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North Ridge Estates Superfund Site

North Ridge Estates was added to the National Priorities List (NPL), the most contaminated sites in the nation, In September 2011. More information may be found in the press release.

Project Status
In September 2011, EPA finalized a Record of Decision (ROD) which documents EPA’s plan to provide a permanent, long-term remedy for contamination on a portion of the site. The cleanup decision was selected following a thorough study of contamination at the site, evaluation of possible cleanup options and public review and comment on the Proposed Plan.

Site Summary
North Ridge Estates is a residential subdivision located approximately three miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon. The site is contaminated with asbestos-containing materials (ACM) resulting from the demolition of approximately eighty 1940s-era military barracks buildings.

EPA conducted a series of emergency removals between 2003 and 2008, but was unable to mitigate unacceptable risks to residents of the site. Residents were temporarily relocated from the site for three months in 2005. In January 2006, the developer entered a consent decree (PDF) (76 pp, 1.7MB) to permanently relocate the majority of the residents. Annual contamination removals have been completed at the site to help site residents and visitors from exposure to asbestos.

Contamination at the Kingsley Firing Range, also part of the site, will be investigated and completed as a later time.
  • Site Manager: Denise Baker-Kircher (, (206) 553-4303
  • Community Involvement Coordinator: Judy Smith (, (503) 326-6994
  • Toxicologist: Julie Wroble (, (206) 553-1079
  • Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality Project Manager: Katie Robertson (, (541) 278-4620

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