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Request for Input on Puget Sound Funding Priorities


Comments are requested by June 23.

Contact Chris Castner ( at (206) 553-6517 or Linda Anderson-Carnahan ( at (206) 553-2601.

Or mail comments to: EPA Region 10, Attn: Linda Anderson-Carnahan, 1200 Sixth Ave, Suite 900, ETPA-087, Seattle, WA 98101.

Concept/Options Paper: Proposed Plan for Allocating Fiscal Year 2010 Puget Sound Appropriation (PDF) (9pp, 81K) - May 24, 2010

EPA Region 10 is preparing an approach for disbursing Fiscal Year 2010 (FY10) Puget Sound appropriation funds through a series of Requests for Proposals (RFPs). EPA's FY10 Appropriation Language provides the Agency with $50 million for the protection and restoration of Puget Sound.

The appropriation language specifies:

In an effort to carry out EPA’s responsibilities under the FY10 appropriation language, EPA coordinated with the State, Tribes, and others stakeholders with interest in Puget Sound. EPA sought input through ‘listening sessions’ with the Puget Sound Partnership, Leadership Council, Science Panel, Ecosystem Protection Board, Tribes and Tribal Consortia, Federal, State and Environmental Caucuses and other interested parties. The Concept/Options Paper reflects the input received.

Comments requested

EPA is specifically seeking comment on the following issues addressed in the Concept/Options Paper: In addition, other comments on this concept/options paper are welcome.

Send comments to Linda Anderson-Carnahan ( and Chris Castner ( by June 23.

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