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Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Assistance Program Request for Proposals

Important Dates:

October 1, 2010: Proposals must be submitted through Grants.Gov or received in hardcopy by U.S. EPA Region 10 by 4:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

October 27, 2010: Selected applicant notified and requested to develop and submit a complete application for assistance and negotiate a final work plan and budget for the proposal.

December 2, 2010: Grant application and final work plan completed and submitted to EPA.

December 20, 2010: Awards made.

Note: Other than the October 1, 2010 date, the above dates are estimated and subject to change.

On this page:

  • Notes and Changes: The RFP has been amended to include recently required language in Section VI.C. and VI.H. Please note that VI.C. now requires applicants to be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database for the U.S. Federal Government prior to submitting a proposal under this announcement. CCR information can be found at https://www.bpn.gov/ccr/
  • Purpose: Increase resources available to successfully manage the implementation of the Puget Sound 2020 Action Agenda.
  • Eligible Applicants: Federally recognized Indian Tribes located within the greater Puget Sound basin and any authorized consortium of these eligible Tribes, as described in Section III, are eligible to apply.
  • Estimated Funding: Up to $3 million per year of a 6 year performance period.
  • Number of Grants: 1 grant
  • Amount per Grant: Up to $3,000,000 in FY2010 federal funds available for the first year.
  • Length of Grant: 6 years
  • Full Request for Proposals (PDF) (31 pp. 224K, About PDF) Also available at http://www.Grants.gov (under EPA-R10-PS-106)

Request for Proposals

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 10 (EPA) is soliciting grant proposals under CFDA 66.121 (Puget Sound Protection and Restoration: Tribal Implementation Assistance Program) for a lead organization to make subawards and manage funding specifically for Tribal implementation projects consistent with the Puget Sound Action Agenda. This solicitation is being carried out in accordance with a requirement in EPA’s FY2010 appropriation to competitively award a grant for management of the Action Agenda. Proposals are due to the EPA by October 1, 2010.

Eligible Entities

Any of the 19 Federally recognized Indian Tribes located within the greater Puget Sound basin and any authorized consortium of these eligible Tribes, as described in Section III of the RFP are eligible to apply.

The following are not eligible to apply:

Puget Sound Action Agenda

The Puget Sound Partnership (“Partnership”) has been designated by the EPA and Washington State as the lead State agency for the Management Conference of the Puget Sound National Estuary Program under Clean Water Act Section 320. On July 15, 2009, EPA approved the Partnership’s Puget Sound Action Agenda Exit EPA Disclaimer as the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Puget Sound. The Action Agenda lays out a plan to restore and protect the Puget Sound ecosystem by 2020 through the application of five priority approaches:
  1. Protect intact ecosystem processes, structures, and functions.
  2. Restore ecosystem processes, structures, and functions.
  3. Reduce the sources of water pollution.
  4. Work effectively and efficiently together on priority actions.
  5. Build an implementation, monitoring, and accountability management system.
Scope and Focus of Eligible Management Activities

This RFP is soliciting proposals to result in an award under which a lead organization would: Proposals will be judged by the following evaluation criteria:
  1. Quality of Proposal. Proposals will be evaluated based on the quality and extent to which the applicant demonstrates that it will perform the activities described in Section I.B. Reviewers will evaluate whether the proposed approach is technically sound, and if the methods are appropriate to the specific tasks.
  2. Quality of Subaward Process and Program including subaward management system
  3. Logic Model (or Similar Document) clearly demonstrating how proposed project will achieve expected outputs and outcomes
  4. Budget and Financial Integrity.
  5. Past Performance and Programmatic Capability.

For more information, please refer to the full Request for Proposals document (PDF) or contact Daniel Steinborn.

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