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Remember the Past...Protect the Future

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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The Environmental Protection Agency was created in 1970. There's nothing ambiguous about the name we were given. You expect nothing less from us than the protection of our country's rich environment. Your representatives in Congress enact laws from which EPA derives its basic authority and direction. These laws are by turns incredibly complex, far-reaching, and ambitious. Putting these laws into practice is not small chore.

While there are compelling reasons to promote basic consistency in environmental protection across the entire country, EPA also believes it is sensible to craft solutions that 'fit' more localized circumstances. In creating regional offices throughout the country, EPA has chosen to cultivate a familiarity with the people, the public and private organizations, and of course, the environment its work affects. EPA Region 10 has taken this approach a bit further, locating staff in 11 offices throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Remember the Past ... Protect the Future for Region 10 highlights the state of our environment before the first Earth Day 30 years ago which preceded the creation of the EPA. From the polluted Willamette River in Oregon to severe contamination in Idaho's Panhandle. It also features the strides we have made since that time to create a healthier Pacific Northwest and Alaska. From support of local efforts to protect valuable watersheds to federal cleanup of Superfund sites. You will see just how far we have come, and how much work remains to restoring and maintain a healthy environment.

For a copy of the report, download it here, or contact us by email or phone

The report is broken into 10 sections for ease of downloading. Each file is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, which can be downloaded for free. The file size is indicated in parentheses.

Remember the Past...Protect the Future

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