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Washington Cleanup Sites

Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites
Indian Land Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites
Washington Department of Ecology Contacts

Brownfields, Oil, RCRA Corrective Action Superfund Sites
Click on the triangle near the row heading to re-sort the table. "Type of site" include National Priorities List (NPL) and RCRA Corrective Action (RCRA CA) sites. Sites not associated with any particular city will show near the bottom of the list. Note: Completed removal sites are not included on this list.

StateSorted ascendingCityCan be sorted ascendingTitleCan be sorted ascendingType of SiteCan be sorted ascending
WashingtonVancouverCamp Bonneville SiteBRAC
WashingtonBrownfields and Washington StateBrownfields
WashingtonLoomisSilver Mountain MineDeleted NPL
WashingtonEversonNortwest Transformer (South Harkness Street)Deleted NPL
WashingtonSpokaneSpokane Junkyard and Associated PropertiesDeleted NPL
WashingtonNorth BonnevilleHamilton Island Landfill (USA/COE)Deleted NPL
WashingtonVancouverUSDOE BPA Ross Complex Deleted NPL
WashingtonRichlandHanford 1100-Area (USDOE)Deleted NPL
WashingtonVancouverAlcoa SmelterDeleted NPL
WashingtonOak HarborUSNAVY Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island (Seaplane)Deleted NPL
WashingtonYakimaYakima Plating CompanyDeleted NPL
WashingtonYakimaPesticide Lab (Yakima)Deleted NPL
WashingtonFort LewisFort Lewis (Landfill No. 5)Deleted NPL
WashingtonBrush PrairieToftdahl DrumsDeleted NPL
WashingtonMarysvilleTulalip LandfillDeleted NPL
WashingtonEversonNorthwest Transformer (Mission Pole)Deleted NPL
WashingtonTacomaUSAF McChord Air Force Base (Wash Rack Treatment Area)Deleted NPL
WashingtonChelanHolden MineMining
WashingtonVancouverVancouver Water Station #1 ContaminationNPL
WashingtonKentWestern Processing Company, Inc.NPL
WashingtonWellpinitMidnite Mine Superfund SiteNPL
WashingtonMicaMica LandfillNPL
WashingtonOak HarborUSNAVY Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island (Ault)NPL
WashingtonRichlandHanford - WashingtonNPL
WashingtonKentMidway LandfillNPL
WashingtonSilverdaleBangor Naval Submarine BaseNPL
WashingtonSpokaneFairchild Air Force Base (4 Waste Areas)NPL
WashingtonKeyportNaval Undersea Warfare Center (4 Areas)NPL
WashingtonChehalisAmerican Crossarm & Conduit Co.NPL
WashingtonSeattleHarbor Island (Lead)NPL
WashingtonLakewoodLakewood SiteNPL
WashingtonYakimaFMC Corp. Yakima Superfund SiteNPL
WashingtonBellinghamOeser CompanyNPL
WashingtonPascoPasco Sanitary LandfillNPL
WashingtonSpokaneOld Inland PitNPL
WashingtonKentSeattle Municipal Landfill (Kent Highlands)NPL
WashingtonFort LewisFort Lewis Logistics CenterNPL
WashingtonTumwaterPalermo Well Field Groundwater ContaminationNPL
WashingtonRichlandHanford 300-Area (USDOE)NPL
WashingtonColbertColbert LandfillNPL
WashingtonMeadKaiser Aluminum Mead WorksNPL
WashingtonRentonPacific Car and Foundry (PACCAR)NPL
WashingtonRichlandHanford 200-Area (USDOE)NPL
WashingtonVancouverFrontier Hard Chrome, Inc.NPL
WashingtonVancouverVancouver Water Station #4 ContaminationNPL
WashingtonSeattlePacific Sound ResourcesNPL
WashingtonRichlandHanford 100-Area (USDOE)NPL
WashingtonSpokaneGreenacres LandfillNPL
WashingtonChehalisHamilton-Labree Roads Groundwater Contamination Superfund SiteNPL
WashingtonBremertonJackson Park Housing Complex (USNAVY)NPL
WashingtonCentraliaCentralia Municipal LandfillNPL
WashingtonTacomaCommencement Bay-South Tacoma ChannelNPL
WashingtonSilverdaleBangor Ordnance Disposal (USNAVY)NPL
WashingtonPort HadlockUSNAVY Port Hadlock Detachment Naval Ordnance Ctr Pac DivNPL
