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The Enforcement Program

Compliance Assistance
Includes activities, tools or technical assistance which provide clear and consistent information for 1) helping the regulated community understand and meet its obligations under environmental regulations; or 2) compliance assistance providers to aide the regulated community in complying with environmental regulations. Compliance Assistance may also help the regulated community find cost-effective ways to comply with regulations and/or go "beyond compliance" through the use of pollution prevention, environmental management practices and innovative technologies, thus improving their environmental performance. To be categorized as a compliance assistance project or activity, at least one objective must be related to achieving or advancing regulatory compliance.

Compliance Incentives
Policies and programs that eliminate, reduce or waive penalties under certain conditions for business, industry, and government facilities which voluntarily discover, promptly disclose, and expeditiously correct environmental problems. Information about these incentives, self-disclosure programs, related tools such as environmental audit protocols, Environmental Management Systems, Pollution Prevention, other innovation projects and programs and the environmental benefits achieved by such programs are located here.

Compliance Monitoring
Compliance monitoring identifies which facilities are complying with and which facilities are violating EPA's laws and regulations. EPA may determine whether an individual facilityor a group of facilities (in a geographic area, by business or economic sector, or by corporate structure) are in compliance with EPA's laws and regulations, and/or any agreements resulting from EPA enforcement actions.

Compliance Enforcement
Complying with environmental regulations is important in protecting public health and the environment. EPA is responsible for enforcing and assuring compliance with environmental regulations and may delegate this responsibility to state and tribal governments. EPA's enforcement efforts focus on assisting businesses and communities with compliance training and guidance. The Agency also partners with foreign governments, international organizations and other federal agencies to help build enforcement and compliance capabilities in other countries, and to fulfill U.S. commitments under international agreements.

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