Download and Register the Water Health and Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT)


EPA, in collaboration with drinking water and wastewater (water) sector partners, has developed the Water Health and Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT). The tool is designed to assist drinking water utility owners and operators in quantifying public health impacts, utility financial costs, and regional economic impacts of an adverse event, based on a variety of asset-threat combinations that pose a risk to the water sector. Existing WHEAT modules currently analyze two event scenarios – the release of a hazardous gas and the loss of operating assets in a drinking water distribution system – and provide information that can be used as part of a comprehensive risk assessment. Future WHEAT modules will analyze drinking water contamination and wastewater system hazardous gas releases and loss of operating assets scenarios. WHEAT Logo

System Requirements

    • IBM PC compatible processor
    • 250 MB of available Hard Disk space
    • Microsoft® Windows XP, Microsoft® Vista, or Microsoft® Windows 7
    • 1024 x 768 pixels minimum screen resolution
    • Microsoft® Excel 2003 or later (necessary to generate reports)
Note: It is highly recommended that users go to the Microsoft website and download the most current updates for their operating system.