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Sustainability, P2, Smart Growth & Energy Videos

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle loans videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs to residents, educators, and businesses of only Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington for up to two weeks. Locate the title you wish to receive and call (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also email your request to the PERC (; please include the Title and Item Number in your email.

TitleDescriptionYearLengthItem Number
Diapering ChoicesHumorously talks about advantages and disadvantages of different types of diapers/services.EP-193
Earth Cafe DemoEarth Cafe Alternate Fuels2000EP-351-A
Earth Cafe, part 10 EcosystemsAn expert tour guide takes viewers on a field trip to a selection of beautiful ecosystems-- the Pawnee National Grasslands, the Platte River ecosystem, and bird habitats in Chatfield State Park in Colorado.199830 MinutesEP-360
Earth Cafe, part 11 The Global EnvironmentThink Globally, Act Locally. This video explores the concepts of sustainability and inter-connectedness.199830 MinutesEP-361
Earth Cafe, part 12 Environmental ProtectionLearn about Superfund's remediation process by following the cleanup of deadly nerve gas at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.199830 MinutesEP-362
Earth Cafe, part 17 Best of Earth CafeAn anthology of sixteen favorite stories from the Earth Cafe videos199830 MinutesEP-367
Earth Cafe, part 18 TransportationThis episode ventures into a world where auto emissions are a thing of the past.199830 MinutesEP-368
Earth Cafe, part 19 Global WarmingThis video explores Internet sites that provide up-to-the-minute information about global warming.199830 MinutesEP-369
Earth Cafe, part 20 Clean Water ActThis video examines that effect and what remains to be done.199830 MinutesEP-370
Earth Cafe, part 7 Indoor AirThis video takes viewers on a tour of Denverīs International Airport to learn about the air filtering and ventilation system.199830 MinutesEP-357
Earth Cafe, part 8 Land ToxinsThis video visits a landfill to see how hazardous wastes is handled to reduce potential harm to humans and the environment.199830 MinutesEP-358
Earth Cafe, part 9 Common Sense SolutionsThe spectacular beauty of world famous Red Rocks Park sets the scene for a discussion on recycling.199830 MinutesEP-359
Earth Cafe, part 1 Outdoor AirThis Blue Plate Special entices the senses by examining air quality standards applicable to all metropolitan areas.199830 MinutesEP-351
Earth Cafe, part 2 Water CycleNo contaminants allowed here - just pure clean water in this award-winning video.199830 MinutesEP-352
Earth Cafe, part 3 RecyclingThis video gives viewers a futuristic peek at recycling accompanied by a fantastic visit to the Wise Family.199830 MinutesEP-353
Earth Cafe, part 4 Water QualityThis entree compares the amount of water used for everyday activities (shaving, showering, lawn watering, dish washing) with the size of football stadiums – an awesome contrast!199830 MinutesEP-354
Earth Cafe, part 5 Energy ConservationA look inside the home and ways to reduce energy waste199830 MinutesEP-355
Earth Cafe, part 6 TechnologyThis video tours Coors industrial site to learn about the technology used to reduce pollution from can manufacturing199830 MinutesEP-356
EcoPurchasing in Hotels and MotelsGeorgia Hospitality Environmental Partnership - Introduces environmentally sound purchasing as a strategy to reduce the amount and toxicity of generated waste, reduce waste disposal costs, reduce packaging, and introduces recyclability, materials content and energy expenditures as elements in procurement policy199613:40 MinutesEP-427
EPA Paper-less Office CampaignPSA #1: Garbage Gremlin Paper-less Office (01:44) PSA #2: Break the Paper Chain (01:19)03:03 MinutesEP-433
Go NaturalNatural Lawn Care2001EP-187
Kilowatt OursFollow filmmaker Jeff Barrie from the coal mines of West Virginia to the solar panel fields of Florida as he discovers solutions to America's energy related problems.200594 minutesEPA-DVD-028
Less Is More: Pollution Prevention Is Good BusinessPresents EPA's perspective on pollution prevention as an alternative to pollution control. Examples of successful pollution prevention programs at specific facilities are given by the chief executives of several major corporations. In a joint effort, these companies and EPA wish to spread the word about pollution prevention opportunities.198923 MinutesEP-077
Managing Healthcare's WasteDeveloping a Pollution Prevention Model200160 MinutesEP-003
Mission GreenStart Driving For a Healthy EnvironmentEP-428
Oil on IceConnects the fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to critical decisions about energy policy.200457 MinutesEPA-DVD-010
On-Farm Composting: A Video WorkshopFocuses specifically on composting agricultural wastes in the farming community, at the point of generation.1997EP-093
Pollution Prevention Success StoriesAlaskan Federal Facilities.EP-344
Saving More Than Money: Successes in Resource EfficiencyHow three business are using resources efficiently.14 MinutesEP-441
Smart TechSite-specific management approaches & redevelopment tools (SMART) technology .2004EPA-CD-033
Soap and DetergentThe Soap and Detergent Association's national video-conference on cleaning products in the environment. Panelist discuss consumer concerns, wastewater treatment of soap and detergent, industry's commitment to environment safety, and product labeling and disposal1992156 MinutesEP-181
Sustainable Forest Management A film to promote awareness of conservation of tropical rain forests.199611 MinutesEP-453
Who Killed The Electric Car?Investigates the events leading to the quiet destruction of thousands of new, radically efficient electric vehicles.200693 MinutesEPA-DVD-026

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