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SIP - PSCAA - Reg 1 - Section 13.07 - delete


The following provision is established for the sole purpose of a contingency measure to meet the requirements of Section 172(c)(9) of the federal Clean Air Act. If the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency makes written findings that: (1) an area has failed to attain or maintain the national ambient air quality standard, and (2) in consultation with the Washington Department of Ecology and the Agency, finds that the emissions from solid fuel burning devices are a contributing factor to such failure to attain or maintain the standard, the use of woodstoves not meeting the standards set forth in RCW 70.94.457 shall be prohibited within the area determined by the Agency to have contributed to the violation. This provision shall take effect one year after such a determination.
State adopted: 12/8/94; EPA effective: 12/26/95

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