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Permit Applications

To obtain an NPDES application, download the appropriate application forms (in Adobe PDF format) from EPA's national NPDES website.

Form 1-- to be completed by all facilities except Municipal Separate sanitary sewer system stormwater applicants

Form 2A--to be completed by Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) discharging municipal wastewater.

Form 2B--to be completed by Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and by Concentrated Aquatic Animal Production Facilities

Form 2C--to be completed by existing manufacturing, commercial, mining and silvicultural operations.

Form 2D--to be completed by new sources and new dischargers of process wastewater.

Form 2E--to be completed by sources that do not discharge process wastewater.

Form 2F--to be completed by dischargers of stormwater associated with industrial activity

Form 2S--to be completed by treatment works treating domestic sewage for use and disposal of sewage sludge (biosolids)

Applications for NPDES permits for dischargers in Alaska and Idaho, as well as dischargers on Federal facilities in Washington and on Tribal lands in Oregon and Washington should submit their applications to the following address:

There is no fee associated with the application for an NPDES permit from EPA Region 10.

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