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Superfund Publications

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The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle offers publications to anyone in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington. Locate the publication you wish to receive and call 1 (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also send email to the PERC ( or use the Publication Order Form.

If you live outside the four states listed above, or cannot find the publication you desire, you can find thousands of additional publications through the National Center for Environmental Publications and Information.

Publication NamePublication Description
Beyond Compliance: Supplemental Environmental Projects
Description of SEP's
EPA 325-R-01-001
January 2001
Book, 37 pages
Bioavailability of Arsenic and Lead in Environmental Substrates
Results of an oral dosing study if immature swine
EPA 910-R-96-002
February 1996
Technical, 57 pages
Brownfields Road Map at a Glance
This at a glance road map was develop to assist a broad audience of brownfields stakeholders in identifying and selecting innovative site characterization and cleanup technologies during the redevelopment process.
EPA 542-H-05-001
September 2005
Brownfields Technology Primer: Requesting and evaluating proposals that encourage innovative technologies for investigation and cleanup
Innovative technologies and streamlined strategies for assessing, characterizing, monitoring, and remediating contamination have potential to minimize the cost and time required to clean up brownfields sites.
EPA 542-R-01-005
February, 2001
Booklet, 49pages
Brownfields Technology Primer: Selecting and Using Phytoremediation for Site Cleanup
The Brownfields Technology Support Center has developed this document to provide an educational tool for site owners, project managers, and regulators to help evaluate the applicability of the phytoremediation process at brownfields sites.
EPA 542-R-01-006
July 2001
Report, 32 pages
Brownfields Technology Primer: Vapor Intrusion Considerations for Redevelopment
This primer is designed for land revitalization stakeholders1 concerned about vapor intrusion,
including property owners, municipalities, and real estate developers.
EPA 542-R-08-001
March 2009
Booklet, 43 pages
Bunker Hill Superfund Site Volume 1 (CD-ROM)EPA CD-057
August 1995
Bunker Hill Superfund Site Volume 2 (CD-ROM)EPA CD-056
April 1998
Cleaning Up the Nation's Waste Sites: Markets and Technology Trends 2004 Edition
Information on the nature and extent of the future cleanup market.
EPA 542-R-04-015
September 2004
Report, 270 pages
Competitive Brownfield Development - Project Management and Market Strategies
US - German bilateral Working Groujp. Workshop 2 of 6.
EPA 600-C-05-002
Ecological Revitalization:
Turning Contaminated Properties Into Community Assets
EPA 542-R-08-03
February 2009
Booklet, 80 pages
Green Remediation: Best Management Practices for Excavation and Surface Restoration
This fact sheet is one of a series describing best management practices (BMPs) for green remediation, which holistically addresses a cleanup project.
EPA 542-F-08-012
December 2008
Fact Sheet, 4 pages
Green Remediation: Incorporating Sustainable Environmental Practices into Remediation of Contaminated Sites
This primer outlines the principles of green remediation and describes opportunities to reduce the footprint of cleanup activities throughout the life of a project.
EPA 542-R-08-002
April 2008
Report, 48 pages
Improving Sampling, Analysis, and Data Management for Site Investigation and Cleanup
The U.S. EPA supports the adoption of streamlined approaches to sampling, analysis, and data management activities conducted during site assessment, characterization, and cleanup.
EPA 542-F-01-030A
April 2001
Flyer, 4 pages
Incorporating Sustainable Practices into Site Remediation
This introduction is the first of a series of fact sheets on the opportunities for implementing best management practices (BMPs) of green remediation.
EPA 542-F-08-002
April 2008
Fact Sheet, 2 pages
Mine Site Cleanup for Brownfields Redevelopment:
A Three-Part Primer
EPA 542-R-05-030
November 2005
Booklet, 84 pages
Removing Blight From Small Town Main Street,
Examples of rural Brownfield projects in Region 10.
EPA 910-F-05-003
Fact Fheet, 2 pages
Road Map to Understanding Innovative Technology Options for Brownfields Investigation and Cleanup, Fourth Edition
Citizen’s Guides to Understanding Innovative Treatment Technologies. View or download pdf files on the Road Map CD-ROM
EPA 542-B-05-001
September 2005
Book, 158
Superfund Cleanup at Bunker Hill: An Overview
Bunker Hill history, timeline, and cleanup.
EPA 910-R-99-009
April 1999
Booklet, 13 pages
Superfund Community Involvement Handbook
This handbook presents legal and policy requirements for Superfund community involvement and additional suggestions for involving the community in the Superfund process.
EPA 540-K-01-003
April 2002
Handbook, 930 pages
Superfund Today: Superfund Site In My Backyard!
Do you know how to find out about the cleanup of a hazardous waste site in your community?
EPA 540-F-98-053
Brochure, 8 pages
Superfund, TRI, EPCRA, RMP & Oil Information Center
Information on the Superfund Call Center
Flyer, 6 panels
Sustainable Reuse of Brownfields
Brownfields success stories and sources of more information.
EPA 560-F-06-247
October 2006
Brochure; 6 pages
Technical Approaches to Characterizing and Cleaning up Brownfields Sites
This guidance document gives assistance to communities, decision-makers, states and municipalities, academia, and the private sector to address issues related to the redevelopment of Brownfield sites.
November 2001
Report; 65 pages
Technical Approaches to Characterizing and Redeveloping Brownfields Sites: Municipal Landfills and Illegal Dumps, Site Profile
The guidance document gives assistance to communities, decision-makers, states and municipalities, academia, and the private sector to address issues related to the redevelopment of Brownfields sites,
EPA 625/R-02/002
January 2002
Report; 72 pages
This is Superfund -- A Citizen's Guide to EPA's Superfund Program
Answers questions about the Superfund Program.
EPA 540-K-93-008
March 1994
Brochure, 15 pages
Turning Bases Into Great Places
New life for closed military facilities
EPA 231-R-06-002
January 2006
Booklet, 43 pages
Using the DWSRF to Support Brownfield Redevelopment
The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) was established by the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Amendments to provide loans to publicly and privately owned public water systems.
EPA 816-F-06-044
August 2006
Pamphlet, 8 pages
Using the Triad Approach to Streamline Brownfields Site Assessment and Cleanup:
Brownfields Technology Primer Series
EPA 542-B-03-002
June 2003
Booklet 44 pages
What is EPA's Brownfields Program?
How can it benefit your community?
EPA 910-K-03-001
Leaflet, 4 pages
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