as a result of a local industry with abandoned toxic waste and chemical contamination of ground water.198626 MinutesEP-022
Waste Prevention Pays - Businesses Cut Costs by Cutting WasteEPA WasteWise televised workshop1998EP-424
Waste Tires: Where Do We Go From Here?Highlights tire disposal problems facing Washington and considers their solutions. Intended to serve as an aid in making future decisions. Includes consideration of landfill problems, fire hazards, and environmental risks.198917 MinutesEP-092

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