WashingtonManchesterOld Navy Dump/Manchester Lab (USEPA/NOAA)NPL
WashingtonSpokaneGeneral Electric Co. (Spokane Shop)NPL
WashingtonSpokaneNorthside LandfillNPL
WashingtonMaple ValleyQueen City FarmsNPL
WashingtonTacomaCommencement Bay-Nearshore TideflatsNPL
WashingtonTacomaUSAF McChord AFB American Lake GardensNPL
WashingtonPuyallupHidden Valley Landfill (Thun Field)NPL
WashingtonBremertonPuget Sound Naval Shipyard ComplexNPL
WashingtonSpokaneNorth Market StreetNPL
WashingtonSeattleLockheed West Seattle NPL
WashingtonSeattleLower Duwamish Waterway Superfund SiteNPL
WashingtonMoses LakeMoses Lake Wellfield Contamination Superfund SiteNPL
WashingtonBainbridge IslandWyckoff-Eagle Harbor Superfund SiteNPL
WashingtonSeattleLockheed West Seattle NPL
Hide details for WashingtonWashingtonNeah BayMakah Reservation Warmhouse Beach Dump SiteNPL
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WashingtonBainbridge IslandSumas Mountain AsbestosNPL
WashingtonMarysvilleBoeing Tulalip Test SiteNPL Equivalent
WashingtonChehalisCoal Creek - Ross ElectricNPL Equivalent
WashingtonLongviewWeyerhaeuser Oil TankOil
WashingtonRentonOlympic Pipeline Sample Line Gasoline SpillOil
WashingtonTacomaUS Oil Jet Fuel SpillOil
WashingtonBellevueBP Tank Truck Accident - BellevueOil
WashingtonSeaTacSeaTac OilspillOil
WashingtonBremertonBremerton Gasworks Superfund SiteOil
WashingtonTacomaTacoma Tar PitsPart of NPL site
WashingtonTacomaAsarco Smelter - RustonPart of NPL site
WashingtonTacoma WAMiddle WaterwayPart of NPL site
WashingtonTacomaHylebos WaterwayPart of NPL site
WashingtonTacomaThea Foss, Wheeler-Osgood WaterwayPart of NPL site
WashingtonSeattleWest Waterway Tributyltin (TBT)Part of NPL site
WashingtonTacomaOlympic View Removal Action and MonitoringPart of NPL site
WashingtonSeattle, WashingtonJorgensen Forge Early Action AreaPart of NPL site
WashingtonRCRA Corrective Action Sites in WashingtonRCRA CA
WashingtonSeattleRhone-Poulenc IncorporatedRCRA CA
WashingtonUpper Columbia River Site StudyRemedial
WashingtonNighthawkKaaba-Texas Mine Removal, Nighthawk, WARemoval
WashingtonSeattleMalarkey Asphalt CompanyRemoval
WashingtonBenton CountyAlexander Farms, Benton County, WARemoval
WashingtonVancouverBoomsnub 2001 RemovalRemoval
WashingtonFidalgo IslandPM Northwest Removal SiteRemoval
WashingtonTwispAlder Gold and Copper MillRemoval
WashingtonKentJapanese Auto WreckingRemoval
WashingtonNorthportLe Roi SmelterRemoval
WashingtonEnumclawKoopman DairyRemoval
WashingtonColvilleColville Post and Poles, Inc.Removal
WashingtonGrandview Pesticide FireRemoval
WashingtonReardanEuclid Road Groundwater SiteRemoval
WashingtonTacomaThea Foss Abandoned DrumsRemoval
WashingtonBothellHorse Creek Mystery SpillRemoval
WashingtonLeadpointAnderson-Calhoun Mine and MillRemoval
WashingtonSeattleBoeing Electronics Manufacturing Facility (EMF) SiteRemoval
WashingtonSeattleBasin OilRemoval Assessment
WashingtonLake TappsLake Tapps Abandoned DrumsResponse
WashingtonSkywayJunior's Trucking Tire FireResponse
WashingtonIssaquahIssaquah Mini-Storage ResponseResponse
WashingtonSeattleLake Washington Dry DocksResponse
WashingtonYakimaYakima Reservation Pesticide DumpResponse
WashingtonVancouverDorothy Avenue Mercury SiteResponse
WashingtonYakimaYakima Residential Mercury ReleaseResponse
WashingtonColvilleBonanza MillSite Assessment
WashingtonRentonQuendall TerminalsSite Assessment
WashingtonWhatcom CountySumas Mountain Asbestos DocumentsSite Assessment
WashingtonSpokaneVermiculite Northwest - Spokane WASite Assessment
WashingtonWhatcom CountySwift Creek Asbestos SiteSite Assessment

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