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2007-2011 Region 10 Strategy: A Stronger EPA

Photo collage of images from Region 10Region 10 is known as a great place to work, with a talented and highly skilled workforce. We want to keep it that way and build on these attributes by increasing our diversity. To best achieve our environmental mission, we continue to look for better ways to attract and keep top notch talent, enhance our diversity, support and train our employees, and improve communication between management and staff at all levels. The Region will focus on the following eight areas identified by staff and management, and re-survey the staff by the end of 2009 to determine our progress.

360 Feedback
  • By September 30, 2007, complete 360 feedback for executive team members. In 2008, conduct 360 feedback for unit managers and explore options for a staff 360 feedback process, with an implementation goal of 2009.

Address Employee Performance and Conduct Issues
  • In 2007, provide supervisors with training on available tools to address performance and conduct issues, and establish periodic follow-up meetings for supervisors.
  • By October 2007, provide staff with generic information on types of actions taken to improve employee performance and conduct.

Strengthen Hiring and Promotion Process
  • By February 15, 2007, survey staff regarding their specific concerns about the Region’s hiring and promotion process. Communicate results of the survey by April 15, 2007.
  • By May 11, 2007, each office will submit their proposed long-term Position Management Plan (PMP), describing their grade structure and succession planning needs to the Human Resources (HR) Unit.
  • By March 2008, HR will provide three opportunities for staff to attend a workshop on merit promotions.

Succession Planning
  • By July 30, 2007, the Region will develop a framework for a 3-year succession management plan for FY08 – FY10.

Target Recruitment to fill Priority Needs
  • By April 15, 2007, management will determine and approve the number of budget supported external hires.
  • By May 15, 2007, Human Resources (HR) will visit four or more universities to recruit and hire new graduates.
  • By June 2007, HR and the Equal Employment Officer will provide joint diversity training to selecting officials on the Merit System Principles. All hiring decisions will be based on applicant knowledge, skills and abilities, in compliance with Merit System Principals.
  • By July 2007, HR will develop and implement a process for the Recruitment Outreach Coordinator to communicate and advertise EPA employment opportunities, utilizing input from the Special Emphasis Program Managers and the Diversity Action Counsel, ultimately increasing the pool of qualified diverse candidates.

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