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Public Comment Opportunities in Region 10

Public NoticesComments DueLocation
Notice of Settlement of Safe Drinking Water Act Administrative Penalty in Matter of Essential Oil Research Farm, LLC, d/b/a Young Living Lavender FarmsMarch 27, 2015St. Maries, Idaho
Proposed Re-Issuance of an NPDES permit to the City of Fairfield, IDApril 10, 2015Fairfield, Idaho
Proposed Penalty Against City of Burley, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant For Clean Water Act Violations April 11, 2015Burley, Idaho
Proposed Penalty Against Western Peterbilt, LLC For Clean Water Act ViolationsApril 13, 2015Seattle, Washington
Proposed Issuance of an Ocean Dumping Research Permit for Trident Seafoods CorporationAkutan Bay, Alaska

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