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Proposed Reissuance of RCRA Permit for Fort Wainwright

About this Public Notice

Public Notice Issued:
June 27, 2013

Comments Due:
Sept. 3, 2013 (extended from August 11)

Jan Palumbo
1-800-424-4372 ext. 6702 or 206-553-6702

Jan Palumbo
1200 6th Avenue, Suite 900
Mail Stop: AWT-121
Seattle, WA 98101

Comment period extended to September 3
The comment period for providing comments or requesting a public hearing for the draft RCRA permit for the U.S. Army Fort Wainwright facility has been extended from August 11 to September 3, 2013. See below for how to comment on the proposed permit


We propose to reissue the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Permit issued to the U.S. Army Fort Wainwright. The draft Permit will allow delayed closure of the one remaining hazardous waste unit, the open burning/open detonation (OB/OD) unit. The draft Permit will also include closure requirements for the OB/OD unit and update provisions for site-wide cleanup at the Fort Wainwright facility.

Once the comment period ends, we will consider any concerns and may hold a public hearing before reaching a final permit decision. Any public hearing will be advertised in the local news media. When we make a final decision to issue, deny, or modify the draft Permit, we will give notice of the decision and a response to the comments to the applicant and to each person who has submitted comments or requested notice of the decision. The final decision will take effect no sooner than 30 days after the notice unless a review is requested.

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How can I participate?

You can evaluate and make recommendations on the draft Permit or can request a public hearing. The EPA will accept comments on the draft Permit and requests for a hearing for a public comment period beginning June 27, 2013 and ending September 3, 2013 (extended from August 11). Comments and requests must be submitted in writing no later than September 3, 2013.

Send written comments on the draft Permit or a request for a public hearing to: Janice Palumbo (AWT-121); Office of Air, Waste and Toxics; U.S. EPA Region 10; 1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 900; Seattle, Washington 98101. Or by e-mail to

To find out whether a public hearing will be held, contact Janice Palumbo: or 800-424-4372.

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Permit Information

Documents available for download:

The documents are also available at:
U.S. EPA Region 10
1200 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

10th floor library
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
U.S. EPA Alaska Operations Office
Federal Building, Room 537
222 W. 7th Avenue #19
Anchorage, AK 95513
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Fairbanks North Star
Public Library
1215 Cowles Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701
10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
TDD or TTY users call the Federal Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339; give the operator Janice’s phone number: 206-553-6702.

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