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Regional Priorities - Fine Particulates from Smoke and Diesel Emissions

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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Our Goal: To protect public health and the environment by reducing emissions of small particulate matter from agricultural burning and diesel engines.

Small particles of air pollution - fine particulates - have been linked to respiratory problems that include aggravated asthma, chronic bronchitis, and decreased lung function. In the Pacific Northwest, smoke from agricultural burning practices and emissions from diesel engines are significant sources of these particulates.

Population growth in rural communities near agricultural burning and increased levels of toxic pollutants from transportation sources in major cities have made addressing these risks to human health a significant priority.

The Focus of Our Efforts
Our focus is on working with state, local and tribal agencies to reduce emissions of fine particulates:
  • in Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and Oregon (from agricultural burning), and
  • in the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area and in Oregon, with an emphasis in the Portland metropolitan areas (from diesel emissions).

From the Regional Administrator

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From the Regional Administrator (52k)
Introduction (111k)

Field Burning Acres and Complaints: Willamette Valley, Oregon

Environmental Outcomes by 2007
Air Quality Impact from Field Burning*

Environmental Indicators for Measuring Success
Key Actions: Next 1-2 Years
EPA will provide technical and financial support to state, local and tribal agencies who have primary responsibility for various
activities, including:
  • new air quality monitors near field burning areas
  • research into feasible alternatives to burning
  • studies that quantify and characterize the emissions from field burning
Air Source Contribution of Air Toxic Cancer Risks
Beacon Hill (Seattle) Monitoring Data

1996 County Emission Densities
Diesel Particulate Matter - Pacific Northwest Counties

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