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Northwest Water Issues Survey

Pacific Northwest Regional Water Quality Coordination Project
Land Grant Universities, Water Research Institutes and EPA Region 10 have formed a partnership to provide research and education to communities about protecting or restoring the quality of water resources. This partnership is being supported in part by the USDA’s Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension System (CSREES). The goal of this Project is to provide leadership for water resources research, education and outreach to help people, industry and governments to prevent and solve current and emerging water quality and quantity problems. The approach to achieving this goal is for the Partners to develop a coordinated regional water quality effort based on, and strengthening, individual state programs.

As part of their efforts to develop baseline information for educational programming, a "water issues" survey was conducted. The survey was mailed at random to 1,780 Region 10 households. The information is of interest from many viewpoints. For example, statistically valid survey results indicated the public considers water issues very important. Over 90% of Region 10 respondents considered clean drinking water, clean rivers and clean groundwater very important. Second in importance to respondents were wetlands, preservation of salmon runs, watershed restoration and water for recreation. People surveyed were likely to get their water information from television and newspapers, and less likely to receive it from universities and state agencies. Respondents believed urban waste to be the major pollutant in each state.

View the Results of the Water Issue Survey (PDF) (80 pp. 155K)

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