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Regional Priorities - Oil and Gas

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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Our Goal: To address energy issues in a manner which protects public health and the environment; streamlines the permitting of exploration, extraction, and transportation of oil and gas resources in Alaska; and allows for consultation with tribal governments and other entities.

Oil and gas exploration and development in Alaska is increasing significantly in an attempt to meet national energy needs, and it is expanding beyond the traditional geographic areas most commonly developed. This expansion has raised concerns about potential degradation of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic environments. Additionally, tribal subsistence activities may be at risk, and trust responsibilities of the federal government to the tribes require government-to-government consultation.

The Focus of Our Efforts
  • NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Review and/or Preparation (as Lead Agency) of Environmental Impact Statements
  • NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permitting
  • UIC (Underground Injection Control) Compliance and Enforcement
  • New Air Source Permitting on the Outer Continental Shelf
  • Wetlands and Ocean Disposal
  • Government-to-government consultation with Tribes

From the Regional Administrator

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From the Regional Administrator (52k)
Introduction (111k)

North Slope Crude Oil Production Facility, Courtesy of Joint Pipeline Office, AlaskaEnvironmental Outcomes by 2007
North Slope Drill Rig, Courtesy of Joint Pipeline Office, AlaskaEnvironmental Indicators for Measuring Success

Alaska Oil & Gas Areas: North Slope (NPR-A and ANWR,), Cook Inlet & the Trans Alaska Pipeline
Alaska Oil and Gas Areas

Key Actions: Next 1-2 Years

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